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Chapter 31.2

This was a betting war, not a beauty pageant, so why the heated reaction?

He would show them, especially Gu Yun’s fans, who exactly would win and who would lose this time!

Xu Zhe was confident in his selection choice of rough stones, as the five rough stones on display had all been selected carefully by him.

And out of all of them, he was most optimistic about rough stone number 3.

It was a yellow pear-crusted rough stone with an irregular triangular base, about thirty centimeters long and twenty centimeters high.

The crust was like that of a yellow pear and when illuminated by a strong light, revealed a faint green color from the within, indicating that it had a high probability of having color in the crust and was a rare and good rough stone.

What’s more, a part of the corner of the rough stone had pine flowers wrapped around it in a band like manner, which showed that it would do very well.

Usually, the size of the band covering the rough stone determined the size of the jadeite inside and the part of the band that was wrapped around was the part that had the jadeite.

Based on these indications, Xu Zhe could almost conclude that there was definitely jadeite in this rough stone, and that it wasn’t small!

As long as the seed water wasn’t too bad, then there wasn’t a problem with it being a great gain.

After the Master Stone Solver came on stage, Xu Zhe discussed certain things with him then went to the rough stone numbered 3, ready to solve it himself.

As for Bai Jing, he chose one of the three rough stones that would produce jadeite. Even if it collapsed, the jadeite in it would be used to make energy fluid, and the starcoins he would get from it would be no less than the one he would have earned from a rough stone that would have risen in bet.

Moreover he had already cut lines on the five rough stones, which, with the Master Stone Solver’s experience, wouldn’t make them collapse.

Soon after, the solving of the rough stones began.

Xu Zhe looked closely at the yellow pear-crusted stone once again then started rubbing the stone from the left side, where it contained the banded pine flowers and as the crust was so thin, the color green was spotted within a minute or two.

“My god, jadeite is showing so quickly!”

“It’s of the luminous green variety. As expected of a level 2 Stone Gambler.”

“The color is……sunny green, a great gain!!!”

“I bet on it, hahahaha–“

There were many murmurs of admiration from below the stage as they saw a vivid green color coming through the yellow crust on the magnified screen. It was brilliant and pure, completely healthy, had a lovely sunny green hue, and the seed water was of the medium to high luminous green variety grade!

Xu Zhe’s lips hooked up gently. All of this was to be expected.

He glanced across at Gu Yun, who was still cutting the rough stone with the cutter and the cut surface that showed no sign of green at all.

Then he looked at the many ‘Gu Yun’ fans below the stage who were all staring nervously at the big screen, no longer cheering and shouting as enthusiastically as they had been doing at the beginning of the show.

Xu Zhe sneered in his heart: “Heh, how could a level 1 Stone Gambler compare to a level 2 Stone Gambler!

Bai Jing was now solving the rough stone that had the fine bean seed inside, rough stone number 7.

This was a rough stone with a yellow sand crust that had weathered over time. It had a very thick crust and the jadeite in it was located in the lower part of the center of the rough stone, so naturally it couldn’t be cut in half in one go.

Hence he cut the jadeite three times along the crust and then used a grinding wheel to remove the surrounding debris before the greenish surface of the cut was finally revealed.

“Look, number 7 has the color green coming out!”

“It’s a bean seed, not quite evenly colored and I don’t know what size it is.”

“There’s only a third of the rough stone left, I’m afraid it’s not going to turn out well–“

Startled by the outburst of chatter, Xu Zhe immediately looked up at the big screen: could it be that his opponent had also bet on a rise?

But then was relieved to see the unevenly colored cut and the texture of the bean seed.

At this rate, it would be difficult for this rough stone to be a rise in bet.

“Heavens, it’s green, number 9 is showing green too!”

Xu Zhe’s heart that had just dropped, thumped with a thud when he heard these words just as he was about to continue solving his rough stone.

Not even caring about the jadeite in his hand, he looked anxiously at the big screen.

It was a lime skin crusted rough stone that had been solved halfway.

He only saw the Master Stone Solver sprinkle some water on the cut surface revealing a fine, oily jadeite of a rather dull spinach green color.

‘Phew, just spinach green. It wasn’t even close to his sunny green,’.

Xu Zhe took one look at the piece then putting his mind at rest, continued to solve the sunny green jadeite of the luminous variety he was holding.

With the grinding wheel turning, the jadeite was already half solved, and it was even bigger than the palm of an adult’s hand, so there was no doubt that it would be an absolutely great gain.

The other Master Stone Solvers had also partially solved his other rough stones, revealing three white stones and one covered with dense black dots of ringworm.

There was no doubt that Xu Zhe’s four rough stones had all collapsed.

But he didn’t care. Anyways he had a jadeite of the luminous green variety in his hand, which meant he had already won!

He looked up at the big screen and saw that Gu Yun’s No. 7 and No. 9 were both jadeites the size of a baby’s fist, not even close to the 6W price tags for the raw rough stones, an obvious collapse in bet.

‘Haha, seriously what a shame. Luck doesn’t seem to have favored this level 1 Stone Gambler this time.’

He thought to happily to himself with a sense of relief, feeling elated.

“Look, it’s green, number 10 has jadeite!”

“This time it’s actually a glutinous, sunny green jadeite! An absolute great yield–“

“Three out of the five rough stones have jadeite in them? Oh my God!!!”

“I bet on all of them, hahahahaha—“

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