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Chapter 39.2

“I said it, how can it all be a thin layer of green skin? That would be too outrageous!”

Hearing this, Liao Guang reached out and wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead, his hand holding the abrasive grinding wheel shaking so much that he almost scraped his fingers.

Glancing at him, Bai Jing asked indifferently, “Do you want me to help you?”

Liao Guang was instantly chilled: “No, no need.”

He felt so stressed that he was about to collapse. This little young master couldn’t have discovered something, right?

Fast, he had to be fast!

The abrasive grinding wheel’s speed was cranked up to the maximum gear and countless pieces of debris fell like rain, revealing the part behind the cut surface.

The inside was no longer the delicate egg-white seed texture. Instead, it had turned into an incomparably rough, greyish-white stone.

The people around were all dumbfounded, incredible disbelief written on their faces.

“This, this it has collapsed?”

“F*ck me, it’s really a thin layer of green skin!”

“Wait, let him cut it twice more so that we’ll see—”

Liao Guang, urged on by the crowd, stiffened then split the back part of the rough stone into three pieces that was clear for all to see at a glance.

“F*ck, that little young master guessed right. Both pieces are thin layer of green skins!!”

“This intuition, it’s too accurate!”

“Seriously awesome—”

They had previously mocked the so-called intuition, but when they saw the final result, they were all dumbfounded, their faces having been slapped. Their gazes directed at Bai Jing changed, admiration of him to the core on their faces.

And at the same time, the displeasure of having been slapped in the face was completely transformed into anger directed at the shopkeeper and the Stone Gambler which they couldn’t wait to vent out.

“5,000 starcoins, bah, it’s simply worthless!”

“Two pieces of pear skin crust rough stones that performed so well both produced thin layers of green skins after being cut. Are you f*cking kidding me?”

“F*ck, I’m glad I haven’t paid for the rough stone I just picked. There’s no good material in this shop.”

“Hurry, let’s get out of here—”

Many people put down the rough stones in their hands and left the shop without looking back. Wu Xing and Liao Guang couldn’t even stop them.

What a joke. If jadeite couldn’t be unraveled from rough stones that had performed well, then wouldn’t it be even more impossible to unravel jadeite from the ‘offcuts’ in their hands?

However there were still some people who remembered the bet between Bai Jing and the shopkeeper and so stayed to watch the fun. They wanted to see what rough stone this ‘super intuitive’ little young master would end up picking.

Jin Mao’s gaze towards Bai Jing could no longer be described as worship. Jing Ge was his god. This time it was thanks to his Jing Ge, otherwise!

The thought that if he hadn’t listened to him and had bought this piece of rough stone….. losing starcoins was a small matter, but gambling on such a good piece of rough stone only for it to collapse would have been a huge blow to him.

Not only that, it would have also affected his relationship with Bai Jing.

Sometimes a divide was created a little at a time and although there would be no problem for the time being, in the long run, it would be like a thorn buried in the heart that would always exist if not removed.

This point had also occurred to Bai Jing.

There were three reasons why he had proposed the bet:

First, was to bridge the gap between him and little fatty Jin Mao,

Second, was to teach the shopkeeper a lesson;

The third was, in case another big rise in bet jadeite was solved afterwards, he could push all this onto intuition.

Intuition was a nebulous thing. It was there for a while and then wasn’t. What’s more it wasn’t verifiable, but as long as it wasn’t too exaggerated, no one would doubt it.

Seeing the customers leaving in droves, the shopkeeper Wu Xing was so anxious that he immediately winked at ‘Boss Huang’.

The ordinary big rise in bet tactic couldn’t be used anymore. This time they had to hit it out of the park and bring out the best jadeite!

Anyways it was all jadeite solved by his people, so it didn’t matter. It was just for show.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Bai Jing kept an eye on ‘Boss Huang’s’ movements and so seeing him put down the rough stone in his hand and walk towards the other row, he understood in his heart.

He smiled at the shopkeeper: “If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. Shopkeeper Wu, I can go and pick the rough stones now, right?”

Wu Xing’s gaze as he looked at Bai Jing was as if his gaze had been hardened with poison. His face cold, he squeezed two words out from between his teeth: “Of, course.”

The corners of Bai Jing’s lips hooked up as he walked over to ‘Boss Huang’s side under the shopkeeper’s extremely angry expression and placed his hand on top of the rough stone ‘Boss Huang’ was examining, “I want this piece.”

At the same time, his sense perception ability quickly probed into it, testing it out along with the surrounding rough stones.

Soon, he withdrew his sense perception ability and a smile appeared in his eyes.

Not bad. A piece of apple green jadeite of the glutinous variety and a piece of parrot green jadeite of the hibiscus variety, both not small in size. Afraid each piece wasn’t less than two to three million starcoins. No wonder they were used to save the day.

Terrified, ‘Boss Huang’ roared low in a stern voice: “Stop-!

This, this is what I fancy, do you even know the rules!”

“Rules? I think it’s you who doesn’t know the rules.”

A middle-aged man with a straight face walked over from the corner. It was none other than Chang Qing.

Although he had just had a collapse in bet from a white salt skin rough stone, with his fame and status in the Gambling Street for many years, people spontaneously made way for him.

Chang Qing looked at ‘Boss Huang’ and said:

“For a ten times or more bet, by default both parties have the priority to pick. Not to mention you haven’t bought this piece of rough stone yet, so it doesn’t belong to you yet.”

Amidst the echoing voices of the crowd and the horrified gaze of ‘Boss Huang’, Bai Jing placed the two pieces of ‘gross rough stones with a total value of over five million’ directly into his space button.

Shopkeeper Wu Xing’s face was so ugly, his eyes so red that blood seemed to be dripping from them as his heart throbbed with pain. His teeth were clenched so hard that he could barely breathe.

These were the best rough stones in his shop, the best rough stones!

Rough stones worth five million starcoins and just like that, they were taken away for free, without a single starcoin spent!

Wu Xing’s vision darkened. The starcoins his shop had earned this month weren’t enough to pay for one of these rough stones, plus the cost of counterfeiting, he had lost a lot of f*cking money!

He clutched his hair in pain. This teenager must have seen something, otherwise he wouldn’t have accurately targeted the rough stones in ‘Boss Huang’s’ hands.

It was over, it was all over!

The shop was going to be finished! He was going to be finished too!

He was going to hire a hit man to kill him! Kill him!

The extreme anger mixed with the fear of being discovered right away caused Wu Xing to collapse in a flash and fall straight to the ground unconscious.

But what he didn’t know was that when he woke up, the pain would be much more than this.

Bai Jing looked coldly at the shopkeeper who was weak and limp like a dead dog and before he left, incidentally asked little fatty Jin Mao to sweep down the last few pieces of ‘fishing’ rough stones and purchase them, splitting them equally with An Ge.

Then, the three left the shop under the horrified eyes of Liao Guang and ‘Boss Huang’.

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