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Chapter 29.1

That evening, Bai Jing put aside the piece of cyanine blue jadeite and the bean seed jadeite he had bought from Jiang Ke in unison from today’s betting war together and started to extract and refine energy fluid.

This piece of cyanine blue jadeite weighed 2.5 kg, contained a fair amount of impurities in it and was expected to yield 10 standard 125 ml of first grade energy fluid.

Bai Jing stretched the mental power out of his body, a thin white thread of hair-thickness that fused with his sense perception ability into a thin golden thread then divided into two strands, one to extract energy fluid and one to remove impurities from the jadeite.

After an hour or so, all five silver boxes were filled with energy fluid and the impurities that had been removed were all left inside the stone, in a ball the size of a ping-pong.

‘There are really too many impurities.’

The small but significant amount of impurities required all of his concentration to remove, causing Bai Jing to be a little tired from the long mental strain and as his mental power was about to run out, he had no other choice but to stop.

Now, the cyanine blue jadeite had lost half of its jadeite color and lubricious texture, turning into a flat, slightly rough white stone; the other half still retained its jadeite appearance, but with an unspeakable sense of severance.

Bai Jing looked at the energy fluid in the silver box. The color inside was a mottled grass-green and dull in color, but because of the elimination of the impurities, it revealed a bit of translucency, making it pleasing to the eye.

It seemed to be that much better than the first grade energy fluid he had seen in Alpha 01.

At least it didn’t bother him at first sight.

If he had tested it with a purity test device, he would have discovered that the purity of the energy fluid had far surpassed that of a first grade energy fluid, reaching the second grade!

Using first level jadeite to extract and refine second grade energy fluid, raising the grade by a full grade, was something that no advanced energy master could do! It was unbelievable, a miracle!

Bai Jing now had very little mental power left, and just as he was about to leave, a long-lost feeling of hunger suddenly came to him, causing him to stop in his tracks.

It was a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time.

He hadn’t felt such a strong hunger since he arrived in the interstellar age, where food was abundant every day; moreover, it was a hunger that emanated from the depths of his soul, a raging, overwhelming, and irresistible urge that was only instinctive in his body.

By the time he came back to his senses, his slender white fingers had fully penetrated the nearest energy box and the energy fluid in the box had undoubtedly disappeared without a trace, leaving only the slightest impurity at the bottom.

?! Again!

Bai Jing immediately drew his fingers back, and this time there was only a speck of grey impurity on them, which he washed away with water.

He sighed helplessly. He couldn’t go to the hospital to have this abnormality of his diagnosed. Moreover in order to avoid the exposure of his psychic ability, he could only feel his way around slowly.

Bai Jing tried to calm himself down, then carefully examined his body for changes.

Then he found that his mental power had actually returned! There was absolutely no trace of the exhaustion he had felt moments before.

Could energy fluid restore mental power?

It wasn’t impossible.

If mental power could be used to extract energy fluid, then energy fluid reacting to mental power, seemed to make some sense.

Turning his light brain on, Bai Jing searched for the connection between energy fluid and mental power on the fly.

Just about all the cases only showed that mental power could be exercised by constantly extracting energy fluid, which would in turn increase the success rate of extracting energy fluid, but there was no record of the human body being able to absorb energy fluid.

It seems this specificity was only related to either his constitution or psychic ability.

But there was nothing wrong with that. Who didn’t want to have a higher mental power?

And there seemed to be no side effects arising at the moment.

Bai Jing thought about it then continued to extract the rest of the energy fluid from the half of the cyanine blue jadeite.

And he didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt that the thin thread that had condensed from his mental power seemed to be a little thicker than before, and that the extraction this time around was also easier than before.

Soon, he was done with the extraction from the two fist-sized cyanine blue jadeite, a total of eleven energy fluids extracted from it, and after taking away the one he had consumed, ten remained.

After the extraction, Bai Jing felt that he still had a lot of mental power left, so he extracted some energy fluid from the small piece of bean seed jadeite as well, filling up three energy boxes.

And because this piece of bean seed jadeite belonged to the second level of jadeites, when he was done with the extraction, his mental power was also close to its limit.

He sent an email to Star Ocean Auction House, them mailed all thirteen energy boxes to them.

Before going to bed, he reviewed his knowledge about gambling on rough stones for a while, then went on to sign up for the betting wars of the Gu Conglomerate.

Because of the large number of Stone Gamblers who signed up for the betting wars each day, Bai Jing had to go through the rank matching and selection process, so he didn’t know when his turn would come next.

He now had eight points, seven short of the points needed to advance to being a level 2 Stone Gambler.

With the way the betting wars were held every three days, with one bet up each time, it would take him more than 20 days to progress to being a level 2 Stone Gambler, which seemed a bit slow.

If other Stone Gamblers were here, they would have vomited blood. To advance to Level 2 Stone Gambler in less than a month and that was still too slow?

According to the Gambling Guild, the average time for a level 1 Stone Gambler to progress to being a level 2 Stone Gambler was about six months. He had already reduced the time to one-sixth, so what more did he want?

Bai Jing obviously didn’t think so though.

His goal was to become a Senior Stone Gambler within a year and he needed to grow up quickly, to help Gu Yuanzhao and to help the Gu Conglomerate.

Mhm, going to the Gambling Street would be a good idea, except that last time he had picked up a hibiscus jadeite and turned down an invitation from Old Man Min, so it wasn’t a good idea to go back in the near future.

Perhaps if he waited until some time, he could buy some rough stone in bulk, unravel part of it on the spot and bring the rest home to unravel it himself.

The jadeite he would solve from them wasn’t something he intended to sell; however, extracting energy fluids from them one by one to sell was a good idea.

This way he could keep his rate of betting increase up and make more starcoins, simply the best of both worlds!

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