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Chapter 52.2

Desolate Rock Planet located halfway between Capital Star Planet and Proxima Star, and was only about eight to nine hours by spaceship from Proxima Star, so it wasn’t too far.

So including the round trip, this Stone Gambling Points Battle could be wrapped up in two days.

“Desolate Rock Planet, covered with rocks, is sandy and arid and the empire’s fourth largest rough stone mining base. Its main products are rough stones, specifically sand shell rough stones and mountainous rough stones…..”

After freshening up, Bai Jing was half lying in bed, checking out the features of Desolate Rock Planet when he heard a loud violent banging sound followed by a knock on his door.

And from outside the door came Gu Yuanzhao’s rapid breathing and low, raspy voice, “Ah Jing, open the door.”

“Oh, right away.”

Bai Jing hopped off the bed hurriedly, his pale, rounded toes slipping into his slippers with a gentle flick.

At the same time, he thought to himself, Gu Yuanzhao has come back pretty early today.

Opening the door, Gu Yuanzhao’s forehead was slick with beads of sweat, the sweat trickling down his sharp features and disappearing into his muscular chest.

A strong wave of hormones hit Bai Jing as Gu Yuanzhao’s 3S aura dominated the entire room, causing the teenager to zone out for a moment.

“Ah Jing, why did you agree?”

Gu Yuanzhao’s voice was low and suppressed, his gaze searing into Bai Jing as if flames were burning within, as if he was struggling to contain his anger.

However this anger wasn’t aimed at Bai Jing, but at the noble family behind Ying Wenfeng.

He had already used all of the Gu Conglomerate’s resources to investigate.

Those who dared to hurt the one he cherished the most, they would pay a price beyond their imagination!

He averted his gaze slightly, afraid that the harshness in his eyes would scare the teenager, however his body remained tense.

His sweat drenched military uniform highlighting his prominent muscle lines, he radiated a dangerous aura, his veins popping as he gripped the door frame, nearly snapping the alloy door in his grasp.

“En, isn’t it nice that someone is giving me free points?”

Bai Jing looked at him with clear eyes, even smiling, “Don’t worry, I’ll win.”

The teenager’s crisp voice was like a spring breeze, smoothing Gu Yuanzhao’s inner turmoil. He took a deep breath, his tone still tinged with anxiety, “Are you really sure?”

Bai Jing tilted his head, thinking about it, “At least 80%.”

Actually it was 100%.

Gu Yuanzhao’s expression eased, then looking at his disheveled state and knowing that the teenager liked cleanliness, said in a hoarse voice, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Bai Jing glanced at the shiny beads of sweat rolling down his adam’s apple, then averted his gaze, “Okay.”

When the door closed, the teenager propped his chin on his hand, sprawled on the bed as he recalled the image he had just seen.

Hmm, it seems he was feeling a little hot.

With just one week left until the Stone Gambling Points Battle, Bai Jing still continued to participate in betting wars as usual, unaffected in the least.

And his fans were also influenced by their idol’s calm demeanor, gaining confidence for the battle a week later.

Bai Jing’s ‘unfazed by an impending catastrophe’ attitude earned him a lot of praise from passersby, with some even interpreting it as a ‘positive and resilient attitude in the face of difficulty’, which attracted countless new fans.

In contrast, Ying Wenfeng has closed his comment section without a word of explanation after the Gambling Guild’s announcement, chilling the hearts of his fans.

In just one day, his fan base had shrunk from thirty million to twenty four million and was still plummeting at an alarming rate, almost collapsing.

Two days later, Bai Jing once again went the betting war’s stage.

“God Yun! God Yun! God Yun!”

Seeing his fans’ worried expressions, the teenager showed a confident smile for the first time.

His clean and clear chin rose proudly, his delicate features taking on an edge as his teal colored eyes seemed to consolidate thousands of galaxies— brilliant and dazzling, as if his whole being was glowing.

He looked at the crowd below, his voice soft yet firm, “Believe in me.”

Even though he just said three short words, they resounded powerfully, exuding immense confidence, leading people to trust him subconsciously.

Next, Gu Yun once again proved his great strength by successfully unraveling three rise in bet jadeites out of five rough stones!

A 60% rate of betting increase!

If the last round was seen as luck, this time it was all skill!

And the three rise in bet jadeites he had solved were also worth a lot of money.

The first was a pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety, about half the size of a football— the highest quality color among pink purple.

The jadeite of the hibiscus variety had a delicate texture, akin to the freshness of the hibiscus flower.

And the soft purple color, combined with the delicate texture, resembled cherry blossom petals intertwined with a faint purple hue that was as if it had been shrouded by a veil of shadows and ripples of water.

When elegant ladies saw this piece of jadeite, they easily recalled their own youth— when they had been beautiful and pure, naive and innocent, the best time of their lives.

Had this piece not been designated for an auction, many ladies would have loved to buy it on the spot. Such a beautiful pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety, especially of such size, was really a rare sight!

The second piece was a high quality chartreuse green jadeite of the ice variety. Although it wasn’t large, it ranked just below jadeites of the glass variety in terms of texture and color.

And the last one was a light emerald jadeite of the glutinous variety, another high quality jadeite.

His opponent was a Level Three Stone Gambler who was once hailed as a genius Stone Gambler, however his brilliance was overshadowed completely by Gu Yun.

Everyone’s attention was captured by Gu Yun, with hardly anyone noticing him.

The Level Three Stone Gambler had a rise in bet blue-green jadeite of the water variety with a color and texture that ranked just above average.

If he had been competing against another Stone Gambler, he might have won the betting war and gained a bunch of fans.

However standing next to Gu Yun, his title of Genius Stone Gambler seemed undeserved, as the gap between them was like that between a firefly and the moon.

“Gu Yun! Gu Yun! Gu Yun!

Gu Yun’s fans chanted his name excitedly. At this moment, they firmly believed that their idol could win!

So what if he was a Level Six Stone Gambler? In terms of skills and talent, their God Yun was in no way inferior!

After this betting war, Bai Jing looked at his data:

With a score of 22 and a rate of betting increase of 32.07%, Bai Jing had already exceeded the requirement of a Level Four Stone Gambler, which was a rate of betting increase of 30%. He was a little impatient for the next betting war.

Just then, his light brain chimed with a ‘di’ sound, signaling a new message.

[Gu Yuanzhao: Ah Jing, the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction is tomorrow. Which jadeite are you planning to send for auction?]

From the last betting war, Bai Jing had only kept the colorless jadeite of the glass variety that high quality pure energy fluid could be extracted from. The other two had been sent to the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction House for auction.

The PR Department had long decided to present the Fortuna tricolor jadeite of the water variety as one of the final auction items, along with high grade energy fluids and other precious items and had devised a series of promotional plans for that.

Electronic invitations had also been sent to all the major families in turn, in anticipation of their attendance.

However today’s betting war had yielded three more pieces of jadeite which were yet to be included.

[Bai Jing: I’ll keep the high quality chartreuse green jadeite of the ice variety. The other two can be consigned for auction.]

His mental power could now extract energy fluid from grade five jadeites, what’s more the energy fluids extracts had reached the top quality among grade five energy fluids.

He needed a grade six jadeite next to exercise his mental power better.

And considering the frequency of the auction, he would need about two larger pieces of grade six jadeite each month. Any more than that would draw too much attention.

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