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Chapter 59.3

Editor: Jodi

At midnight, Bai Jing opened the door to let Alpha 01 collect his dirty clothes, only to find the tall man still standing outside. He couldn’t help but be surprised.

‘Has he been guarding me all this time?’

Thinking this way, Bai Jing felt a warm sensation in his heart, and the corners of his lips hooked up gently.

Having just taken a shower, the teenager’s body was slightly flushed from the steam, his fair skin having a subtle pink hue, making him look even more delicate and smooth, almost ethereal.

His teal colored eyes, misty and focused, were staring at Gu Yuanzhao, his beautifully shaped lips curved slightly, perfect for—

A kiss.

Gu Yuanzhao’s Adam’s apple bobbed unconsciously and his deep eyes locked firmly onto Bai Jing’s lips, his voice hoarse, “Ah Jing, can I….. claim a little reward first?”

Bai Jing’s long eyelashes fluttered, trembling slightly, a smile in his beautiful eyes: “En.”

However soon, he paid the price for what he had just said.

Once granted permission, Gu Yuanzhao could no longer restrain his desires. Pressing Bai Jing against the wall, he kissed him fiercely.

This kiss this time was even more passionate than before, like a volcano on the brink of eruption—intense, scorching, and filled with an overwhelming possessiveness that made it impossible to escape from.

Bai Jing found himself trapped between the solid, burning chest of Gu Yuanzhao and the wall behind him, closed in by Gu Yuanzhao’s tall body with his strong arms on both sides of him, their bodies so close that they could feel each other’s hot breath.

His slender, fair fingers gripped Gu Yuanzhao’s collar tightly, turning white from the pressure as he tried to resist the overwhelming pleasure as well as the sensation that he was almost about to suffocate.

“…Ah Jing.”

As one kiss ended, Gu Yuanzhao pulled back just a bit gently, looking at the teenager who was gasping unsteadily in his arms. His pitch-black eyes lingered on the lips that glistened with moisture. “I’ve claimed the first reward.”

Quickly, the scorching kiss descended again. “This is the second one.”


After a few times, both of their bodies were a little agitated.

Gu Yuanzhao reluctantly let go of the teenager who was panting rapidly, his cheeks flushed with a blush, his teal colored eyes wet as they glistened, as if veiled in a mist, making him look even more amazingly beautiful.

His pale lips, now tinged with red from the intense kissing looked slightly pitiful yet irresistibly tempting.

Bai Jing leaned against the wall, his body soft as he said even though he was still gasping for breath, “I… also won once, and you promised to do whatever I wanted.”

A low chuckle rumbled in Gu Yuanzhao’s throat, and he couldn’t resist running his fingers through the teenager’s hair. “I know, I won’t break my promise.”

Matching for a level four Stone Gambler took at least three days.

After all, there weren’t many intermediate Stone Gamblers on Proxima Star.

What’s more some of them didn’t want to participate in betting wars for a while because of Gu Yun’s terrifying talent.

No matter how talented a Stone Gambler was, he or she would be reduced to being a foil if they met Gu Yun, moreover being in full view of an audience, the pressure would be substantial.

Bai Jing entered the virtual mecha combat arena.

He hadn’t been online for four days since he had participated in a few matches the day before he left for Desolate Rock Planet.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes to his left wrist, where his wristband displayed his basic information:

Name: Alpha

Club: Ling Yun Club

Level: L3

Points: 100,000

Followers: 18,927

It seems his number of followers had increased during the few days he was absent.

However none of this mattered. What mattered was that he had reached the level and points required for challenge matches.

Match battles were for mechas of the same level, while challenge matches allowed cross-level combat, with a maximum difference of three levels.

For instance, Bai Jing, currently at level L3, could challenge opponents as high as L6.

If he wanted to challenge opponents of higher levels, he would need to put up half of his points and at least one million star coins as a bet.

If he won, he could directly advance to the higher level of his defeated opponent.

However if he lost, the starcoins and half of his points would be deducted automatically, and he wouldn’t be allowed to attempt a cross-level challenge again for a week.

If the one being challenged lost, he or she wouldn’t be demoted, they would only have their starcoins deducted.

If they won, the other person could get extra points and starcoins as a reward, so challenges like this were still accepted.

For challengers, this was akin to a high-stakes gamble where they put half of their assets on the line, making it more thrilling than regular match battles. Consequently, it attracted a considerable audience.

Bai Jing’s target was to reach L5.

L6 opponents were less likely to accept challenges given that one million star coins and tens of thousands of points were hardly significant to them.

However there were a few L5 players who were always online.

Bai Jing randomly selected one of the frequently online L5 players in the middle of the scoreboard, then submitted a challenge match request to the organizers.

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