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Chapter 58.3

Editor: Jodi

After Bai Jing returned home, he couldn’t wait to enter the simulation training room to test the performance of the mecha thoroughly.

Coach Yao Tian hadn’t seen Alpha for three days and had missed him greatly.

Since Alpha’s almost consecutive victories had propelled him from a novice to successfully advancing to L3, their Ling Yun Club had come back to life, completely avoiding the fate of bankruptcy.

And while they couldn’t compete with the top ranked clubs, the number of students had been increasing steadily, and now all the training rooms were no longer empty.

He also now had a few talented students under his wing, however none of them compared to Alpha.

Alpha was the most outstanding student he had seen in his over a decade of teaching, with terrifying reaction and learning abilities that no one could match!

Hence when Bai Jing logged in, as expected, he was already waiting for him in the training room.

This advanced training room had become Bai Jing’s exclusive space, reserved for him by the club whether he was present or not.

Compared to the value that this teenager brought, this was just a drop in the bucket.

Seeing the deep blue spatial button hanging around Bai Jing’s neck, Yao Tian was very happy. “Alpha, the modification of your mecha is complete?”

Bai Jing nodded: “Yes, coach.”

Yao Tian: “Then let’s put training aside for today so you can get familiar with your mecha and test its attributes.”

A few days ago, Alpha had participated in the Cyber Mecha Tournament using the ordinary L2 mecha provided by the club.

These mechas were intended for novice students, hence their overall performance was average, and coupled with the fact that they weren’t commonly used mechas, Alpha unfortunately lost two matches.

Yao Tian had watched those two matches closely. Basically Alpha had already pushed the mecha’s attributes to the limit, however unfortunately because the level of his opponent’s mecha suppressed his completely even though his opponent was slightly less skilled, he had ended up losing.

However even in this situation, the teenager had advanced successfully to L3 with a terrifying record of 102 wins and 2 losses and had become the rising star of this year’s Cyber Mecha Tournament, earning the title of ‘Rookie King’ and garnering a crazy following.

His matches were always packed with spectators, and his popularity was on par with that of many renowned players.

Now, with the modification of his mecha complete, he believed he would shine even brighter in the future.

Bai Jing wasn’t entirely familiar with the modified mecha yet, so Yao Tian set up a [simulated scene] for him to practice.

This mode was similar to the first time he had sat in the cockpit of the mecha and watched Gu Yuanzhao kill various alien beasts in Silver Light.

The map Yao Tian had chosen for him was [Desert Scene] in [Beginner Mode], then he himself observed the data from outside the scene.

In Beginner Mode, the appearance of alien beasts wasn’t too rapid, making it ideal for practice, what’s more the simulated scene provided precise damage statistics, allowing for better data analysis and assessment of the mecha’s modification effects.

A flash passed before Bai Jing’s eyes, then he found himself in the middle of a desert. His mental connection automatically linked to the sensory helmet, making it so that when a gust of sandy wind blew, he could feel the dry and scorching air.

Yao Tian’s voice came through the earpiece, “Alpha, focus. The first alien beast will appear in 20 seconds.

They might look a bit terrifying, but real alien beasts are even more ferocious. Your task is to eliminate them.”

Yao Tian assumed that this was the teenager’s first time experiencing such a scene, hence he offered him a reminder.

Bai Jing’s response was calm and composed, “Thank you coach, I understand.”

Soon, the sand dune in front of him began to stir, something was lurking inside, gathering its strength.

Suddenly, a giant centipede, over twenty meters long with razor-sharp mandibles, burst out from the mound. It had more than fifty pairs of hook-like legs in an upright position, taller than the mecha itself, casting long shadows on the ground as it hissed and lunged towards him.

The deep blue mecha leaped high into the air, drawing the titanium alloy long blade from its waist. The blade shimmered with the unique cold light of sharpness as it slashed down fiercely toward the giant centipede’s head!

The sound of metal colliding rang out, then the giant centipede recoiled in pain. It let out a sharp hiss then opened its razor-sharp mandibles wide, lunging straight toward Bai Jing’s cockpit. Simultaneously, the barbed fangs at the tips of its legs sprayed venom, attempting to melt this detestable mecha entirely!

But the deep blue mecha moved swiftly, teleporting behind the giant centipede, then the titanium alloy long blade refracted a glacial white light as it hacked ruthlessly at the ‘sac’ behind its head!

Blue blood spurted out, then the desert centipede’s head separated from its body. However even in its dying moments, its tail arched high, attempting a final strike, but Bai Jing dodged it quickly, and the creature fell to the ground unwillingly and died.

Yao Tian received the data on the performance of the titanium alloy long blade after modification. Its burst power was at 6200 Newtons, about a 20% increase from before.

He communicated through the earpiece, “The close combat weapon is performing well, with a noticeable increase in attack power. Let’s test the long range weapon next.”

Bai Jing: “Understood.”

Approximately thirty seconds later, the second alien beast appeared in the desert — a nearly twenty-meter-long giant lizard.

It didn’t initiate an attack but rather concealed itself behind a sand dune, with its earthy yellow skin almost blending into the environment.

But seeing Bai Jing standing still, it suddenly lunged out from the side of a sand dune, its thick limbs incredibly agile and its speed astonishing.

As it got closer to the deep blue mecha, it extended a tongue that was more than ten meters long, bright red in color and covered with a highly corrosive mucus capable of eroding the shell of the mecha!

Bai Jing’s hands moved rapidly on the control panel and the mecha shot into the sky in an instant, creating distance from the giant lizard.

The giant lizard also jumped high into the air and as it landed, two beams of laser shot out, erupting into a dazzling white light upon firing. The lizard’s eyelids fluttered rapidly and then closed tightly, but it would never be able to open them again.

Because the red laser beams pierced through its body from head to tail, causing it to twitch once before succumbing to death.

Yao Tian’s eyes squinted the moment the white beam erupted, however even when he opened them again, he could still see dark spots in front of him.

These were the aftereffects of the intense brightness of the beam on the eyes, indicating that this modification was indeed impressive.

The third alien beast was a desert python.

It was over thirty meters long, slithering silently through the sand and when its triangular head raised high, it created an eerie and suffocating sense of oppression.

As the desert python attacked with its wide-open, 180-degree gaping maw, Bai Jing maneuvered the mecha to the side to avoid it while simultaneously firing the launcher beneath its head.

The smooth snake skin didn’t stop the adhesive from sticking to it closely, the silver threads like transparent strings connecting the desert python and the arm of the mecha. However the usually alert alien beast didn’t sense any danger approaching.

It stood upright to capture the rapidly fading afterimage of the light blue mecha, shaking its tail wildly as it twisted its body…

However in the next instant, without any warning, the thirty meter long desert python was sliced into countless pieces, the bloody scene making even Yao Tian who was watching from the sidelines, avert his gaze slightly.

But most importantly, what had just happened?!

He thought Alpha was just testing the range of his long-range weapon, he never expected that such a shocking scene would occur.

Coach Yao Tian replayed the video and finally noticed the inconspicuous silver thread.

His excitement surged. This was undoubtedly an unexpected move!

And could be used as a secret weapon during battles!

He was already envisioning Alpha shocking everyone in the Cyber Mecha Tournament. It would definitely catch his opponents off guard!

Bai Jing quickly completed the basic training, and the system gave him a score of 100 points.

After passing the intermediate training, he became more familiar with the modified deep blue mecha and had several battles with Yao Tian.

After several battles, both of them had their share of victories and losses, with Coach Yao Tian having a higher overall win rate.

However Bai Jing had accumulated a lot of experience after hundreds of matches, hence he could even identify patterns in his coach’s moves during these battles, which allowed him to make predictions.

The inclusion of the nano strings, this rare invisible weapon, significantly improved Bai Jing’s odds in battle, making it so that even though Yao Tian was careful, there were still a few occasions where he got entangled and lost his ability to move.

Yao Tian was once again amazed by Alpha’s terrifying observation and judgment skills. He was afraid it wouldn’t be long before he would surpass him.

After training until around 7 PM, Bai Jing logged off.

Then after watching Gu Yuanzhao’s training videos for a while, he went to the kitchen.

Gu Yuanzhao had sent him a message in the afternoon that he would be back around 8 PM, so that they could have dinner together.

Since Gu Yuanzhao had prepared breakfast, he would make dinner.

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