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Chapter 44.2

After Bai Jing had finished learning the basic and combined maneuvers, Yao Tian immediately increased the difficulty level and started teaching him intermediate footwork.

S-shaped arc steps, Z-shaped arc steps, short-distance jumps, left and right rolls as well as nearly twenty other types of footwork.

Each step required at least a combination of ten basic maneuvers and demanded speed— extreme speed!

Otherwise, its true power couldn’t be exerted.

Due to the increased difficulty, Bai Jing temporarily gave up the time for extracting and purifying energy fluids at night.

What’s more a few days ago he had already extracted a cottonrose hibiscus parrot green jadeite that weighed 6.9 kilograms.

All twenty energy boxes had reached the high level stage of grade five energy fluids and coupled with the remaining fifteen from the last auction, it was enough for two auctions.

Thus, Bai Jing concentrated most of his attention on mecha and often practiced late into the night.

After Yao Tian explained and demonstrated all the steps carefully, he didn’t give the teenager much time to adapt then started simulating the training environment directly.

Because it was only in this way that his potential could be realized!

The light blue mecha trudged forward on command, crossing the randomly placed obstacles on the ground.

From being unfamiliar with the steps and frequently colliding with various obstacles to now being flexible and crossing them accurately, it had only taken the teenager less than two weeks.

And today was the day to test the results.

Yao Tian’s hands flew across the operation screen quickly as he set up the moving obstacles, changing them from fixed to mobile and setting up multiple layers of zigzags, curves, waveforms and other movements with routes crisscrossing and ones without any pattern.

Yao Tian: “Alpha, there are two hundred moving obstacles in a distance of ten kilometers that once touched, will cause a thirty second deceleration effect to take place.

The normal requirement is to reach the opposite side within ten minutes, but I’ve set the requirement for you to reach within five minutes, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed to the next lesson.”

Bai Jing: “En, I will reach it.”

Yao Tian didn’t have any high hopes for this.

He was well aware of the difficulty of this training. It had high requirements for speed, reaction and predictive ability, with the most difficult part being the deceleration section.

Once one of the obstacles was hit, the mecha’s speed would be reduced to half of its original speed and during the thirty second deceleration process, due to the inability to react in time because of the decreased speed, it might hit two or three obstacles in succession, causing its speed to decrease further, which would eventually lead to failure.

It could be said that one wrong step meant that the rest of the steps were wrong, and if one couldn’t get out immediately, then there was no chance of a turnaround.

More than half of the students he had taught had failed to meet the standard for a month, with the fastest having to make three attempts before passing.

What’s more he had raised the bar for the teenager by cutting the time by half, increasing the difficulty by more than one fold, making it almost impossible to complete.

Yao Tian: “It’s good to have confidence. Get ready— 3, 2, 1 start!”

He pressed the start button.

All the obstacles floating in mid-air moved in a flash, their routes interlacing with no fixed pattern and with such high speed that it was impossible to reach the other side within the required time by solely observing then memorizing the route.

At the sound of the word ‘start’, the light blue mecha moved.

With sharp reflexes, it made a swift Z-shaped arc zigzag step past the first two circular obstacles and as the third obstacle was about to collide with it, dodged quickly to the side. Simultaneously, it leapt high and evaded the fourth obstacle which was speeding towards it. Then, at the moment it landed, it teleported to avoid the fifth obstacle that was coming towards it!

Inside the cockpit, Bai Jing was so focused on the obstacles coming from all directions that he didn’t even blink.

The white thread of his mental power connected itself deeply to his sensory helmet, allowing him to maintain the sharpest perception under such high intensity training.

The mecha seemed to have become a part of his body as his hands moved so quickly that they left only a blur in their wake, while the light blue mecha followed his commands perfectly, its tall and agile body never stopping for even a fraction of a second.

180-degree flips, sideways movements, high jumps, S-shaped arc steps…..

Like a streak of floating light and also like a bolt of lightning that passed instantly, the image of the light blue mecha gradually became blurred as it moved at an incredible speed, its movements so fast that it was barely visible, leaving only an afterimage behind that was too fast!

‘What incredible speed!’

Yao Tian was shocked as he watched the light blue mecha move through the countless obstacles at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye without touching any objects.

No, not only was there speed, there was also the accuracy of prediction!

Bai Jing utilized all his skills to the fullest and under Yao Tian’s astonished gaze, avoided all the obstacles perfectly and flew to the finish line.

Yao Tian looked at the record immediately: “Two minutes and 18 seconds!”

A speed even higher than he had requested! This was simply too terrifying.

Bai Jing’s heart pounded violently, his hands trembling slightly as he lowered them from the control panel.

The process he had just gone through had undoubtedly been a state of high mental tension. He’d had to maintain the utmost focus, mental power and sense perception ability without even daring to relax in the slightest.

However this kind of feeling of giving it his all was really refreshing!

Bai Jing gasped for breath rapidly in the cockpit. This was his first taste of the charm of piloting a mecha.

This wasn’t just watching Gu Yuanzhao’s videos on the screen or feeling stimulated by his skilled movements while sitting in the co-pilot seat of his mecha, but actually feeling the thrill of maneuvering a mecha by himself!

That feeling of having everything under control, with every inch of his mind on edge, was really fantastic!

Leaning back in his seat, Bai Jing closed his eyes to rest. He could hear Yao Tian’s excited voice through his earphones: “Alpha, congratulations on completing the course! This completion was simply a perfection!”

Bai Jing couldn’t help but smile, his voice slightly hoarse: “Thank you….. coach.”

Yao Tian: “There’s no need to thank me. Take a break offline first, we’ll start a new lesson in half an hour.”

Returning to real space, Bai Jing replenished himself quickly with nutrients and plenty of water. He also took the nutrition solution his coach had formulated to increase his stamina, quickly regained his strength then returned to the training room.

Next, he was going to learn how to use mecha weapons.

Yao Tian: “The attack weapons of mechas are generally divided into two categories: close combat and long range weapons. Some mechas also have small weapons installed on their knees, arms and even joints in hopes of achieving the element of surprise effect. However…..”

His tone turned somewhat serious: “More weapons aren’t better. Having too many will only distract the attention of the mecha warrior and the energy they unleash isn’t infinite, so the damage value of each weapon would decrease when they are used simultaneously.

Therefore, it’s better to value the quality of the weapons over the quantity and the best result is to be able to use one or two weapons to the best of one’s ability.”

Yao Tian: “Let’s test the data stats of the weapons next.”

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