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Chapter 30.2

Zhong Hong looked at the reference price. It was only 60,000 starcoins, which was still reasonable.

Could it be that the person who offered 100,000 starcoins was typical of those who were stupid but had too much money?

Unfortunately, the grade 3 energy boxes had already been purchased, so he had no way of knowing the answer.

Putting the doubt in his mind aside, Zhong Hong looked at the grade 2 energy box next to him: 29.24% purity level.


It surprisingly exceeded the 28.0% required for the very best among grade 2 energy fluids!

Such a high purity level, if it had been extracted from a grade 2 jadeite, then it had definitely been extracted by a high level master, or perhaps it had just been extracted from a grade 3 jadeite?

Zhong Hong looked closely at the energy fluid inside through the opening at the top and found that, apart from a rather greyish color and low transparency, there were hardly any flaws.

And the black impurities, flocculent matter, etc., which were so common in lower-grade energy fluids, were all absent!

In a way, this energy fluid was very, very pure, but if it had been extracted from a poor quality jadeite–

Horrified, Zhong Hong didn’t dare think any further.

Flying forward quickly, he bought the five sets of energy boxes for 60,000 starcoins, intending to take them back for research.

When he returned, Zhong Hong replaced four of the energy boxes in four quantum computers, leaving the last one to be studied.

No sooner had he replaced them than he discovered that these four run faster than the others, were extraordinarily smooth and processed tens of billions of megabytes of data per second, comparable to the speed of light.

If the energy boxes of tens of thousands of quantum computers were replaced with these energy boxes, then the overall speed of computing would be at least twice as fast. He wondered how much money would be saved!

He quickly reported this discovery to Minister Liang Heng, who rushed over within a minute and looking at the super high of the quantum computers was satisfied but a little skeptical.

Liang Heng confirmed again, “Are you sure you’re using a grade 2 energy box and not a grade 3 energy box?”

A single grade 2 energy box cost 10,000 starcoins, and a grade 3 energy box cost 50,000 starcoins, a difference of 5 times, which was too high if one multiplied them by the number of energy boxes to be put it in tens of thousands of quantum computers.

Zhong Hong: “Minister, I can guarantee that this is definitely a grade 2 energy box. It’s just a little more expensive because of the extreme purity.”

Liang Heng’s expression eased up: “That’s fine, we have plenty of funds, so we can replace them all with the very best.”

This was what they originally had in mind, except, how could they get so many grade 2 energy boxes of the same quality? What’s more a high level energy master wouldn’t extract low level energy fluid.

Zhong Hong: “Look, Minister, this is the energy box I left alone. It has a 29.24% purity level energy fluid in it.”

“29.24%!” Liang Heng was taken aback: “Where did you get that?”

Could it be that one of the masters had, on a whim started to extract grade 2 energy fluids?

Zhong Hong: “I got it from an online ranked auction house, and most importantly, this energy fluid is a bit different from the others…. take a look.”

Liang Heng pressed the touch button on the box and the silver lid opened automatically, revealing the grey-green energy fluid inside. It wasn’t very transparent, but–

His pupils shrank, the fluid had no impurities in it!

How was this possible?

Not even a master-level high level energy master could do this!

Liang Heng stared unblinkingly at the fluid inside for a full minute before saying, “Don’t tell anyone about this energy fluid yet, I’ll research the results as fast as I can and report them to Young Master Gu.”

If it was true, then this was definitely a big deal that would cause a big sensation in the Empire!

And all they had to do, was to keep the news as quiet as possible and get the Gu Conglomerate to befriend this master and get a head start before the other families found out!

Liang Heng: “For the time being, your work will be temporarily taken over by another researcher; all you have to do is to go to that auction house every day, set camp there and purchase all such energy boxes no matter how many starcoins it costs.”

Zhong Hong: “Yes!”

Liang Heng gave a final word of advice, “Remember, no one must know about this energy box.

If it works out in the end, you would have made a great credit to the Gu Conglomerate, and the position of Vice Minister will be yours.”

Delighted, Zhong Hong responded excitedly: “Yes!”

He had been at the Gu Conglomerate for five years and was now a senior researcher, two steps away from being promoted to vice-minister.

If he could really keep the news to himself and find the mysterious master, with the treatment given at the Gu Conglomerate, he believed he could soon reach an annual salary of millions of starcoins!

So today, Zhong Hong had been waiting for the Star Ocean Auction House to open its auction since early in the morning.

As soon as all the items were placed up, he went as fast as he could to the area where the energy boxes had been placed and at first glance, he recognized the energy boxes made by the master.

39.65 % purity level!

Zhong Hong’s pupils shrank. Another superb quality product, and it was a superb quality product among grade 3 energy fluids!

And, like yesterday’s energy fluid, the liquid was pure and clean, crystal clear, completely free of impurities and was clearly identifiable at a glance.

He was about to bid as fast as he could, when to his surprise, all five items went into a one-minute countdown. Someone had beaten him to it!

Quick! He had to be quick!

Zhong Hong’s mind had never been so tense and the speed of his hands, which worked with countless data every day, was at its peak, as the numbers on the light screen flashed so fast that it was impossible to see the price.

Unfortunately, the price quoting machine was perhaps a little old, and so couldn’t keep up with his hand speed at all, making it so that in the end, only two were grabbed.

But, who on earth was the man opposite him that he couldn’t match the speed of his hands!

The moment the countdown ended, the previously unreadable auction prices were finally displayed, along with the five energy boxes that went to the owners.

In the end he had only managed to snag two energy boxes!

Zhong Hong was crestfallen and Ning Yuchen was equally upset. After using the energy box here, he didn’t even want to use the previous grade 5 energy box anymore.

Although the instantaneous burst of energy from the grade 3 energy box wasn’t enough for the mecha’s extreme maneuvers, he could still do his normal training routine….

Ning Yuchen and Zhong Hong glanced coldly at each other over the virtual network, with crackling fire erupting from their eyes, and then brushed past each other.

‘I’ll make sure to remind the seller to change the price quoting machine. I definitely can’t allow this guy get the jump on me again tomorrow!’

This was the thought in Ning Yuchen’s mind.

‘Ugh, I wonder if I’ll ever get a promotion?’

This was the thought in Zhong Hong’s mind.

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