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Chapter 74.2

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Bai Jing was currently unraveling the third rough stone.

This was a rock with an iron sand skin, with sand-like texture, hard in texture, and a base that was still acceptable.

However, perhaps because the shell had been accidentally damaged during excavation, resulting in many scratches on it, it made it impossible to see its actual performance through its shell, and the python belt on it was also almost unrecognizable.

In addition, the outer skin of the sand shell was very thick, making it so that any strong light shone on it couldn’t penetrate inside. Hence, there was a lot of uncertainty about this rough stone, causing experienced stone gamblers to not choose this type of rough stone.

This led to Bai Jing being able to snap it up for only 1.8 million starcoins, which was 1 million less than he had estimated.

The blue light from the laser knife penetrated straight into the interior from the two-finger thick shell, and a green color appeared with just one cut.

Then after sprinkling some water to wash away the powder, one could see the translucent texture of the cut surface, with bright and intense colors emanating from the pure base, with a deep, ink-like green, resembling spinach, giving it a rich and colorful texture.

“It’s spinach green of the ice variety!”

“It’s a gain, a great gain—”

“Impressive, another high grade jadeite!”

“God Yun is too strong!”

The crowd was seriously amazed. It was as if, no matter what kind of rough stone it was, it could be turned into priceless jadeite by Gu Yun’s unraveling. It was exceptionally wonderful.

They had also observed and speculated on the rough stones he had selected carefully, and had even imitated him by snapping up many rough stones with cracks or ringworm on them, as well as ones with very good bases. However, the probability of them having rises in bet didn’t increase at all.

Then later, these people understood that ultimately, whether there was a rise in bet or not had nothing to do with these characteristics of the raw rough stones, but only with the person gambling on the rough stone.

And only God Yun had this ability!

Everyone else was just wasting their efforts.

About eight to nine minutes later, this piece of spinach green jadeite of the ice variety weighing 9.7 kilograms, was unraveled completely, with uniform and vivid colors, intense but not stiff, shimmering with waves and full of green.

Jadeites of the glass variety were rarely seen, so naturally, jadeites of the ice variety that were of the next level were objects of contention.

“God Yun, I bid 15 million starcoins!”

“17 million starcoins!”

“I bid 18 million, sell it to me!”

In the end, this piece of spinach green jadeite of the ice variety was acquired by an energy master at a high price of 20 million, causing the surrounding rough stone dealers to sigh in regret.

And due to the third piece of rough stone being a rise in bet, the votes on Starnet leaned slightly towards the affirmative side, however it didn’t affect the overall situation.

Just as Bai Jing had just fixed the fourth piece of rough stone on the stone-cutting machine, the countdown for the voting ended in the ten minutes deadline that had been set.

A total of 20 million people had participated in the voting poll, with the final ratio being: 39% for the affirmative side ‘can break the record’ and 61% for the negative side ‘cannot break the record’.

The negative side won with an absolute advantage!

God Yun was indeed very strong, however breaking a record wasn’t that easy, as it took a long time to hone one’s skills.

Ever since Grand Master Gu Liu Bai broke the previous record thirty years ago, then up until he entered the medical cabin two years ago, had never broken his own record again.

Perhaps in a year or two, when God Yun reached the pinnacle that no one else could touch, he would break the record again.

And they too, would wait for that day to come.

However what they never expected was that the miracle would come so soon!! And that it would be completely beyond their expectations!

The fourth jadeite that was unraveled by Bai Jing was a sunny green jadeite of the high ice variety that weighed 7.6 kilograms and was valued at 23 million starcoins.

The fifth and final jadeite solved by Bai Jing was yellow sunny green jadeite of the egg white variety that weighed 15.3 kilograms and was valued at 14 million starcoins.

Five jadeites, five rises in bet, and so far, his rate of betting increase was 100%!

Everyone held their breaths. There hadn’t been a collapse in bet up until now. Could it be—

[Hiss, so nervous]

[Huff, huff, inhaling oxygen.jpg]

[I don’t know which one will be a collapse in bet, so exciting!]

[I don’t dare look, I’m going to the restroom.]

However no matter how much they waited, they didn’t see Gu Yun take out the sixth rough stone. Instead, he stood up—

??? What did this mean?

He wasn’t unraveling rough stones anymore?

Then when Gu Yuanzhao cooperated by storing the top grade chicken yellow jadeite of the glass variety, which had been put on display away in the spatial button, they finally came to their senses. It turns out, the two of them were about to leave.

[Holy crap, 5 pieces! All unraveled!!]

[Let me sort this out. There were only 5 rough stones, and then they were all rises in bets, right??]

[Ah ah ah ah ah, 100% rise in bets!!]

[Just like this, he broke the record?!!]

[Yesterday’s record was just set, and today, it’s been broken??]

[Not only was it broken, it’s also the highest record, one that’s unmatched by anyone!!]

[And in a so much relaxed manner. I’m really amazed, really amazed——]

[I never thought that one day, I’d also become a target for God Yun’s face-slapping, clap clap clap.]

[I’m also crying QAQ]

[God Yun is simply explosively strong!]

Everyone on Starnet was stunned.

The 61% of votes that had been for the negative side had still been displayed glaringly on Starnet, however, twenty minutes later, God Yun made a shocking comeback with formidable strength.

Although their faces hurt a little, they all supported God Yun and began to forward this news.

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