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Chapter 68.2

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Bai Jing took three more rough stones out from his spatial button, then placed them on the platform.

The first rough stone, fixed on the stone-cutting machine, was a mere filler he had won with a bid of 110,000 starcoins on its base price of 100,000 starcoins.

This rough stone, with its grey-black crust full of coarse cracks that didn’t have any kind of pine flower pattern on it, was of mediocre size and weighed about twenty to thirty kilograms—a rough stone that was as worthless as they came.

Bai Jing knew that there wasn’t any jadeite inside, but still went through the process anyway.

After observing it casually, he made a cut two centimeters into the crust to reveal a cut surface, which sure enough, was plain white stone.

Then without even hesitating, he moved the cutting line three centimeters inward and made another cut, but there was still no sign of green. By this point, nearly half of the rough stone had been sliced off.

“This cut collapsed, but I believe the other half absolutely contains jadeite!”

“Hehe, really looking forward to it.”

“The next cut will definitely reveal green!”

“Exactly, because even from the worst lots, high-quality green still came out—”

The onlookers, full of anticipation, discussed among themselves, because even though this piece was essentially scrap, just because it was in Gu Yun’s hands, they believed that it could yield jadeite of superior quality!

? Bai Jing looked at them strangely.

This rough stone was already so bad like this, it obviously didn’t have jadeite inside!

These people, experienced rough stone dealers, Energy Masters, and Stone Gamblers, what was going on with them?

Their judgment couldn’t be that off, right?

He sliced the remaining rough stone into two halves with one cut, and naturally, there wasn’t anything inside.

[??? A collapse?]

[I don’t believe it, there must be jadeite in the remaining pieces!]

[Right, I’ll wait a bit longer.]

[Uh, well, even God Yun can’t always have a rise in bet (whispers).]

Bai Jing put the collapse in bet rough stone aside, waited for the cleaning robot to collect it, then placed the fifth rough stone on the stone-cutting machine.

It was only then that people finally realized that God Yun had really had a collapse in bet!

Seeing someone else get a rise in bet was surprising, however seeing Gu Yun get a collapse in bet was even more surprising.

This just went to show, that his skill in gambling on rough stones was acknowledged by all!

As time passed, other stone-cutting machines saw a change of hands, with most people handling no more than two rough stones, something which easily resulted in quick collapse in bets, hence the faster pace.

And among hundreds of rough stones, some did produce jadeite, however few were as successful, and those that produced mid to high-grade jadeite were even rarer, making even a piece of eggshell or jadeite of the hibiscus variety a good find!

And under this comparison, Bai Jing’s achievements stood out even more: four rough stones, three rise in bets, with a success rate of 75%, and each piece was worth millions of starcoins!

Making it so that apart from those who were currently in the middle of unraveling their rough stones, everyone else rushed to Bai Jing’s machine No. 2, creating a sea of people.

And at the organizer’s behest, the staff set up a large screen behind machine No. 2, broadcasting Bai Jing’s process so that those in the back could see clearly.

Bai Jing began working on the fifth rough stone.

This rough stone, numbered 682, was one of the rough stones that was part of his primary focus group, with a base price of 500,000 starcoins, which he then won at 2.4 million starcoins.

It was a semi-mountain, semi-water stone with a potato-like crust rough stone, irregularly triangular in shape, about thirty centimeters long, and weighed less than twenty kilograms.

Such a rough stone, with its thin skin and high transparency, often contained jadeite of fine quality.

However this rough stone was covered in patches of black ringworms alongside several clusters of gray-green pine flowers that were inseparable and unclear.

What’s more the pine flowers around the black ringworms were dotted rather than banded, making it difficult for it to form a complete jadeite.

And on top of that, the rough stone had a large cross crack, a sign that it might or might not damage the quality of the jadeite inside, something which would significantly lower the value of it being gambled on.

And seeing that this rough stone also had a crack in it, the eyes of many in the crowd lit up as they already started thinking of the next day’s bidding trends.

This was the first day of the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium, and all the guests, full of enthusiasm, wished to bid on all the promising pieces, something which drove the prices of each rough stone up by four to five times their base price, with some reaching sky-high prices.

However as most had been collapses in bet today, their excitement cooled down.

This was only the first day of the Emporium, with over a week left to go. If they continued at this rate, their funds would definitely deplete fast.

They would definitely focus on the rough stones with cracks tomorrow!

This was the thought of many after seeing Gu Yun’s selections.

Bai Jing picked the abrasive grinding wheel up, then started to rub along the area with the pine flowers and black ringworms. The thin crust was soon rubbed away to reveal an opening the size of a baby’s fist.

And after sprinkling some water on it, one could see the almost completely transparent texture inside that became clear, as pure as ice, slightly less than the glass variety but purer than the ice variety, very pleasing.

“It’s ice variety!”

“No, it’s glass variety—”

“Guys, look closely, this is high ice variety, just below glass variety!”

“Hiss, another high-grade jadeite!”

“I think I see specks of green, could it be floating flower?”

“It’s hard to tell.”

Amidst the crowd’s astonishment, Bai Jing continued to rub along the black ringworms which, despite their density, hadn’t damaged the jadeite within, earning even more admiration from the onlookers.

Generally, black ringworms that lay flat had a certain gamble value, however if they were vertical, they could be like nails in the crust, penetrating deep into the rough stone, causing significant damage.

Moreover these black ringworms, accompanied by pine flowers, were easily misleading and definitely not worth the gamble.

Hence when the crowd saw the pine flowers integrated with the black ringworms, they automatically categorized it as those undesirable vertical ringworms, unexpectedly it turned out to be the more favorable flat black ringworms. Worthy of being called God Yun. His eyesight was really exceptional!

With further polishing, about a third of the potato-like crust rough stone was unraveled, allowing the true nature of the jadeite within to be revealed.

One could only see, that on the enlarged screen at the back, there was a jadeite of the high ice variety, pure and moist in texture, threaded with strands of green silk that were dense and straight, falling softly like silk ribbons, as if it would flutter away with the breeze.

The color of the green silk was a pure sunny green, vibrant and bright, ethereal and lively, like a beautiful woman in green floating on water, her every smile and every glance captivating.

“It’s golden silk variety!”

“My goodness, it’s a high ice golden silk variety with excellent translucency—”

Someone shouted excitedly.

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