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Chapter 31.3

Shuddering, Xu Zhe looked over immediately.

Only to see that Gu Yun’s white sandy rough stone had a two-finger-wide cut along the brush pine blossoms, with a pure, rich green color and a fine texture, as warm and translucent as cooked glutinous rice. It was really of the glutinous variety.

Impossible, this was absolutely impossible!

This was Xu Zhe’s first thought.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

What were the odds that three of the five rough stones of his opponent would yield jadeite and that one would reach the sunny green kind of the glutinous variety?

What stroke of luck was this!

He thought he’d struck gold when he had solved the rare sunny green color and a good luminous green variety, but his opponent had also unearthed a sunny green jadeite, and it was a grade higher than his!

Xu Zhe’s eyes were glued to the big screen and he remained dazed until now.

However, he couldn’t believe the truth.

The Master Stone Solver had solved the glutinous sunny green jadeite neatly. It was a flat, spherical jadeite of approximately 12 or 13 centimeters in diameter.

Weighing 4.3 kilograms, it was translucent, with a brilliant green color but not too intense and a pleasantly clear texture, the glutinous feel of the jadeite adding a touch of springtime warmth to it, it’s highly fine and smooth appearance extremely pleasing to the eye.

“Gu Yun–! Gu Yun–!”

The fans on stage chanted Gu Yun’s name frantically, as it was only when the dust had settled that they burst out with uncontrollable passion.

When the bet had collapsed just now, they had been too scared to make a sound, fearing that it would affect Gu Yun’s mood; but now, the victory belonged to Gu Yun!

They hadn’t misjudged him. So what if he was a level 1 Stone Gambler? He could still crush a level 2 Stone Gambler.

Not to mention that their idol was so good looking, so handsome and so strong. He was the most perfect existence!

They were proud to have such an idol!

Many of the people below the stage, even if they weren’t fans of Gu Yun, were also attracted to the young man up on the stage.

Whether it was his delicate eyebrows, his calm and unhurried attitude or his clean and crisp way of solving the rough stones, he was like a luminary that drew people’s attention.

And many of those who had bet on his rough stones secretly decided that they would definitely bet on Gu Yun in the future! As for which of the five rough stones to bet on, it was up to them to decide.

It was better to choose one of his five pieces than to choose one or two of the ten pieces of rough stones at random, right?

After practicing a few times later, they discovered that as long as they bet on the rough stones that Gu Yun chose, their winning rate would really increase dramatically and they also earned a lot of starcoins as a result, but that was all for later.

After the enthusiasm of Gu Yun’s fans had died down, the big screen showed the figure of the host Tan Shu.

Smiling, she announced, “The result of this betting war is as you can see. The winner is– Gu Yun, the level 1 Stone Gambler!”

The white spotlight hit Bai Jing and the magnified image on the big screen revealed his delicate features, a beauty blast that sent another wave of excitement through the fans below.

Xu Zhe stood by with an ugly expression on his face. He had lost, he had lost big time.

Both the quantity and quality of the jadeite solved by his opponent far surpassed his.

How could he, an experienced level 2 Stone Gambler, lose to a level 1 Stone Gambler?

If this had been said before this betting war, he would have scoffed.

But now Gu Yun’s victory was like a resounding slap in the face, leaving him with no room for shame.

As he stood in the shadows looking at the charismatic youth on the high stage, Xu Zhe suddenly had the feeling that his opponent was definitely going to become a very strong Stone Gambler!

With Bai Jing’s permission, the host auctioned off the 4.3kg piece of glutinous sunny green jadeite as usual, with bids pouring in from below.

“One million starcoins!”

“One and a half million starcoins!”

“I bid one million eight hundred thousand starcoins!”


The beautiful sunny green color, combined with the glutinous seed water resulted in a good price for this glutinous sunny green jadeite, selling for two million eight hundred thousand starcoins.

Relying on the access and authority given to him by Young Master Gu, together with the help of Qiao An and Security Minister Luo Xing, Liang Heng used the Gu Conglomerate’s state-of-the-art location system, reconnaissance system, Starnet cracking technology, domain name resolution technology and various other means to finally locate the real time address of the person code-named [Bai] a day later.

During the process, he and his technicians encountered not only elaborate network encryption techniques, but also another wave of people trying to find the Master’s information, which he intercepted using anti-reconnaissance systems and virtual code replacement techniques.

The Gu Conglomerate’s technology was up to date, so he was sure these people would find countless ‘Master’s’. They should just sort them out one by one!

Liang Heng’s heart beat faster and faster as he watched the red area on the locator system shrink smaller and smaller. There was still one minute left and soon, he would get to know who this mysterious Master was!

He had been waiting here all night since yesterday without even getting a wink of sleep for this very moment to come.

Who exactly was this man?

Liang Heng went through the advanced energy masters he knew very well in his head, rejected them one after another, then stared dead on at the red area that kept shrinking in scope, not even daring to blink.

Here it comes!

Not only did Liang Heng’s heartbeat increase dramatically, he felt his breath catch in his throat as well.

Then he only saw the red area on the system shrink gradually to a small red dot, before eventually becoming completely stationary.

But when he saw the location of the red dot, he and Qiao An froze at the same time. Wasn’t, wasn’t this Young Master Gu’s house??

What exactly was going on??!

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