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Chapter 5.2

Inside the luxurious VIP box at the innermost part of the first floor.

“Young Master Gu, this person’s perception is very sharp!” The youth in the black uniform exclaimed.

“Hmm.” Gu Yuanzhao’s slender hands crossed, supporting his beautifully defined chin as he looked at the teenager with black
-framed glasses on the screen, “His betting win rate is also very high.”

The young Qiao An quickly got the analysis data, “Indeed, he won two bets in a row, but failed the third time. Uh, maybe it was better luck.”

“Maybe.” Gu Yuanzhao didn’t deny it, except that his intuition told him that this teenager must have relied on more than just luck.

“Huh?” Qiao An looked closely at Bai Jing’s enlarged face on the screen, “So it’s him, the newcomer Jiao Gui cheated yesterday!”

“That’s right.” Gu Yuanzhao’s lips curved slightly, his handsome face looking like a poppy that could drive people wild, “Jiao Gui has kicked an iron plate this time.”

“Young Master Gu, do you want me to take care of it?” Qiao An asked with a serious expression.

Although he was a man of the world, he was very efficient at getting things done, otherwise Gu Yuanzhao wouldn’t have sent him to be the head of the whole gambling house.

Gu Group’s Stone Gambling House guaranteed profits and would never allow anyone to disturb the odds, and if this young man kept up such a high winning streak, he could only give a warning. But as for that Jiao Gui–

“Wait a little longer.”

Gu Yuanzhao’s tone was lazy: “Jiao Gui has lost so many times in a row that he’s about to lose his temper.

Qiao An, remember. If you want to punish a person, you have to catch him while everybody watches as he makes an unrecoverable error, with no chance of making up for it.”

When he said these words, Gu Yuanzhao didn’t even look at Jiao Gui, his dark eyes looking at the teenager on the screen continuously for a long time without moving away.

Qiao An: “…… Yes!”

Bai Jing, standing in the crowd, lowered his eyes and covered half of his face with thick-rimmed glasses, intending to leave through the cover of the crowd.

His perception was several times sharper than that of a normal person’s, and when that line of sight had looked over just now, he had even felt a danger stronger than one a level five zombie gave, making his heart go on alert.

To be on the safe side, it was better not to come back here in the future.


After recovering from the huge blow, Jiao Gui was so furious that his face turned blue, his loyal and honest looking features becoming distorted, his face as hideous as an evil ghost, scaring the people next to him so much that they backed away.

He turned his head to look angrily at Bai Jing, who was about to leave, his eyes covered with spider web like lines of blood: it was all because of this slumdog b*stard that he had lost 100,000 starcoins!

If it wasn’t for him, he would have won the bet. It was all his fault, all his fault–

Jiao Gui’s somewhat fat body lunged at Bai Jing. He wanted to smash this bstard’s face, he wanted to beat this bstard until his mouth was filled with blood and he was looking for his teeth!

Bai Jing didn’t even look at him. As Jiao Gui lunged, he slightly sidestepped what seemed to him to be a weak attack, then his slender left hand found his neck and snapping around it like a vise, flung him to the ground!

‘Thud-‘ The heavy landing sound made people’s head tingle. Jiao Gui’s eyes went dark from the impact, the violent dizziness in his head making him nauseous and want to vomit, however he was unable to move because of the iron grip.

As the air in his lungs dwindled, Jiao Gui’s eyes bulged out like a fish starved of water.

A zombie’s head had to be separated from its body to die completely, so Bai Jing’s most common move, apart from a single shot to the head with his energy gun, was a chokehold.

With prolonged training, he could even crush the neck bone of a zombie with his bare hands!

This time he only used 10% of his strength against Jiao Gui, but his opponent was so weak that he quickly loosened his grip before he really suffocated him to death.

Jiao Gui was lying on the ground wretchedly, coughing up almost all of his internal organs, his face red as he twitched with sobs, not the same as before when he was cheating the newcomers.

What made him even give up all hope was that he had just managed to catch his breath when a pair of shiny black leather shoes appeared in his field of vision. His eyes moving upwards, he was confronted by Manager Qiao An with a group of tall men in uniform behind him.

And the words that came out of his thin lips made him fall into an ice cave: “Jiao Gui, you have been luring newcomers for a long time, and just now you even ignored the rules of the Gu Group’s Gambling House and took matters into your own hands.

From today onwards, Young Master Gu has decided to ban all your rights in the Gu Group: including the right to bet in the Gu Group’s Gambling House, the right to mine in the Gu Group’s mining company, Gu Group’s products for sale… and twenty-three other rights.”

As if he had been struck by lightning, Jiao Gui’s body shook like chaff in the wind. Ignoring his injuries, he cried as he crawled over to Qiao An and grabbed the legs of his trousers, “Manager Qiao, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong–

I want to see Young Master Gu, I’ll give up my entire fortune, I just want Young Master Gu to be lenient, I beg you!”

Qiao An lifted his foot, his black leather shoe stepping hard on Jiao Gui’s purple face as he looked at him as if he was looking at a piece of trash: “Can a piece of trash like you see Young Master Gu just because you say so? Scram back and go and dream.”

Kicking him, he waved his hand and had Jiao Gui thrown out like a dead dog on the ground, then left with the group of men.

As he passed Bai Jing, Qiao An gave him a meaningful glance then quickly disappeared from sight.

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