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Chapter 67.1

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When Qian Yan heard that Gu Yun had unraveled grassy green of the water variety jadeite, which then turned out to be a top-notch colored spring jadeite of the water variety, fetching a high price of 13 million starcoins, he was stunned for a moment.

Rumors paled in comparison to ‘witnessing something firsthand’, what’s more Gu Yun was just a few steps away from him!

He couldn’t help but stand up, lifting his head to look over and then saw a rough stone dealer placing the dual-colored spring jadeite of the water variety he had just bought into a spatial button happily, handling it as if it was a rare treasure.

Even with just a fleeting glance, Qian Yan saw the noble and elegant violet hue in the jadeite that complemented the light grassy green. The color transition was seamless, something that was really deserving of its top-notch status.

He sat back down heavily, dazed for a long time before heaving a long sigh.

Sure enough, he was no match for him!

He had thought that his rise in bet ice variety sunny green jadeite was impressive, however he didn’t expect Gu Yun to have a rare dual-colored spring jadeite of the water variety rise in bet jadeite!

Although the seed and water quality of this jadeite was a grade lower, its rarity and color more than made up for it.

Not to mention the profit margin.

He had unraveled a 22 million starcoins jadeite from a 12 million starcoins rough stone, making that a net profit of 10 million, almost double of its original price.

However Gu Yun had unraveled a 13 million starcoins jadeite from a 900,000 starcoins rough stone, making that a net profit of 12.1 million. That was a more than fourteenfold increase!

If it was calculated like this, then there was nothing to compare between the two at all. He had lost to Gu Yun by a lot.

And thinking up until this point, his face suddenly flushed red, as if he had been slapped several times.

Where had he gotten the confidence to compare himself with the new star of the Stone Gambling Street? His face had been slapped soundly!

Fortunately, no one knew his thoughts. Fortunately.

Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have the face to stay in the Gambling World!

Meanwhile, the expression on the face of the leader of the event organizers as he looked at the live streaming platform data that had been handed over by the data analyst changed from a worried one to a beaming smile.

The viewer count had risen by 1.1% in just a few minutes, and it was still rising!

And of this, Gu Yun’s contribution accounted for 80% of the views, while the level six Stone Gambler Qian Yan accounted for 20. And with this, it was very clear who had a bigger impact.

Sure enough, giving Gu Yun most of the live camera spheres was the right choice!

Crossing his legs as he sat on the sofa in a leisurely manner, he hummed an unknown tune.

Hahaha, he had made a very wise decision!

In the rough stones unraveling area.

After selling the dual-colored spring jadeite of the water variety, Bai Jing didn’t waste time and started to work on the second rough stone immediately.

The rough stone this time, rough stone number 157, was one of the seven rough stones that was part of his primary focus.

Regarding the jadeite of the water variety just now, he hadn’t expected it to auction for over ten million starcoins. He had estimated it to be around seven to eight million starcoins, which was why he had marked it as part of his second focus rough stones.

He had clearly underestimated the value of the violet hue, having focused too much on the water variety.

However the rough stone in his hand was a good material that really had high seed and water, otherwise it wouldn’t have been part of his primary focus group.

This was an elephant skin mountain stone from one of Sotho Star Planet’s local fields. It wasn’t very big, about half the size of a basketball, and weighed at most thirteen to fourteen kilograms.

Its surface was gray-white, and was covered in lines like elephant skin, making it look rough, however it was actually quite smooth to the touch.

A gray-green python belt run from top to bottom through the entire rough stone, unbroken in the middle, indicating that the jadeite in the rough stone was most probably not broken.

And below the python belt, were several inconspicuous clusters of white cypress pine flowers.

This was a type of pine blossom flower that was hard to identify. It was white in color and shaped like cypress branches, similar in color to elephant skin, however Bai Jing recognized it with his excellent eyesight.

The base quality of the elephant skin rough stone was quite good, with a certain chance of it producing jadeite of the ice variety or even glass variety.

However, if it was really that good, its starting price wouldn’t be just 500,000 starcoins.

This was because the upper half of the rough stone was covered with small locks, with an especially white waterline on the top that contradicted the grain pattern of the rough stone, making it easily noticeable to most people.

When in actual fact, most waterlines were semi-invisible and extremely thin, like remnants of water flow, easily blending with the pattern of the raw rough stone, making it unnoticeable unless one had exceptional eyesight.

Unfortunately, the locks and cracks on this piece of elephant skin rough stone were all on the upper half, something which naturally drew attention. And its waterline, contrasting with the grain pattern, was clearly visible. It would have been much better if it were on the bottom.

Most importantly, this rough stone was numbered 157 and ranked at the very front in the open bid area.

Perhaps out of habit, most people either started from the first rough stone or worked their way backward from the last one of the day, and that was rough stone number 3000.

In short, this rough stone had been inspected by at least a thousand people.

And as the saying went: ‘there was no fear of large cracks but of small sills and locks’

And among large cracks, apart from the destructive ones, others like the skin-deep locks or large cross cracks, which might form later, were less harmful and easier to avoid.

Small locks however, were less visible and so could penetrate deeper into the jadeite, causing more damage.

And certain waterlines, for instance, were manifestations of invisible locks on the rough stone’s surface. They might not be noticeable on the skin but could destroy the flesh of the jadeite inside the rough stone, causing significant energy loss.

Hence because of these small locks, rough stone number 157, despite being a good quality elephant skin rough stone, had a low starting price.

However even so, Bai Jing still spent 3.1 million starcoins to win it, showing that there were many risk-takers at the Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium.

And seeing this rough stone, whispers begin among the crowd of onlookers.

“Hiss, so many flaws!”

“I was really optimistic about this rough stone, unfortunately it had a waterline, so I didn’t dare bid on it.”

“Me too.”

“There’s no way God Yun missed the waterline on top of it, right?”

If it wasn’t because Bai Jing had just unraveled a rise in bet rare dual-colored spring jadeite of the water variety, a lot of people would have been even more doubtful.

[Exciting oh!]

[I want to see if Gu Yun can still make it turn into a rise in bet this time around. If he does, I’ll call him dad.]

[Upstairs, I’ve already taken a screenshot.]

[Organizers, if Gu Yun has a collapse in bet this time, take the spheres back!]

[Give some attention to Qian Yan on the side, he also had a rise in net just now.]

Although they had been slapped in the face just a few minutes ago, the discomfort made it impossible for the fans of other Stone Gamblers to swallow their pride in silence.

They didn’t believe Gu Yun could keep getting rise in bets.

Even if they were slapped in the face, they had to fight for some benefits for their idol, otherwise Gu Yun would take all the limelight at Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium! And not leave a bit for others!

Gu Yun’s fans couldn’t even be bothered to reply. They were just waiting for them to call God Yun ‘Dad’. At that time it would be refreshing.

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