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Chapter 16.2

If Bai Jing had guessed correctly, tomorrow’s practicals exams was the main focus, the part that would really separate each candidate and required early preparation.

“Jing Ge, we’re out-“

With half an hour left before the end of the exams, Jin Mao and An Ge walked out of their exams hall almost simultaneously.

Both of them had obvious excitement on their faces, which showed that they had done well in the exams.

The little fatty tried to pat Bai Jing on the shoulder, but the latter dodged reflexively, however he didn’t mind, grinning toothlessly.

“Jing Ge, this time it’s all thanks to you helping us sort out the exam points that I got all the questions right this time around, except for two or three that I didn’t know.”

“Yes!!! I’ll definitely pass the exam this time -“

Clenching his hands into fists, he couldn’t help but howl, attracting strange looks from the crowd.

“Let’s go.” Bai Jing led the way out of the hall, and the two followed suit hurriedly.

The second practicals exam would start at 9am and end at 5pm, lasting a full eight hours. It was an uphill battle.

Bai Jing followed the crowd into the exams room in turn, his seat still unchanged at No. 138 in Exam Room 6.

The only difference was that there were five bottles of nutrient solution provided by the headquarters on the table to ensure each candidates’ strength.

Bai Jing plugged the virtual port on his desk into the light brain and the moment the two connected, he felt he was in a virtual space with several rough stones on display.

Dozens of pieces of rough stones, varying in appearance, size, etc., were on the stone table of the space.

At the same time, the other candidates also entered the same virtual space, except that due to the spatial isolation technology being used, each candidate was in a different parallel space and thus didn’t interfere with each other.

Immediately afterwards, a sweet female voice rang out in the empty room with unmistakable clarity:

Please note that this practicals assessment is for the following:

First, please sort the fifty-five rough stones in the exams room one by one according to planet and field opening, and enter the corresponding numbers of the rough stones into their corresponding planet and field openings. It’s one mark for each correct answer, which is a total of 55 marks for this question.

Second, please select the pieces of rough stones that are most likely to produce jadeite from each of the fifty-five pieces.

The total number of points for both questions is 60 and the exams will last for 8 hours. Countdown begins now.”

All the rough materials in this space were all unselected rough stone materials brought back from various planets by the Gambling Guild staff.

Aside from a few rough stones with obvious field characteristics on their skins, the majority were chosen at random and didn’t have representative features, making it difficult to judge.

Afraid apart from the person who had brought them back, no one knew where they came from.

Bai Jing looked at the answer section of the light screen, on which more than thirty planets were listed, totaling more than eighty field openings. It wasn’t easy to judge each of the fifty-five pieces accurately and place them in order!

‘A h*ll of an exam indeed.’ Bai Jing sighed in his mind and as the time ran out, he began to look along the first piece of rough stone in turn.

The first piece of rough stone was about the size of a football, sharp and angular in appearance and had a yellow-sand crust with greyish-white flecks on the surface. When illuminated with a strong light, it didn’t transmit much light, indicating a thicker crust, typical of the No.1 field opening of Planet Dimmo.

Bai Jing filled in the number 1 on the corresponding field opening and began to look at the next one.

The first four to five rough stones had typical characteristics, but by the sixth one he was a little unsure.

It was a piece of lime skinned rough stone, about thirty centimeters long and about ten centimeters high, of irregular rectangular shape, with varying depths of surface.

He shone a strong light along the skin. It didn’t transmit much light, indicating a thick crust. Other than this, however, there were no other characteristics that showed on the piece of rough stone.

Bai Jing had excellent eyesight, so he looked over this No. 6 piece three times, but was still unable to find anything.

There were no pine flowers, no python bands, no ringworm and no withering on the surface. It was flat and featureless, the kind of rough stone that would correspond to the field openings of at least seven or eight planets.

Seeing this, Bai Jing had no choice but to put it aside and move on to the next piece.

In addition to judging which planets and field openings each piece was from, he had to write down the ones that were most likely to produce jadeite and choose the best ones for the second question.

After two hours, Bai Jing had looked at more than thirty pieces in a row, of which three answers were inaccurate, while the rest were correct.

He frowned, unhappy with the result. What he didn’t know was that the other candidates were already being tortured by this year’s perverse exam questions.

Jin Mao sat unimaginatively on the floor with a magnifying glass in his hand, his whole face almost pressed against a rough stone, but he still couldn’t see any distinct features, making him so angry that he hammered the ground with his fists.

“Sh*t, it hurts, it hurts so much-“

Jin Mao screamed in pain as he clutched his red fist against the hard stone, but there was nothing he could do about it.

He almost started crying. He couldn’t even identify a third of the rough stones. Who had come up with such sick questions this year? It wasn’t this hard last year!

Jin Mao’s strength had increased after a month of hard work and experience from previous years, plus Bai Jing’s guidance, but even so he was struggling, not to mention the other candidates.

There were loud curses and cries of near collapse from different rooms, and many of them just left the exam room after scribbling, ready to fight again next year.

Even Du Xingyu, the most favored candidate in Room 1, had a frown on his face, with four or five unidentifiable rough stones in his hand. It could be seen that the exams wasn’t easy.

At the same time, in the room on the top floor of the Gambling Guild Headquarters.

As the President of the entire Gambling Guild looked at the candidates’ anxious faces on the big screen, his eyes narrowed slightly and he stroked his beard with a smile.

“Haha, it seems I came up with a very good idea this year. Look at the way they are all anxious, as expected of young people, they are full of energy—“

Hearing this, the corners of the mouths of several Senior Gamblers standing beside him twitched: you really thought of a good idea, these candidates are too miserable!

But they also knew that with so many applicants this year, closing the gap would be difficult without raising the difficulty level a little.

“There’s no need to look to see who would take the first place this time, it’s definitely the Du family’s kid. With his genius sister’s tutoring and Master Du’s legacy, he’ll definitely succeed in reaching the top.”

“Hmm, not only that, the harder the questions are, the easier it would be to widen up the gap. I’m afraid Du Xingyu will surpass the others by a large margin.”

As the crowd of Gambling Masters looked at Du Xingyu’s nearly 100% correct rate on the big screen, they revealed smiles that were filled with tacit understanding. There was no suspense for this year’s number one.

“Eh, this kid is also very impressive. He has actually filled out all the rough stones he judged correctly and there’s not a single mistake.” A level 6 Gambling Master suddenly spoke up.

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