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Chapter 65.2

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Father Jin wiped the sweat from his brow, relieved he hadn’t made a bid. If he had, he’d be left with less than 100 million starcoins, money that wouldn’t even be able to make a splash in this Emporium.

Meanwhile, others in the room were stunned by the auction price of lot 2466.

“Heavens, it has broken directly to 100 million!”

“Sigh, I couldn’t outbid the bidder.”

“132 million! So high!!”

This was only the first day of the Sotho Star Planet Emporium, what’s more it was still in the open bid area. The more intense secret bid area hadn’t even started yet,

Causing people to start to speculate that this might be the highest bid of the Jadeite Emporium’s open bid area.

However what they were more curious about was who had won this coveted lot?

The answer would most likely be revealed soon.

Because after the ending of this auction, which was equivalent to the end of the first day, both the open and secret bid areas would be closed off and then opened again at 9 AM the next day.

And the guests who had bid successfully on rough stones would have to pay the full amount with their light brain accounts within two hours.

And then after the payment, they could collect their rough stones and then from then until midnight, it was time for the unraveling of rough stones.

Usually, the winner of the highest bid would unravel their rough stone on the spot. This wasn’t just about whether it would be a rise in bet or not, but an opportunity to shock the crowd.

Because during the unraveling of the rough stone, the name of the owner would be known to all, and once it was a rise in bet, it would show that the bidder had great courage and a good eye for spotting jadeites.

Previously, Old Man Min was the one who had won the title ‘bidding king’ with the high price of 150 million starcoins and for the later unraveling of an ice variety sunny green jadeite that was worth 300 million starcoins, an amount which had shocked everyone present at that time!

And then many aristocratic families, admiring his judgment and decisiveness, sought to make friends with him.

A move which caused the Min family to climb up the ladder successfully to become one of the leading families on Proxima Star.

Next, was the auction of the last group of rough stones.

And after all 3000 rough stones were auctioned, it took a while for people to recover from the intense and thrilling atmosphere, with many feeling the strain and sweat on their backs.

And the auctioneer, looking at the day’s transaction figures wore a smile that brimmed with satisfaction. The total sales for the day had surpassed 6 billion starcoins, a record high compared to previous years.

He said with a smile, “The open bidding for rough stones numbers 1-3000 has now ended. Successful bidders, please make your payments in starcoins as soon as possible, and then your rough stones will be delivered to the designated locations by the organizers automatically.”

Those who hadn’t won any bids left the venue quickly, some went to arrange funds, while others went to the area where rough stones were unraveled, waiting for the exciting section that was about to begin.

Bai Jing had won a total of eight bids today. Of the seven rough stones he had been focused on, he had secured four while Gu Yuanzhao had helped him bid on three other rough stones that were his secondary focus. And the last one, was a rough stone that no one had bided on for which he had won with a bid of just a thousand starcoins above the base price. Overall, he’d had a good haul.

And because he had won each rough stone at relatively low prices, the total cost didn’t exceed 20 million starcoins.

After scanning the corresponding codes on his bidding device with his light brain in order to pay, he sat down and waited for about ten minutes, before the transporting robot arrived at his side with a cart full of rough stones.

–And it was only after he had verified each rough stone against the codes on his device carefully that he put them all in his spatial button.

The people around cast envious and jealous glances at him. Worthy of being a rising star in the gambling world. This was just the first day and he had managed to win so many rough stones!

There were 4,000 participants and 3,000 rough stones, and excluding the few that had gone unsold, the average was less than one rough stone per person.

Hence it could be considered a good thing for them to have been able to get two rough stones, unexpectedly Gu Yun had gotten so many at once, what’s more it looked like they were six or seven. Sigh, this was really a case of constantly comparing oneself to others would only make one hopping mad.

However thinking of the Gu Conglomerate’s financial strength, they understood in their hearts, thinking that these rough stones must have been bought at a great price.

Of course, this perception was overturned dramatically by Bai Jing when he started unraveling his rough stones later that evening.

This was because they discovered that the total cost of all the rough stones ‘Gu Yun’ had bid on successfully was actually less than the price of a single rough stone that they had in their hands!

And the most frightening thing, was that his profit margin had doubled exponentially and was far, far better than theirs!

Bai Jing left the auction hall, and, after having dinner with Gu Yuanzhao, went to the rough stones unraveling area which was outside the venue.

This area, almost as large as the auction hall, was equipped with fifty stone-cutting machines, arranged in five rows with about five meters of space between each of them.

And each stone-cutting machine was surrounded by people, the place even more crowded than the auction hall had been.

However this was understandable, because if bidding on rough stones was akin to grabbing presents from many hands, then the real excitement lay in the unwrapping of these gifts.

Moreover, those who were qualified to attend the Jadeite Emporium were top-notch businessmen, noble families, and other wealthy individuals who had substantial assets and unraveling jadeite on the spot for auction could fetch prices comparable to major auctions, with the added benefit of no commission fees.

Some people didn’t have as much capital on hand and so planned to sell the jadeites that were unraveled from the open bid area and then buy better materials from the secret bid area while there were also those like the Jin family, who originally intended to exchange the jadeites unraveled for a large amount of capital.

In any case, almost everyone gathered in the area for the unraveling of the rough stones.

There were numerous live broadcast spheres floating in the air, broadcasting the process of the unraveling of the rough stones at the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium to the entire network, allowing the entire empire’s population to participate in this once-in-a-decade jadeite extravaganza.

Multiple live-streaming platforms had purchased the broadcasting rights for this grand event, something which was also a major money-making strategy for the organizers.

All fifty of the stone-cutting machines for the unraveling of the rough stones were in use, with the most crowded one being stone-cutting machine number 1.

And the rough stone being unraveled here was rough stone number 2466, valued at 132 million, the open bid area’s bidding king!

And Bai Jing, seeing that there were no other machines available for unraveling rough stones, walked over with Gu Yuanzhao.

The Jin family father and son were also beside it, and seeing Bai Jing, Jin Mao immediately made room for him.

Jia Kai, the level five stone gambler standing next to Father Jin looked at Bai Jing with an indiscernible expression, secretly hoping that rough stone number 2466 would be unraveled quickly in order to prove that his prediction had been right so he could discredit Gu Yun fiercely.

And the person who was currently unraveling this rough stone was a level six stone gambler named Qian Yan, while the owner of rough stone number 2466 was Yu Shuo, the head of the Yu family from the Ninth Splendid Star Planet.

The Yu family, having made their fortune in various precision instruments, were now aiming to transition into the jadeite and raw rough stone market.

However the Yu family, new to the raw rough stone market, lacked resources and connections, hence Yu Shuo, the head of the Yu family set his sights on this Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium, and he had been the one to pitch the 132 million starcoins bid that was now valued as the bidding king.

The level six stone gambler, with his extensive experience in unraveling rough stones, quickly rubbed along the python belt of the white salt skin rough stone to reveal an opening the size of a baby’s fist.

“It has rubbed up!” Someone shouted excitedly.

Qian Yan sprinkled some water on it calmly to reveal the clear, glass-like texture that shone through the opening, its color rich and full, a dripping emerald green that was exceptional both in terms of quality and color.

And seeing this, the onlookers inhaled cold air sharply.

“It’s the highest quality glass variety! Hiss, and it’s still full green!”

“Really worthy of being the bidding king!”

“Just from the green seen through the skin alone, I’m afraid the inside is full of jadeite.”

“Ai, if I had known I would have bitten the bullet and spent more starcoins to get it!”

The clenched fists of the head of the Yu family relaxed. He rarely participated in the gambling on rough stones and so hadn’t expected it to be this thrilling, because even with his extensive experience in tough situations, he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

However seeing the full green jadeite of the glass variety shining from the opening, his mood brightened inevitably.

A trace of excitement flashed in Qian Yan’s eyes as well. If this rough stone turned out to be a great gain, it would also prove his stone gambling skills.

And so holding the abrasive grinding wheel, he continued to rub along the skin, his movements very steady, careful not to damage the jadeite inside.

As the debris of the crust fell away, the revealed opening grew larger and larger, almost covering half of the surface.

“I’m sure of it, it’s definitely a great gain!”

“En, it’s already in a brilliant rough stone state, and from the looks of it, it won’t be less than two hundred million starcoins.”

Jia Kai couldn’t help but smile. He just knew that this rough stone would be a great gain!

Unfortunately the Jin family had insisted on listening to Gu Yun, disregarding his suggestion. Now regretting it was useless.

He glanced at the expressions of Gu Yun and the Jin father and son and seeing that their expressions were very calm, laughed coldly in his heart, thinking that they were just pretending to be calm.

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