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Chapter 50.2

Bai Jing went to the two rough stones he had just probed with his sense perception ability and put the one with a pear skin crust into his shopping cart.

The crust of this pear skin rough stone was very thin, a faint green color visible when a strong light was shone on its surface. There was a small part about the size of a baby’s palm with a deeper hue, but the color was much lighter inside.

However this didn’t mean that the green color hadn’t gone deep inside, but that there was more than one color inside.

Bai Jing’s lips curved slightly. This haul was pretty good.

With the remaining time, he used his sense perception ability to probe the nearly thirty rough stones he had just selected and found that eight contained jadeite, among which six of them were middle to low grade jadeites.

He put the rough stone with the most active jadeite into his shopping cart then casually picked two more that were collapses in bet. When the time was up, he stored the rough stones in the Gu Conglomerate’s exclusive storage room.

The level 2 Stone Gambler who had gotten the rough stones seemed to be in high spirits as he glanced gleefully at the two Stone Gamblers who had missed out before leaving.

Bai Jing’s lips hooked up. He hoped that during the betting war, he could maintain the same mindset.

Perhaps because ‘Gu Yun’ hadn’t participated in a betting war for a long time, the matching this time was swift, as his match was the first one the following morning.

Bai Jing arrived early at the Gu Conglomerate’s jade betting arena and standing on the high platform, looked down to discover that there were more fans than he had expected.

“Gu Yun! Gu Yun! Gu Yun!”

Even before the host introduced him, cheers rose from the crowd below, some of them choked with tears.

They had finally waited for ‘God Yun’ to return to the stage!

All those stories about retiring after reaching the pinnacle—

They had never believed them!

God Yun would definitely create a new miracle!

The number of people in the live betting room on Starnet was also increasing, with ongoing comments filling the public screen.

[Welcome back, God Yun!]

[Welcome back, God Yun!]

Standing on the high platform, Bai Jing looked down at the excited fans, and the usually cold him seemed to have warmed up a bit. So many people were supporting him, waiting for him; this feeling seemed quite nice.

The host began introducing the two players, “Standing on my left is level 2 Stone Gambler, Gu Yun, who has solved a priceless imperial green glass jadeite and has a rate of betting increase of 25.58%. Let’s welcome him with applause!”

Bai Jing’s delicate face and his softer than usual expression under the spotlight triggered another round of screams from his fans in the venue and on Starnet.

The host continued, “Next, standing on my right, is the Stone Gambler Qin Xin, who has a rate of betting increase of 18.45%. Let’s give him a round of applause!”

Bai Jing glanced at his opponent and realized that he was the Stone Gambler who had grabbed the rough stones the day before. He couldn’t help but smirk, what a coincidence.

Qin Xin had a resolute face with sharp features, displaying an upright military like demeanor that was quite popular with the crowd.

However no one would have expected that he would take such shortcuts when selecting rough stones.

After realizing that his opponent was Gu Yun, Qin Xin knew he wouldn’t win this round.

However it didn’t matter, he had enough points already. All he needed was to raise his rate of betting increase above 20% to quickly advance to being a level 3 Stone Gambler. The rest wasn’t important.

He was confident about this, especially after he had taken two rough stones from ‘Gu Yun’ the day before. He had checked them later and was very satisfied with their performance, hence he believed that he would be promoted soon.

What’s more if his actions had influenced Gu Yun and had prevented him from selecting good rough stones, then it would be even better. Maybe he could use this to gain an advantage over his opponent.

After introducing the players, the host projected the images of ten rough stones onto a giant holographic screen.

Bai Jing’s rough stones were numbered 1-5, while Qin Xin’s were numbered 6-10.

The 50 minute betting period began, and the crowd below started observing and discussing fervently, the atmosphere more intense than ones in other betting wars.

“Let’s bet on Gu Yun’s rough stones first!”

“Nonsense, do I need you to say it? The question is, which ones should we bet on?”

“Let’s first look at the performance…..”

Times had changed. They all remembered that when Gu Yun first appeared, his odds had been much higher than his opponents’, but no one had high hopes for the novice level 1 Stone Gambler.

However, in just over a month, Gu Yun underwent a drastic change and completely overturned the situation. Now, the odds for each rough stone selected by Gu Yun were much lower than those of other competitors.

There was no choice, his rate of betting increase was high, something that showed both his skill and luck!

Most importantly, betting on him would make them win!

They weren’t fools.

During the 50 minute betting period, Bai Jing didn’t sit idly on the high platform as he used to.

His light brain had been upgraded to the latest model with a stealth function yesterday, so he no longer needed to worry about his identity being revealed.

Thus, he began to review Gu Yuanzhao’s match videos.

At this moment, the Zhao Yun CP started to get active again.

[Sisters, look at Gu Yun’s actions. Doesn’t his silhouette look exactly the same?]

[Too similar!]

[I ship them, I ship them!]

The five rough stones selected by Bai Jing were scrutinized and discussed up and down. It wasn’t until the betting period was nearing its end that they gritted their teeth and made their selections.

From Gu Yun’s five, they chose two, and from Qin Xin’s five, they chose one, making it a total of three stones.

Several friends made different selections together, hoping to increase their chances of winning the bet.

The countdown of one minute ended, and the most exciting part, the solving of the rough stones was about to begin.

Among the five rough stones Bai Jing had chosen, three were for betting on a rise in bet. He marked the cutting lines on all of them quickly then moved to rough stone No. 2.

People who had bet on rough stone No. 2 were somewhat excited. According to Gu Yun’s previous performance, this rough stone had a 90% rise in bet chance!

Meanwhile, Gu Yun’s fans were watching the teenager on the stage eagerly, anticipating the kind of miracle their idol would bring this time.

Rough stone No. 2 was the one with the pear skin crust, the one that had a very thin skin.

His slender white fingers gripping the handle of the abrasive grinding wheel, Bai Jing started to rub along the skin crust.

The sharp gears spun at an indiscernible speed, and nanotechnology turned the fragmented stones at the edge into particles.

In less than two minutes, an opening about two fingers wide had been rubbed out, his movements even quicker than that of a Stone Solver’s.

“Look, No. 2 has turned green!”

“Gu Yun is so fast, so powerful!”

“The color….. doesn’t seem to be very vibrant—”

Within the two finger wide opening, a faint green was revealed. However it was light, like freshly sprouted grass. Although not considered a good color in the world of jadeite, the texture did reach the water variety level.

Perhaps it was because they had seen Gu Yun solved higher grade jadeites like the imperial green glass jadeite that their expectations had been raised, hence their excitement wasn’t as high as before, and those who had seen that high grade jadeite last time were somewhat disappointed.

Their cheers were much quieter compared to the previous rounds, a far cry from the time when the imperial green glass jadeite had been solved.

Unknowingly, people’s expectations for Gu Yun had risen.

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