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Chapter 31.1

That evening, Bai Jing received payment for five grade 3 energy boxes at an average unit price of 200,000 starcoins each, for a total of 950,000 starcoins after removing the 5% handling fee.

‘Uh, this price…… seems to be the price of a grade 4 energy fluid, right?’ Bai Jing thought to himself.

And he had purchased two pieces of jadeite of the luminous green variety for a total of 250,000 starcoins and had only extracted energy fluid from the smaller one so far, which cost about only 100,000 starcoins.

Bai Jing blinked. This was really a lot of profit!

He remembered a quote from Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’: with the right amount of profit, capital would be very emboldened.

With 10% profit, it would be used everywhere; with 20%, it would come alive; with 50%, it would give rise to active adventure; with 100%, it would make people defy all laws; with 300%, it would make people not fear the consequences of committing a crime, not even when the danger of being hanged was near.

En, no matter whether it was gambling on rough stones or the extraction and purification of energy fluids, both had far exceeded the profit he had imagined.

So he definitely had to protect himself well.

Perhaps due to the alertness brought about by the end times, Bai Jing sensed the slightest hint of crisis and immediately splurged 1 million starcoins on a network identity encryption device.

This way no one could discover his real identity from Starnet unless they had extremely advanced technology.

Of course, unbeknownst to him, the device made Minister Liang’s search much more difficult and, in conjunction with the Gu Conglomerate’s anti-surveillance system, blocked the Jian family and other families from finding him– which was simply perfect timing.

Bai Jing, at this point, was preparing to handle another 2kg piece of jadeite of the luminous green variety.

After spending the morning extracting all the energy from it, Bai Jing had extracted a total of eight grade 3 energy fluids.

And perhaps due to the upgrade of his supernatural abilities, the extraction process didn’t stop as he absorbed energy due to the depletion of his mental power, with everything going in an incredibly smooth manner.

Yesterday, he had felt a bit tired after extracting only four energy fluids, but after absorbing one of them, he could clearly feel that his mental power had become much stronger, making it so that now he was only slightly drowsy even after extracting eight grade 3 energy fluids.

Placing the energy fluids on the detector, it showed a purity between the 39.72% mark, an extremely high quality attribute!

Bai Jing was very satisfied, but instead of mailing all the energy boxes to Star Ocean Auction House, he sent out half of them.

After observation, he found that the top three online auction houses didn’t have grade 3 or grade 4 medium-grade energy boxes every day, but only a few every day or two, which seemed to be related to the strength of an energy master’s mental power.

So Bai Jing, in order to avoid being too conspicuous, decided to decrease the number of energy boxes he sent.

At this point in time, he was unaware that he had been targeted by two top-level families at the same time.

In the afternoon, Bai Jing received word that there would be a betting war the next day at 9am.

Since the two pieces of jadeite of the luminous green variety had been used up, then the next two pieces that would collapse at tomorrow’s betting war would be used as raw material for the extraction and purification of energy fluid.

The next morning, the first betting war began.

As soon as Bai Jing got onto the platform, a cheer erupted from below.

“Gu Yun!

“Go Gu Yun–“

“Gu Yun will win!”

Bai Jing looked down from the stage and found many fans chanting his name almost at the top of their lungs.

He froze in a rare moment of surprise, not expecting that a level 1 Stone Gambler like him would have so many fans supporting him.

Although he was a little not used to it, Bai Jing didn’t even notice in the slightest that a smile unconsciously appeared at the corners of his lips the moment he lowered his eyes. The smile that appeared was clean and pretty, with a hint of shyness to it that complemented his delicate features. It was simply mesmerizing.

[Aaaahhh, I’m dead, why am I not there!]

[That smile, my goodness, I think I saw an angel.]

[I’m declaring, I’m in love–]

There were also a number of fans who couldn’t make it to the physical scene of the betting war and so could only watch it online, their numbers soon filling the live room with more fans than some of the famous level 2 Stone Gamblers.

It was only natural, as it had only been two or three days since Bai Jing’s first betting war, and with the ongoing fermentation of the ‘catching of the jadeite’ video, his popularity hadn’t yet dissipated.

Standing opposite Bai Jing was a level 2 Stone Gambler called Xu Zhe, with the characteristic arrogance and coldness belonging to children from aristocratic families, who gave him a faint glance before turning his gaze away.

However, Xu Zhe’s betting rate was obviously much higher than Jiang Ke from the previous betting war, reaching 18.75%, which meant he was probably going to be promoted to being a level 3 Stone Gambler soon.

After the host’s introduction, a holographic projection of each of the ten rough stones was displayed on the big screen, with Bai Jing’s chosen rough stone numbered 6-10.

The next 50 minutes were set aside for the placing of bets.

Since Bai Jing’s last bet where he had solved the rare icy blue water jadeite, there were far less people who looked down on his status as a level 1 Stone Gambler.

There might have been an element of luck involved, but luck was sometimes important when gambling on rough stones!

After the betting period was over, the odds for the ten rough stones were tallied.

The odds for the rough stones numbered 1-5 belonging to Xu Zhe were as follows: 7.7, 6.3, 5.9, 6.6 and 7.0 respectively.

The odds for the rough stones numbered 6-10 belonging to Bai Jing were as follows: 8.2, 6.5, 7.4, 6.9 and 7.3, respectively.

Bai Jing’s odds were still a bit higher than his opponent’s, but it was clear that the gap was a little narrow, showing that this betting war was a far cry from the one held with Jiang Ke.

Looking at the odds on the big screen, Xu Zhe raised an eyebrow in discomfort.

He hadn’t expected the odds between the two of them to be so close.

It was clear that he had been a level 2 Stone Gambler for over a year and even if this level 1 Stone Gambler called Gu Yun was lucky, what could one betting war mean?

He didn’t believe that his opponent could solve jadeite every time.

And then there were those crazy Gu Yun fans below. Each one of them were too shallow. Weren’t they only supporting Gu Yun because of his pretty and delicate face?

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