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Chapter 19.2

Jin Mao smiled happily, “I know it well in my heart, but I still want to thank Brother Jing for the compliment.”

Then he grunted lightly, “Sh*t, that An Ge kid, who came 28th silently is much better than me. Oh yeah, I’ve booked a table at the Imperial Rose. Tomorrow’s dinner is on me, you and An Ge have to come.”

After a while An Ge also called, his eyes red. It was obvious that he had just cried.

An Ge had been restless for the past few days, unable to sleep at night.

Maybe for others, they could just wait until next year to fight again if they failed this exam, but for someone like him who had come from the slums and relied on a prominent family’s financial support, this was his only chance!

Without the Shen family’s financial support, he couldn’t even afford to pay for his training and travel expenses to Capital Star Planet.

An Ge had stayed up all night last night, anxiously awaiting the results.

The moment he saw the rankings, the pressure that had been building up for so long was finally released, causing him to break down and cry.

This time, he had not only passed the exams steadily, he had also finished in the top 30. The Shen family was so pleased with him that they planned to sponsor him for a long time.

He looked at the 50,000 starcoins that had been transferred from his light brain excitedly. He could finally continue gambling on stones!

“Bai Jing, thank you.” An Ge bowed deeply towards Bai Jing in the video call.

If it hadn’t been for Bai Jing, he might have passed the exams, but he definitely wouldn’t have gotten such a high ranking.

The Shen family had sponsored more than just him, so if he hadn’t stood out from the crowd of commoners, he wouldn’t have been eligible for sponsorship anymore.

After the video call ended, Bai Jing was about to turn his light brain off when a ‘di’ sounded from the communicator again.

[Gu Yuanzhao is requesting a video call with you].

A flash of surprise crossed Bai Jing’s eyes, then he accepted the video call immediately.

A man dressed in a black military uniform appeared on the light screen, his handsome features sharp and charming, his deep eyes fixed on Bai Jing: “Congratulations, you passed the exams coming in first.”

Bai Jing’s long, slender eyelashes blinked behind his glasses, “Thank you, but I wasn’t first, I was second.”

“No, in my mind you are the first. Du Xingyu just came in first by virtue of his planet Capital Star Planet.”

Gu Yuanzhao looked at him with undisguised admiration: “Bai Jing, you always impress me.”

Bai Jing thanked him politely, but he was a little confused.

Gu Yuanzhao coughed lightly, a rare hint of chagrin flashing in his dark eyes.

Because he had grown up in a privileged family, he really had no experience in complimenting others, making him wonder if Bai Jing could sense his sincerity.

Gu Yuanzhao: “Right …… I’ve got a present for you. Remember to come to Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House tomorrow, I’ll have Qiao An wait for you at the entrance on the first floor.”

Bai Jing frowned at the suddenly blacked-out light screen.

A present for him?

Forget it, it was better to fill his stomach first.

As noon approached, Bai Jing prepared a nice lunch of beef brisket with tomatoes, stir-fried pork and seaweed and egg soup.

Unbeknownst to him, the Proxima Star Guild and Starnet were already in an uproar.

Since the #Bai Jing tag appeared, people on Starnet had been searching frantically for information about him, but nothing useful was found after a long time of searching, not even a Star Realm account.

Star Realm was the equivalent of Earth’s ‘WB’, the fastest channel for information exchange.

As soon as something broke out, everyone would post it on Star Realm, hence almost every citizen of the Empire had their own Star Realm account.

But Bai Jing didn’t, tinting his identity with a touch of mystery.

Hence there was much speculation.

Some said he was the young master of a prominent family, while others thought he was the heir of a family of Stone Gamblers or even the favorite disciple of one of the Senior Stone Gamblers. In short, there were all sorts of speculations.

What they didn’t know was that Bai Jing really didn’t have a ‘Star Realm’ account, and he didn’t need one for the time being.

It wasn’t until someone in the know broke the news that Bai Jing was a commoner that the news stirred up a thousand waves.

A commoner?

A commoner had overpowered many of the most highly educated nobles?

This news was like a heavy bomb.

The empire had a clear hierarchy, with the aristocratic and prominent families controlling all resources and lifelines, while the commoners had a low status, and the slums were left unattended with those who lived there left to fend for themselves.

After this incident, many people wondered whether birth and education could bury talent.

Some people even began to call for a better education for the commoners as well.

This made the major aristocratic families gnash their teeth in hatred and join forces to silence the Bai Jing-related words, quickly replacing them with hotter celebrity scandals.

Gu Yuanzhao kept a close eye on the happenings on Starnet, pulling out all the hidden threats that might threaten Bai Jing.

He was sure that Bai Jing, given his nature, wouldn’t want to be watched all the time, to have his identity investigated and his information exposed to everyone.

Thinking of Bai Jing’s clear, misty, beautiful teal eyes and the thick black-rimmed glasses he wore on the bridge of his nose, Gu Yuanzhao pressed his chest gently, the corners of his lips hooking up silently.

At the same time, the Proxima Star branch.

President Zhuo was overwhelmed with excitement when he saw the rankings published on the official website of the Gambling Guild.

There were sixteen people from their planet in the top 100 who had passed the exams, which was many times better than last year!

Especially the candidate named Bai Jing who had surpassed the Capital Star Planet’s group of talented students, breaking the curse of previous years and coming in a proud second place.

Even with him alone, their position as the third largest guild in the Proxima Star Guild was retained!

President Zhuo immediately issued a notice awarding Bai Jing a million starcoins in the name of the Proxima Star Guild.

A mere one million starcoins was nothing compared to the status of the entire branch.

If Bai Jing became a powerful Stone Gambler in the future, their guild would have a constant stream of benefits, so why not award him?

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  1. I’m guessing that the guild is partnered with several large companies to deal with the import of these minerals and preliminary assessment of them, so they get either a handling fee or a small percentage off the profit as operating costs. There’s probably also some higher regulatory body that instituted the guild to prevent complete and total mine and/or mineral monopolization. Given that these are considered an energy resource, having it become a monopoly would be devastating. Still funny and sad that something which should be akin to digging for oil and natural gas reserves has been further monetized by making it a gambling opportunity.

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