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Chapter 41.3

Bai Jing didn’t know that in just one afternoon, he had caught the attention of the club’s boss.

After exiting Starnet, he changed out of his sweat-soaked dirty clothes quickly and entered the bathroom.

Warm water flowed down his slender white neck, washing away the sweat and fatigue from his body.

Twenty minutes later, he put on clean and fresh loungewear, his loose and disheveled hair still having a few droplets of water in it, his skin white and rosy, his teal colored eyes so misty and beautiful that it was almost unreal.

He half-reclined on the soft bed, his chin in one hand as his slender straight legs stretched out from his pajamas, swaying casually in mid-air.

His right hand slid up and down constantly on his light brain, reviewing information about mecha training.

Today’s training was completely based on the newbie guide that had come with the mecha itself, a facilitation in order for one to familiarize oneself with the key positions on the console and the corresponding basic actions.

Such training could last for a week aand after a week, Bai Jing was confident that he would have completely mastered all the basic actions.

But, what was the next step?

He could only explore on his own.

Mecha was truly the hottest module, with a dizzying variety of video tutorials to watch.

How to pilot a mecha as a beginner, the basics of operating a mecha, using mecha weapons, how to rotate and maintain balance in the air, mecha battle highlights….

Bai Jing’s gaze was caught by a video with the highest number of views.

There was no fancy introduction on it. Even the background image of the homepage was nothing more than a simple white, with nothing appealing about it.

However, the video’s playback volume was well over 200 million, far ahead of all other videos and several tens of times more than the second place.

Bai Jing clicked on the video.

In an instant, countless pop-ups poured in, so dense that they blocked the screen to the point of being impermeable.

He closed the pop-ups, his teal eyes staring intently at the images in the video.

Bai Jing glanced at the progress bar. The video was very short, only a little less than two minutes, and it seemed that because of the poor shooting environment, although it had been processed with high-tech means, the picture quality was still somewhat blurred.

The background of the video appeared to be a battlefield on some planet.

At the beginning, there were low, hoarse and violent roars, more fierce and angry than the howling of beasts, like an endless landslide and tsunami sweeping over.

Several hundred strange beasts, each standing at a height of over 20 meters, let out roars to the sky. Their terrifying presence and cruel, red eyes shone as they launched an attack on the opposing imperial army from the sky.

This was the first time Bai Jing was seeing such strange beasts.

They were towering and more terrifying than the fiercest animals on Earth, exuding a strong, bloody smell and an overwhelming sense of malice.

The beasts’ bodies were partially metallic, some with sharp fangs, others covered in hard shells, as well as sharp claws and spewing venom and more.

The most terrifying thing was that their roars appeared to have a peculiar rhythm that spread out in circles around them, attacking the mental power of those present directly, causing the mecha warriors present to be affected, their speed slowing down visibly.

Although the sound in the video had been processed, Bai Jing could still feel the blood surging in his chest, so one could well imagine how uncomfortable the warriors on the scene must have been.

At that moment, a 20-meter-tall silver white mecha rose from the ranks and rushed into the group of beasts like a white light. Instantly, it was surrounded by the strange beasts and disappeared from sight.

Just as Bai Jing was feeling anxious, the silver white mecha began a silent slaughter.

As if someone had pressed a fast forward button, the mecha moved agilely through the group of beasts, like a ghost and the energy sword in its hand cut off the heads of the beasts at an impossible-to-see speed, leaving behind only the afterimages of the sword and the beasts’ painful roars.

The cannon mounted on his arm stood upright and the high-energy particle cannon fired 24 rounds in rapid succession. The bullets were shot out in a streamline shape, not missing a single shot, each one hitting the beasts’ vulnerable spots.

‘Bang, bang, bang–‘

In the thunderous explosions, the silver white mecha harvested the lives of the beasts fiercely with each elegant turn, but not a drop of blood was left on the sleek body, leaving it still as beautiful, clean and sleek as before.

Amidst the successive loss of life of the beasts, the imperial soldiers quickly overcame the mental power attacks and began counterattacking.

Under the command of the silver white mecha, they were divided into ten teams for attack: three for close combat, four for long range attacks, two for disruption and one for rescue, working together perfectly.

The beasts retreated fiercely under the attacks and as the silver white mecha landed close to the camera, a glimpse revealed the handsome and fierce face in the cockpit, albeit only in a blurred profile.

Bai Jing’s beautiful teal eyes snapped open. It was Gu Yuanzhao, the one piloting the mecha was Gu Yuanzhao!

This was the scene of the Imperial Major General piloting a mecha and fighting strange beasts!

Then the video ended there.

After watching the video, Bai Jing was stunned and the excitement in his heart lingered for a long time.

The silver white mecha’s every movement was so perfect, fast, agile, flexible and elegant, without a hint of redundancy. Each attack had been calculated in terms of angle, every shot was on target and minimum energy had been used to achieve maximum damage.

The moment the mecha soared into the sky, it was like the arrival of a war god, the rightful ruler!

Although Bai Jing couldn’t analyze Gu Yuanzhao’s ultra-fast movements accurately yet, his mind had automatically begun to recall every shift, turn and attack of the silver white mecha, as if each frame of the video was replaying automatically in an incredibly clear manner.

Ten minutes later, Bai Jing, like a man possessed, tapped open the video again.

It was after 1am when Gu Yuanzhao returned.

The recent changes in the strange beasts had become more frequent and there were many military affairs that he needed to handle.

He lightened his movements as usual, unbuttoning the top few buttons of his uniform as he walked inside, ready to go back to his room to rest.

However when he passed Bai Jing’s room, Gu Yuanzhao was slightly stunned. Normally, Bai Jing would have gone to bed by this time but today, the lights were still on?

The teenager was only eighteen years old and in a time where the average lifespan in space was 200 years, it was a period for growing up.

Gu Yuanzhao hesitated for a moment then knocked gently on the door.

The door opened quickly, revealing Bai Jing’s slender, well built body, his robe a little disheveled, crooked at the collar and from his angle, he could see the teenager’s small, delicate collarbones and his bare, straight calves beneath the robe.

The knot in his throat rolling up and down unnaturally, Gu Yuanzhao shifted his gaze slightly, only to see the teenager’s eyes staring unblinkingly at his naked chest, with a bit of uncontrollable heat in his gaze—

Being stared at by such an unrelenting gaze, Gu Yuanzhao’s breathing hitched and his body tightened, his 3S-level aura instantly enveloping the entire room, terrifying and dangerous.

Did the teenager know what the consequences of looking at him like this was?

Bai Jing looked excitedly at the silver white spatial button on Gu Yuanzhao’s chest. This was the S-level mecha known as ‘Silver Light’ that had slaughtered countless beasts!

He looked at Gu Yuanzhao intently, his tone sincere: “Can I touch it?”

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