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Chapter 54.1

Block 8 sat nestled amidst a cluster of rocks, and its street wasn’t as wide and as straight as the Gambling Street in Proxima Star. Instead, it twisted and turned, the road quite narrow, only allowing four or five people to pass at the same time.

Scattered all over, were big and small rough stones arranged messily on simple wooden racks and covered in a layer of sand, many didn’t look any different from common rocks.

The local residents, having heard the news in advance, hid in their tents in the back, not daring to disturb the point-battle between the two Stone Gamblers.

Just last night, the people from the Gambling Guild had given each of them a whopping fifty thousand starcoins. That was half a year’s income!

What’s more, these rough stones were all picked up from the vicinity of Mine No.5, and they were free, so selling them was pure profit. This was a benefit the empire gave to these locals.

Ying Wenfeng looked at the rough stones from the entrance of the street, his expression somewhat grim.

Could jadeite really be unraveled from these low quality offcuts?

Ever since he became a Level 6 Stone Gambler, he mostly dealt with medium to high quality rough stones, even S grade rough stones.

Level 6 Stone Gamblers in the entire empire numbered fewer than fifty. They wouldn’t join a betting war to earn fame like the low level gamblers.

Hence most of his time was spent helping the noble families of Capital Star Planet zone rough stones. He selected top grade rough stones on the public disc, gave advisory recommendations, attended auctions, and so on. It had been a long time since he had chosen any offcuts.

But so what? He wouldn’t lose.

A Level 6 Stone Gambler losing to a Level 2 Stone Gambler ?

What a joke!

Bai Jing looked at the rough stones, his expression as calm as ever.

However if one looked closely, they would be able to see a fleeting spark of excitement in his handsome, teal colored eyes.

These rough stones were unfiltered, and who knows? There might be a surprise hidden within them!

What’s more, once he won, all those points would be waiting for him. He was getting a bit impatient!

As time passed, the number of people in the live room grew, their number increasing at a staggering rate.

It hadn’t even hit 9 a.m., and they had already broken the record of sixty million views, matching the popularity of the previous live-streamed stone gambling event!

One of them was a Level 6 Stone Gambler who was once respected. Regardless of his current reputation, his skill was undeniable.

And the other was a recent rising star in the Gambling World, Gu Yun, who had successively had rise in bets with rare jadeites like imperial green glass jadeite and the tri-colorful fortune, prosperity, and longevity. His abilities were not to be underestimated!

Between the two, who would come out on top?

It had to be known, that the loser would face the devastating penalty of being expelled permanently from the Gambling World !

This was akin to a ‘life-or-death’ gamble, even more thrilling than betting wars, and such massive excitement undoubtedly attracted more attention.

Gu Yun’s fans had already entered the live stream, waiting anxiously for the battle to start.

[Go God Yun!]

[God Yun will win!]

[God Yun will win!]

Supporting comments for Gu Yun flooded the entire screen, densely packed and barely discernible.

The Gambling Guild’s live stream quickly shot up to the first place on the live streaming platform quickly, causing many bystanders to join the stream, making the popularity of the live broadcast to go off the charts.

Then when it was nearing 10 a.m., the number of people in the live stream room rose crazily, increasing by a hundred thousand every second. By now, it had already reached eighty million online viewers, a level of heat that no celebrity variety show could achieve!

At the competition venue on the Desolate Rock Planet…..

Gu Yuanzhao and other unrelated personnel were separated by the Gambling Guild’s staff.

And around Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng, were five to six live streaming floating spheres each. The surveillance equipment began to operate, and the two’s every move was completely exposed to the Starnet audience, eliminating any chance of cheating.

As soon as Bai Jing’s image appeared in the live stream room, it caused a commotion among the viewers.

[Ah, God Yun is here!]

[God Yun is as beautiful as ever.]

[Ah, so pretty and handsome!]

[Eh, why is my screen dirty—]

After Xi Bin, the vice president of the Gambling Guild announced the competition rules again, the two contestants entered Block 8 at the same time.

Seeing Ying Wenfeng stopping at the first stall to make his selection, Bai Jing decided to walk further inside.

The live stream conveniently split into two screens, making it so that viewers could watch both at the same time or separately.

Nearly 50% of the viewers chose to watch both simultaneously, while 40% of the people chose Gu Yun’s stream and less than 10% went to Ying Wenfeng’s side. The stark contrast could be seen.

Because of the prevalence of holographic technology, the viewers on Starnet who were wearing sensory equipment could feel the winds and temperature of Desolate Rock Planet immersively, as if they were in the same space as their idol, which excited them greatly.

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