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Chapter 43.1

The light blue mecha in the training room left only a faint afterimage, only leaving a rough outline of its body and a few sparks when it landed.

“Alpha, stop now! Stop immediately!”

Snapping out of his shocked state, Yao Tian immediately shouted for him to stop, his heart almost in his throat.

It was finished, the teenager only had a B level in the genetic rank, and this highly difficult maneuver, teleportation, consumed a lot of energy. Nothing had happened to his body right?

This was all his fault. He had been so stunned that he had forgotten to warn him.

But the teenager’s performance wasn’t at all like that of someone with a B level in the genetic rank. Based on his potential he had showed, he had definitely reached the S level!

Having regained consciousness from being integrated with the mecha, Bai Jing was overwhelmed with exhaustion. His fingers were numb from the sustained high speed movement and his mental power had returned to his body to rest.

Sweat streamed down his forehead in a continuous flow, a few drops almost falling into his eyes from his long eyelashes, leaving him with no choice but to close his eyes and wait for the exhaustion to pass.

“Alpha, how are you? Quick, open the door of the cockpit.”

Yao Tian’s anxious voice sounded through the earplugs.

He wanted to kill himself for being distracted earlier. As a professional senior mecha coach, he hadn’t fulfilled his professional duties.

But there was no point beating himself up now. He had a stable particle transmission device he could use to maintain the teenager’s mental stability. He just hoped it wasn’t too late. This talented teenager absolutely couldn’t have a mental breakdown!

“I’m….. fine.” Bai Jing gasped, “Just….. a little exhausted.”

The teenager’s clear voice came intermittently through the earplugs, however Yao Tian breathed a sigh of relief, his taut heartstrings loosening. Whew. As long as he was okay, that was all that mattered.

Bai Jing felt better now than he had yesterday. He was just tired and weak, but at least he wasn’t in a state of unconsciousness.

If it had been yesterday, after experiencing this extreme teleportation, he would have definitely not been able to maintain a state of consciousness.

This was undoubtedly the power of of having an S level mental power.

Although there was only a level difference between A level and S level, after breaking through that critical point, ones mental power would grow at ten times the speed, hence the difference between the two was like that between the heavens and the earth.

Half an hour later, Bai Jing felt the fatigue in his body begin to fade and the thin white thread of his mental power burst out of his body as well and began connecting to his sensory helmet.

The light blue mecha started to move again, but slowly due to the lack of complete restoration of sensation in his fingers.

Yao Tian continued to guide his talented student until eight o’clock in the evening, when the latter reached the limit of his physical strength.

In six hours of teaching, the teenager had mastered eight combinations of steps, and his learning speed was astonishing!

Every time he demonstrated something once, before he could teach him again a second time, the teenager would have already maneuvered the mecha and started to practice. What’s more his movements were done perfectly, as if copied exactly from him. This level of learning ability was terrifying.

In just a short half day, he had perfected each and every step to the extreme.

As a coach, Yao Tian loved students like this the most, hence the smile never left his face.

He looked at the training plan he and Nie Bai had created after an entire day of discussion for the teenager and shook his head in his heart, deciding to redo it.

This plan was too slow and needed to be shortened by at least three times in order to match Alpha’s speed.

When the teenager came out of the cockpit, ready to log off, Yao Tian stopped him, “Alpha, what’s your training time? I want to see if I need to make any changes based on your schedule.”

Bai Jing: “If there aren’t any exceptions, I can train from 2 PM to 6 PM every day.”

Yao Tian nodded, “Alright. Take a good rest tomorrow and then we will continue the day after.”

Bai Jing made an ‘en’ sound, paid the fee then left.

Two minutes later, Yao Tian couldn’t help but smile when he received the day’s tuition: this kid wasn’t bad after all.

After a week of practice, Bai Jing had learned over thirty basic moves and combination movements.

In the final test, even Yao Tian couldn’t pick out any errors.

In terms of accuracy, proficiency and speed, his maneuvers were textbook level and almost perfect.

With Bai Jing’s permission, Yao Tian recorded a video of him practicing the basic movements in his mecha.

At the same time, at his request, the area of the cockpit was blurred, as starting from next year, the video would be used as the standard for all students’ movements.

At this time, neither of them thought too much about it.

Bai Jing just believed that after a year of practice and training, he would have become much more skilled in his maneuvering of the mecha and would have left the club by then, so it didn’t matter if he gave it to the club.

Yao Tian, on the other hand, thought a little sadly: if the club couldn’t get a ranking this year, the Ling Yun Club would no longer exist, so he would just save it as a memory.

However what they both didn’t know was that:

In the coming years, this video would become the only promotional video for the Ling Yun Club, attracting a steady stream of admiring students.

At the same time, the number of views on the video on Starnet would increase day by day, eventually becoming the second most viewed after Gu Yuanzhao’s video of killing the alien beasts!

Bai Jing had had a very fulfilling time lately.

In the morning, he would go to the Gu Conglomerate’s underground warehouse to look at rough stones with his sense perception ability, then in the afternoon he would have mecha training and in the evening he would spend two to three hours extracting energy fluids.

And perhaps due to the significant increase in his mental power, after every daily mecha training, he would still have a lot of residual mental power, causing the speed at which he extracted and purified energy fluids to also increase nonstop.

In just one week, he had already extracted and purified energy fluids from a 5.4 kg light green jadeite of the egg white variety and from a 7.8 kg apple green jadeite of the glutinous variety.

Forty silver energy boxes were neatly arranged in rows on the table, making a spectacular sight.

Among these, except for the initial seven energy fluids that were grade four, the rest had reached the standard of grade five and as he absorbed more energy, the purity of the energy fluids increased, and the twenty or so energy fluids at the back had all reached the medium level of grade five.

And all this had been done using only grade four jadeites!

The standard selling price of a single grade five energy box was 1 million starcoins. If it had been other advanced energy masters extracting and purifying these many boxes of energy fluids, they would only be able to do so only from grade five jadeites such as those/ ones of the ice or glutinous variety and after deducting various costs and losses, the profit would only be around 8 million at most and would take them 4-5 months to make.

But Bai Jing was different. These energy boxes could make him more than 30 million starcoins in profits and the cost had only been 100,000 starcoins!

Using rough stones worth 100,000 starcoins to produce grade four jadeites worth 7 million and then extracting and purifying higher level grade five energy fluids was a high profit overlay, so to speak.

Bai Jing put away the ten energy boxes with the lowest purity level as a source for replenishment for his mental power then planned to give the remaining thirty energy boxes to Gu Yuanzhao in two batches.

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