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Chapter 44.3

Yao Tian pressed a button on the console and a thick white wall dropped from above, covering the original wall in front of them.

The surface of the wall was covered in a coating of nano-absorbent material, similar to the target at the Gu Conglomerate, which could quickly and evenly distribute the pressure concentrated in one point. It was commonly used as training material.

Yao Tian: “Use the alloy knife at the mecha’s waist to strike the wall, as fast as you can.”

Sitting in the cockpit, Bai Jing’s mental power connected to his sensory helmet then he maneuvered his mecha and moved about three meters away from the wall.

Raising the long titanium alloy sword in his hand high, he brought it down fiercely!


The sword was extremely fast, as the sound of metal colliding with the wall rang out instantly, leaving a long and deep scratch of about one meter in the center of the white wall. However it was quickly removed by the nano-absorbent material and the wall returned to its original state.

Yao Tian: “Your speed wasn’t bad. Try it two more times, aim for the same spot.”

Bai Jing’s eyes focused, the sharp sword glinted with a cold white light as he swung it down with a ‘swish’ sound and if it wasn’t because the mark from the previous strike had disappeared, it would have been obvious that the angle of the two strikes were identical!

A smile bloomed on Yao Tian’s face. Alpha’s precision was superb!

With such accuracy, he would have a considerable advantage in a fight.

Psychologically, two hits in the same spot would not only double the pain but also create a ‘psychological shadow’ in one’s opponent easily.

After three attempts, Yao Tian signaled that it was enough.

“A level four titanium alloy? The hardness is good and it can reach level 6; the explosive force at the moment of contact with the wall is 5000 lun.

It’s good enough for now.” He evaluated.

As a level three mecha, making a level four weapon exert more than 80% of its power was already the limit.

Yao Tian put the data away then frowned slightly as he looked at the laser beam on the light blue mecha’s shoulder.

Laser beams, emitted in a straight line were powerful in killing and penetration, however they lacked flexibility.

They were unlike particle cannons that could change direction in flight and even track opponents automatically.

Using it required the pilot to have strong predictive abilities, speed and accuracy. As a result, it was rarely used as a long range weapon by ordinary people.

However if this weapon was mastered to its fullest potential, it would become an existence that couldn’t be matched by other weapons of the same level.

He still remembered the championship team from five years ago, the Sky Warrior Team. Their captain, [Micah] had used the laser beam as a long-range weapon and defeated three members of the opposing team in one fell swoop!

No matter how his opponents had tried to escape, the red beams had been like a dense web, blocking their path completely and in the end they had been hunted down by the Sky’ team which Starnet called the ‘Skyrocket net’.

But over the years, there had only been this one ‘Skyrocket net’.

The difficulty of operating laser beams was preliminarily estimated to be three to four times that of ordinary long range weapons.

Even though Alpha had exceptional talent, he was still a novice who had only been in contact with a mecha for less than two weeks. Could he really master it?

Yao Tian set the scene to ‘shooting mode’: “Alpha, retreat to the horizontal line 500 meters away and try to hit the jumping disc with the long range weapon.”

Bai Jing: “Understood.”

The light blue mecha retreated lightly then quickly leapt over the white line, staring attentively at the wall in front of it through the protective shield of the cockpit.

Setting the speed to the lowest one, Yao Tian pressed the button.

One second later, a disc with a diameter of about 20 centimeters flew out from the starting point and fell at an angle of a parabola from above.


A red laser beam shot out from the mecha’s shoulder and hit the disc at the moment it was thrown out, the whole process lasting less than half a second.

The mecha itself had the function of automatically locking on and zooming in on its target and besides, Bai Jing had had the most training in shooting during the post apocalyptic world, so this test was very simple for him.

Yao Tian wasn’t surprised either, as this was the lowest speed and not very difficult.

However after observing the test just now, it was obvious that Alpha had shooting experience, which was good news for him.

He increased the speed to three times.

Bai Jing pressed the button on the top of the operation handle and another laser beam shot out, focusing accurately on the center of the disc, but this time it hit it when the disc was at the top due to its speed.

Yao Tian nodded. It seemed the teenager’s basic skills were very solid.

He adjusted the difficulty level and this time three discs were thrown out continuously from different angles with a time interval of 0.01 seconds, the speed faster.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh-“

At the moment the discs were thrown out, three red laser beams had already rushed out, as if having predicted the trajectory of the throw, without any hesitation and there was no pause between each beam.

All three discs were hit in quick succession, however not in the order they were fired, but in the order in which they were about to hit the ground!

Another full hit! And all in the center of the target!

Yao Tian’s expression suddenly changed.

This wasn’t just a matter of difficulty and accuracy, but also a matter of the order of the hits.

Judging from the order in which the teenager had hit the targets, he had extraordinary observation skills and a sense of the big picture that many people didn’t possess.

Of the three discs that had been launched, the first one at the top and the last one at the bottom had a time difference of only 0.02 seconds, which was seemingly insignificant.

And if the average person were to do this exercise, their conditioned reflex would have been to shoot down the first disc and of course, that person would have eventually completed the test, so it seemed that there was no difference.

However what if the speed wasn’t fast enough?

It was easy to miss the last disc that had been launched, which would lead to failure!

The teenager’s performance on the other hand, was the optimal strategy, defeating all enemies in the shortest amount of time.

This was a matter of thinking and strategy that was difficult to reverse.

If placed on the battlefield, others might have prioritized killing the alien beast closest to them, thereby allowing the biggest threat to exist, or ignoring an attack from behind.

But this teenager was different. He would use the most precise algorithm and the smallest cost in exchange for the maximum benefit.

Taking a deep breath, Yao Tian recorded on the light brain: Alpha has the talent to be a leader.

If a team was established, Alpha was undoubtedly the most deserving candidate for being captain!

Although the matter on members hadn’t been decided yet and the teenager hadn’t agreed to participate, Yao Tian had already started to fantasize.

Half a minute later, the senior mecha coach returned to his senses and increased the difficulty even further.

It wasn’t until thirty discs were launched at imperceptible speeds from different angles that Bai Jing’s hand speed reached its limit, with no hope of preventing a fail.

Yao Tian looked at his record: twenty-eight.

He was actually able to shoot down twenty-eight flying discs at high speed with a straight laser beam, a record higher than that of other students using particle cannons!

Perhaps, this teenager really could create a miracle with laser beams, just like [Micah] from the Sky Warrior Team!

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