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Chapter 13.2

When Bai Jing got home, he took a hot shower as fast as he could then revised the points he had noted down with a nutrient solution in his mouth.

He’d had a fantastic memory since he was a child, and could basically recapitulate something completely after a few readings. He had even come first in the whole year in the mid-term exams and entered the provincial key high school with excellent results.

Unfortunately, it all ended in his sophomore year of high school ……

Bai Jing quickly returned to his senses. There was no use thinking about that now, the most important thing was to pass the exams.

He concentrated on his notes and repeated the points in his mind. Then he closed his eyes and imagined what he would say to the students if he were the teacher.

If he repeated it this way, then it meant any forgotten points in between were his weakest points, and that he only needed to consolidate those parts.

After two hours, Bai Jing had finished memorizing all the content he had learnt in class today.

He put away his notebook, inserted the transparent chip Gu Yuanzhao had given him into the groove that popped out of his light brain and began to watch the screen of his light brain carefully.

The information in the chip was very comprehensive. It covered information on almost all the planets currently colonized under the Empire. Among these planets, there were more than thirty that had raw rough stones that could produce jadeite.

And the history of these thirty-odd planets, the characteristics of the planets, the location of the field openings, their characteristics and the rough stones produced, etc., were all marked in complete detail in separate categories, and could be seen at a glance.

There were even precious virtual images to aid understanding. It was simply the most detailed piece of information, an encyclopedia of the interstellar’s gambling world.

What he didn’t know was that when the Minister of Information, Liang Heng received Qiao An’s instructions, dense cold sweat immediately run from the top of his head. This was information that the heir to the entire Gu Conglomerate, Young Master Gu wanted; he didn’t dare to be the least bit negligent.

Immediately, Liang Heng ordered his staff to put down whatever it was they were working on, and countless quantum computers flew, compiling a copy of every information as quickly as possible, which he then checked personally and sent to Qiao An, before it finally arrived in Bai Jing’s hands.

Bai Jing read the information with great concentration, absorbing the knowledge in it like a sponge absorbing water, and before he knew it, it was late at night.

He only slept three hours a day for several days in a row, and spent the rest of his time studying the contents of the chip and reviewing the contents of his classes.

He only read about a tenth of the information on the chip, but he learned a lot about the origins, development, and unique characteristics of the neighboring planets in detail, laying down the groundwork for future lessons.

Even with only three hours of rest each day, Bai Jing was still radiant and not a trace of fatigue could be seen on him.

In the post-apocalyptic world, using fragments of time to scramble for rest was a must. He had always been able to sleep well- his three hours of sleep was equivalent to eight hours for the next person, so he didn’t feel sleepy.

By now the course had been running for a week. Gao Ling walked up to the podium grandly, inserted the memory chip into the holographic device, and a three-dimensional projection of five rough stones appeared in the center of the classroom.

“All the knowledge related to the rough stone field openings was completed yesterday, so I believe all students have a systematic understanding of field openings.”

Gao Ling’s tone remained serious:

“Gambling theory is only the foundation, the most important thing is practice. Now, observe this piece of rough stone numbered 1 carefully.

You are given five minutes to judge: which field opening does the No. 1 rough stone belong to? On which planet is it found? And name the characteristics of this field opening’s rough stone.”

The rough stone projected wasn’t an ordinary rough stone, but an iconic rough stone that represented only the characteristics of the field opening after removing other influencing factors such as python bands and pine flowers from the surface.

This exercise allowed them to identify the characteristics of the rough stones more accurately, and once they could judge the basic rough stone, with the addition of the obvious characteristics such as pine flowers, python bands, locks and cracks, the probability of choosing the right rough stone and winning bets would go up a lot.

Nonetheless, the questions were significantly more difficult than usual. Even the aristocratic teenagers at the back of the room put away their relaxed posture and began to think hard.

As the course progressed, countless knowledge points had come to light.

All they had to do now was to connect the mammoth knowledge points into a tight thread. Unfortunately, not every student could manage to sort out and integrate all these knowledge points.

The five minutes were almost up, but the class still struggled to make sense of the question, having no clue how to answer the question.

It was simply too difficult!

If the previous questions were equivalent to the difficulty of a question that needed a short answer, then this time it had difficulty of a question that needed an essay. They weren’t even on the same level.

When the time was up, under Gao Ling’s stern gaze, the entire classroom, except for Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan, lowered their heads immediately, with expressions on their faces that said ‘absolutely don’t call me ‘.

Bai Jing had consciously made a mind map of the characteristics of these field opening when he was revising yesterday and had combed through them twice in his head from start to finish, so he didn’t find it difficult.

Ning Yuxuan, on the other hand, had the assurance of a decade of previous experience so she was well prepared.

Gao Ling saw that the only people in the classroom who still had their heads up were Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan, the latter’s perfect answers on the first day had left a deep impression on him.

As for Bai Jing, he shook his head in his heart. How could he possibly know the answer to a more difficult question when he couldn’t even answer such an easy question before?

“Ning Yuxuan, answer the question. On which field opening and on which planet does the No.1 rough stone belong to and what are the characteristics of the rough stones produced?”

“Yes.” The young girl’s sweet voice carried a bit of arrogance: “The No. 1 rough stone is a black rough stone that has sandy skin crust with a slightly reddish surface. It is of the No. 2 field opening of Planet Pulte.

The characteristics of the rough stones from this field opening are black skin like lacquer, slightly reddish surface and thick crust, often with ringworm on the skin.”

“Very good!” A smile appeared on Gao Ling’s face. The answer she gave was nearly word for word the same as the standard answer, but her fundamental skills were strong.

When Ning Yuxuan finished giving her answer, she glanced at Bai Jing, her eyes containing mockery.

She didn’t think that this slum-dweller could answer such a difficult question. He was just slapping himself in the face until it got swollen in an effort to look imposing.

The second piece of rough stone was shown next and Gao Ling continued to ask questions. This time, only Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan raised their heads.

He frowned slightly. He couldn’t have the same person answering the questions every time, he looked at Bai Jing and met his confident, clear gaze behind the lenses.

Moved, Gao Ling opened his mouth, “Bai Jing, answer this question.”

“Yes. The No. 2 rough stone came from the first field opening on Palo Star Planet.” The young man’s clear, cold voice rang out in the crowd’s ears, like a flowing clear spring:

“Palo Star Planet is full of rivers, and this field opening is formed by the accumulation of sedimentary mud and sand over time, while the ground is full of lava, so the rough stones are characterized by sandy red skin crusts, thin skin like paper, and is prone to produce both jadeite beans and luminous jadeite.”

“Exactly right!”

Gao Ling’s eyebrows were tinged with a bit of surprise. Besides answering the field opening the rough stone belonged to and its characteristics, Bai Jing had even stated the reasons for its formation, truly achieving a blend of knowledge points.

It wasn’t just Gao Ling, everyone in the training room looked at Bai Jing in astonishment.

A week ago, this young man didn’t even know the basics, but now he was answering questions that even they didn’t know? How, how was this possible?

But the facts were so plainly in front of them that they couldn’t help but believe them.

The faces of the aristocratic teenagers turned red as if they had been slapped several times in quick succession. They had never imagined that they would one day be defeated by a young man from the slums. What a disgrace!

Little fatty Jin Mao’s eyes were filled with excitement, happier than if he had answered the question himself. D*mn, Bai Jing was so handsome. From now on, Bai Jing was his idol!

An Ge, who was sitting at the end, clenched his fists tightly. The young man in front of him brought him immense strength and made him tremble with excitement: so what if they were from the slums, they weren’t inferior to anyone–!

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