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Chapter 60.1

Editor: Jodi

A challenge match from someone at the L3 level was a very big highlight.

Regular L3 level matches were free, however all challenge matches required paid viewing by the audience, which the organizers were naturally happy to see.

Especially when it was a challenge match issued by the recent “Newcomer King’ Alpha, a match that spanned two whole levels, making it extremely exciting!

Most importantly, every player at the L5 level had millions of fans, and they were the ones who paid per view for each live broadcast.

So no matter how it was looked at, this challenge match was going to be a highly anticipated event!

Bai Jing’s challenge application was quickly approved, and the message was forwarded to the one being challenged, ‘Assassin’.

After receiving the message, ‘Assassin’ raised an eyebrow, a hint of a sneer flashing in her eyes.

If someone was challenging her just because they had seen her ranking, then she could only say, that this person was very foolish!

Rankings at each level were determined by points, and ‘Assassin’ was in the middle of the L5 point rankings, neither good nor bad.

However if one looked at her win rate, they would find that she could definitely make it into the top ten of L5!

L5 Point Rankings:

10th place: [Liu Nian], 47 million points, 734 wins, 251 losses, win rate 74.52%.

155th place: [Assassin], 28 million points, 461 wins, 135 losses, win rate 77.35%!

Having fewer match sessions didn’t mean Assassin wasn’t strong enough.

Because with this win rate, it was only a matter of time before she broke into the top ten of L5.

Assassin glanced at the challenger’s information: Alpha, L3 level, 112 wins, 2 losses.

She raised an eyebrow. Wasn’t this the recently popular ‘Newcomer King’?

Chuckling lightly, Assassin raised her hand and confirmed the challenge.

Youngsters often underestimated the challenges of higher levels, thinking that winning dozens of matches in lower level battles made them extraordinary and ready to ascend to the heavens.

But which L5 player wasn’t like that at the beginning?

She herself had earned the title of ‘Newcomer King’ and a genius mecha warrior two years ago.

However when she reached L5, she realized she was nothing!

Just advancing from L4 to L5 took her half a year!

In her first battle after reaching L5, she lost, and after her points were deducted, she fell back to L4.

She continued to challenge and kept falling back until half a year later, when she finally stabilized at the L5 level.

Assassin dabbed her fingertips with a hint of mischief on Alpha’s name—

Let big sis wake you from your dreams!

After Bai Jing had four battles, the band on his wrist vibrated.

He looked down and found that the organizers had replied:

[Your challenge application to L5 ‘Assassin’ has been approved. Please pay the starcoins as soon as possible and the system will automatically deduct half of your points, which will be refunded if you win.]

Bai Jing quickly paid 1 million starcoins, and 70,000 points were automatically deducted, including the points he had just won.

Once the system confirmed the timing for both sides, it was broadcasted in the hall quickly:

“L3 [Alpha] challenging L5 [Assassin], both parties have accepted. The challenge match will start tomorrow night at 9 PM sharp, in VIP Room 2. We invite you to watch.”

This broadcast was repeated three times before stopping, then the message was put on scroll at regular intervals on various screens, attracting the attention of many.

“Sh*t, L3 challenging L5, skipping two levels, thrilling!”

“Huh? Challenging Assassin who’s ranked in the middle of L5? Is this guy tired of living?!”

“This… shouldn’t he challenge the last ranked L5 first?”

“Tsk, I really admire his courage.”

“Don’t measure Assassin by her ranking. I’ve seen her live battles, she’s terrifying.”

Red Wolf and his friends stared at the messages on the big screen, dumbfounded.

Alpha, who they had battled against and who had advanced to L3 at rocket speed before, was now challenging L5!

Looking at themselves, only Red Wolf had advanced to L2, while the others were still lingering in L1. The gap was really—

However ever since he advanced to L2 with fifty consecutive wins, they knew that this teenager called Alpha wasn’t from their world.

He was a rare genius in mecha!

“I have to say, I’m quite impressed.”

“Amazing, really our Newcomer King of this term!”

“Do you have free time tomorrow night? Let’s go and watch.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Even Red Wolf didn’t object, even hoping secretly that Alpha would win.

Perhaps, Alpha carried the hopes of all the newbies wanting to improve.

As a stable member of the L5 level, Assassin had millions of fans due to her distinctive style and frequent online presence.

While Bai Jing on the other hand, only had 20,000 fans, making the difference between them staggering!

So naturally, there were all kinds of contemptuous comments when the news came out.

Comments like ‘overestimating one’s abilities’, ‘not knowing the immensity of the heavens and the earth’ as well as others flowed out like an endless stream.

Some even started making comment buildings and placing bets in the mecha battle forums, betting on at which round Alpha would lose to Assassin.

The bets on the first and second rounds alone accounted for more than 70%, showing just how little faith people had in Bai Jing.

Bai Jing didn’t pay attention to all of this. He just glanced at the time for the challenge match, then continued his mecha battles.

After receiving guidance from Gu Yuanzhao, he had corrected many of his previous flaws, reducing the time needed to secure victory considerably. Moreover, he hadn’t used the nano strings, his invisible weapon, from start to finish.

In the current L3 level battles, there was no need for this weapon.

However if he were to battle at the L5 level, this might be the key to his victory.

After all, this was an invisible weapon that could even catch the Major General of the Empire off guard, making it a last resort trump card.

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