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Chapter 61.2

Editor: Jodi

Assassin was in excruciating pain, her face deathly pale, but she still wanted to escape the predicament.

However as soon as she made a maneuver with the mecha, it was cut into even harder by the nanostrings, the entire mecha almost turning into a pile of scrap metal!

When the razor-sharp titanium alloy blade of Bai Jing’s mecha touched the cockpit of the gray-white mecha, Assassin, who no longer had any protection, could feel the chilling intent of the blade and had to admit defeat through gritted teeth.

This sudden turn left the audience in shock.

“What….. just happened?”

“Assassin….. actually lost?”

“This can’t be! How is this possible!”

“What just happened? How could Assassin lose!!!”

“F*ck, I don’t believe it!”

Amidst the audience’s bewildered and outraged comments, the commentator Mu Zi pressed the replay button, this time at ten times reduced speed.

At first, the audience didn’t notice it, however after Mu Zi magnified the nanostrings several times, they finally saw it.

It was this incredibly thin silver thread, almost as fine as a hair, that had torn the mecha to shreds. It was too terrifying!

Mu Zi explained, “From the replay, we can see that Alpha fired this invisible weapon when Assassin was approaching, and the latter didn’t even realize it.

Then just as Assassin was about to detonate her small launcher, Alpha used the silver threads to cut through her mecha in advance, and this blow was lethal!”

It wasn’t until this moment that people had to admit that Alpha had defeated Assassin!

Whether it was the clever use of invisible weapons or precise judgment of distance, this teenager’s accuracy was terrifying!

The arena fell into stunned silence for a moment.

Then Mu Zi took in a deep breath: “I announce, that the winner of this challenge— is Alpha. Let’s congratulate Alpha for successfully advancing to L5!”

“Alpha! Alpha!”

Red Wolf and other fans were the first to shout Bai Jing’s name, igniting the enthusiasm of everyone present.

“Alpha! Alpha!”

The people in the audience shouted at the top of their lungs, taking the atmosphere to a climax.

This teenager had given them a tremendous surprise. He had successfully challenged someone at L5 with his L3 level, crossing two levels in a row!

This was a rare feat in the entire arena.

Facing Assassin, he hadn’t faltered in the slightest, providing them with an extremely exciting match.

Coming to match was totally worth it!

And because he had won in a remarkable and unexpected fashion, even Assassin’s fans were convinced.

Amidst the roaring cheers, Assassin stepped out of the cockpit, her cool gaze focusing on Bai Jing, “Alpha, is it? I look forward to our next battle.”

This meant that she recognized Bai Jing’s strength and considered him as one of her opponents.

It was worth noting that even Liu Nian, the one who was ranked 10th in L5 didn’t receive this treatment.

With the crowd still chanting like crazy, Bai Jing and Assassin left the arena one after the other.

In the hall, the final results of the challenge were broadcast:

[Challenge Match: Alpha L3 vs. Assassin L5, Alpha wins, successfully advancing to L5.]

Repeat broadcast:

[Challenge Match: Alpha L3 vs. Assassin L5, Alpha wins, successfully advancing to L5.]

The results were repeated three times, causing those who had been too busy to watch the live broadcast of the challenge match to be in shock.

Crap, a L3 challenged a L5, and he challenged a mid-ranked player in L5 at that then succeeded in one go!

For a moment, everyone cast shocked and admiring gazes at Bai Jing who was sitting in a recliner resting.

This person had started as a rookie and in just a month’s time, he had advanced from L1 to L5. What kind of speed was this?!

Bai Jing ignored all the gazes around him and closed his eyes, adjusting his breathing.

Not long after, his wristband vibrated. He lowered his gaze to read the message.

Name: Alpha

Club: Ling Yun Club

Level: L5

Points: 1.2 million

Fans: 82,746

After a single match, his number of fans had increased by 60,000 and was still rising.

However what mattered to him the most wasn’t the fans but the 1 million-point increase in his score. It seems the match just now counted as an L5 level match,

Because when one won a match at the L5 level, 1 million points was added to one’s score.

Likewise, if he’d lost the match, 1 million points would have been deducted and then if he even lost one match, he would drop back to L3 and would have to start all over again.

This wasn’t just true for challenge matches; it applied to all players who were advancing to a higher level for the first time.

This immense pressure often made the minds of players who had just advanced unstable, causing them to drop back to their previous level repeatedly, and it took them a long time to stabilize.

Bai Jing looked at his points, then began to queue for the next match.

Matches at the L5 level often required more than 30 minutes so an opponent could be found, so he checked the videos of other players’ on the network lobby interface.

Videos of players at L7 or higher were locked and couldn’t be watched, except for one L8 player called ‘Aurora’.

Bai Jing, curious, clicked on it and found that there weren’t many videos inside—only four or five.

What’s more there were no view counts at all.

Very strange. How could a level as high as L8 have no view counts?

He clicked on the first video and found out that it didn’t require payment to watch.

[L8 Aurora vs. L7 Bone Wing]

Aurora, a green mech, was able to handle his opponent’s attacks with ease, but Bone Wing had no way to fight back.

The more Bai Jing watched, the more he felt that something was off. Even though the appearance had been altered, and it was a level eight Mecha and it was green——

Aurora gave him the feeling that Gu Yuanzhao gave him!

Actually, Aurora had done a lot to disguise himself, and his moves were completely different from his usual style, or you could say, the person he was 6 years ago had changed drastically from the person he was 6 years later.

However with his keen observation skills, Bai Jing still managed to spot certain similarities even in the smallest of details.

Naturally, the video ended with Aurora winning.

Even when fighting a formidable L7 opponent, Aurora didn’t sustain any injuries from start to finish, his strength simply terrifying.

As Bai Jing’s bracelet showed that matching was complete, he proceeded to his second L5 level match.

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