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Chapter 43.3

The Gu Conglomerate had always focused its resources and vision on the mining and sale of jadeite and raw rough stones and with its strong financial power, it had monopolized almost one-third of the rough stone business in the entire empire and was involved in various other industries as well.

However, they had been in a lukewarm state in the energy industry due to the lack of suitable energy masters and stable supply.

This time however, the Gu Conglomerate had spent a significant amount of on promotion. Did this mean they had hired a great energy master?

As soon as this idea came to mind, they denied it themselves.

There were only two great masters in the entire Proxima Star, and there had never been any news of them cooperating with the Gu Conglomerate.

For a while, many people speculated about the Gu Conglomerate’s intentions.

With various attitudes, many people gathered at the Gu Conglomerate’s gambling hall the day of the auction, far exceeding the usual number of people.

There were those who really needed the energy boxes, after all, grade five jadeites were rare and extracting and purifying grade five energy fluids from it required a lot of mental power. Even large auctions didn’t have it every time.

Then there were those who came to watch the excitement, those who were paying attention to the business opportunities and those who came to support the Gu Conglomerate, Young Master Gu’s fans.

All in all, the hall was so packed that alternate aisles on both sides had to be opened.

To everyone’s surprise, one of the two only great energy masters in Proxima Star— Great Master Jian Run also came along with a dozen people from the Jian family!

This was a true great master, one who lived in seclusion and was rarely seen.

The crowd was very puzzled even as they made way for him. The Jian family was a family of energy masters, so why had they come to participate in the Gu Conglomerate’s energy fluid auction?

Was it because they were worried that the Gu Conglomerate would threaten their position in the energy industry?

How was that possible?!

The Jian family had been rooted in the energy industry for hundreds of years, passed down from generation to generation and all the aristocratic families in Proxima Star more or less had connections to the Jian family. Their roots were deep and unshakable.

So Master Jian Run’s move was really bizarre.

And other auction houses, who worked with energy masters, when they heard that the Gu Conglomerate was going to enter the energy industry, sent people to check to see if they had to list the Gu Conglomerate as one of the strongest competitors so they could adjust their strategies in time.

The time had come, the auction started on time.

The attractive senior appraiser produced the appraisal report and the purity detection proof on the big screen and said, “According to the appraisal, the fifteen level five energy boxes in this auction have all been appraised to be Grade 5 energy fluids of medium level, with a purity level between 53% and 55%.”

The crowd was a bit disappointed with this result.

After all, large auction houses sold grade five energy boxes every one or two months, and on occasions even high level ones would appear.

Had the Gu Conglomerate spent a significant amount of money to promote their auction just for these medium level grade five energy boxes?

“Medium level grade five energy fluids. Sigh, and here I thought it was high level or top level grade five energy fluids.”

“Considering the cost, the Gu Conglomerate wouldn’t make much profit, right?”

“What a rare sight. Even the first financial conglomerate of the empire has periods where they are hot headed—” Several people who had come to check the news also relaxed and sent messages with their light brain.

[You can rest assured, this is just a trial being conducted by the Gu Conglomerate. The energy boxes being auctioned are medium level grade five energy fluids. They won’t become our competitors.]

The heads of several major auction houses put down their worries after seeing the messages.

That’s right, most of the Gu Conglomerate’s power and industries were concentrated on Capital Star Planet, so why would they come to Proxima Star to auction stuff if they had really invited a great energy master?

They had been too paranoid.

The first financial conglomerate of the empire couldn’t be involved in every industry.

Just when everyone was in stunned disbelief, videos of the energy fluids began to show on the huge holographic screen.

When the silver cover was lifted, the liquid they saw inside was crystal clear, transparent and pure, without a hint of impurity, like surplus green had been infused into a clear spring. Whether it was its light hue or the apple green colour, it was so pure to the point of being mind-blowing that it immediately attracted the crowd’s attention.

“Heavens, it’s so beautiful!”

“I’ve never seen such a clean color before.”

“I so want to buy it!”

The eyes of the people who had just made the reports suddenly widened, unable to help being shocked in their hearts.

Not good, could they take back the words they had just said?

F*ck, this wasn’t a trial, it was a ruthless takeover of the market share!

It was very likely that the Gu Conglomerate would soon become the biggest competitors of their auction houses!

When the video ended, the auctioneer divided all the energy boxes into three sets, five groups in total, then began the auction.

The auctioneer: “Three energy boxes in a set and starting the auction for the first set now. The starting bid is three million starcoins, with a minimum increase of one hundred thousand starcoins.”

“Three million starcoins!”

“Three million five hundred thousand starcoins!”

“Three million seven hundred thousand starcoins!”

“Eight million starcoins.”

It was Master Jian Run who had made the bid, doubling the final offer, causing a hush to fall over the crowd in the hall.

The auctioneer composed himself: “Eight million starcoins, any more bids?”

“Eight million once, eight million twice, eight million thrice, sold!”

The three energy boxes, each the size of a Rubik’s cube, were placed in a velvet box that was reinforced with an alloy material on the outside and soon delivered to Great Master Jian Run, who snatched the box quickly and put it into his spatial button in front of the stunned crowd.

This, this was too exaggerated, right?!

What was even more exaggerated was yet to come.

When the auctioneer started the auction on the second set, the price gradually rose to six million starcoins. The auctioneer was satisfied with this price. It was twice the starting price and higher than he had expected.

Just as he was about to announce, he heard a cold voice.

Great Master Jian Run: “Eight million starcoins.”

The crowd: ?!

When the auctioneer started the third set, “Starting bid is three million starcoins, with a minimum increase of….”

Great Master Jian Run: “Eight million starcoins.”

The auctioneer closed his opened mouth helplessly: ….. I haven’t finished yet.

Other buyers were angry. This was already the third set. Even if he was a great master, he couldn’t just monopolize so many energy boxes. These were enough for advanced mechas to use for five or six years!

“Eight million five hundred thousand!” Someone raised the price with a painful expression on the face.

Jian Run Master looked at him coldly: “Ten million starcoins.”

The person who had just placed the bid was furious: Hehe, what was so great about being rich?

Fine, understood, he’ll shut up.

When the auctioneer started the fourth set, the great master finally didn’t make a bid, causing everyone to breathe sighs of relief.

However just as the final price was about to be settled at six million starcoins, Young Master Ning burst into the room through the doorway, shaking the beads of sweat from his forehead and saying with a voice that was slightly unsteady, “Eight million starcoins.”

Ning Yuchen, who was always stationed at the Star Ocean Auction House, had purchased many grade 3 energy boxes, but failed to buy the ones of higher grade.

Just as he was feeling disappointed, he stumbled across the synchronized energy fluid video on Starnet and immediately accelerated his hover car to its maximum speed and was finally able to catch up.

Others looked at him in angry disbelief, but didn’t dare speak. Sigh, they could only wait for the last set.

The auctioneer cleared his throat. The high prices of each set of energy boxes today were unexpected, so even if the final set’s price wasn’t too high, it was still a success. “This is the last set of medium level grade five energy fluids today. The starting bid–“

Ning Yuchen raised an eyebrow, “Eight million starcoins.”

The auctioneer: …..

The crowd: …..

So, what exact sort of fantasy plot had today’s auction been about?

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  1. At the very least, Bai Jing should understand that there are at least three families that want to have him as a son-in-law by any means necessary and there is a distinct advantage to accepting the pursuit of this rather excellent young master Gu. With such a powerhouse by his side, nobody would dare to be too rash unless they don’t value the ongoing existence of their family.

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