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Chapter 67.2

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Bai Jing had long used his sense perception ability to probe deep into the jadeite and found that the most frightening water line wasn’t invisible locks, but the formation of the most hairline fracture kind of locks, ones that posed no damage or effect to the jadeite inside.

However other locks had indeed damaged a part of the jadeite, something which was unavoidable.

Elephant skin rough stone, as a mountain stone, without the weathered sand skin layer on it, had a thin shell, hence Bai Jing picked the abrasive grinding wheel up directly, then started to rub the rough stone, and naturally, he started from the top where the hairline fracture locks were.

And as the ‘zzz’ sound of the grinding wheel started, countless tiny stone particles fell off, making it so that a window the size of a baby’s fist was quickly rubbed out.

Then sprinkling some water on it, one could see the extremely clean and clear texture that shone with a faint glow, full of water, as clear and transparent as glass, glistening as it dripped lustrously.

However at the same time, people could also see the dense web of tiny locks inside, spreading like a dense spider web, turning the beautiful glass variety jadeite into damaged jadeite.

“Goodness, its glass variety!!”

“A pity—”

“Unexpectedly it’s the best quality glass variety, sigh.”

“The locks have penetrated deep inside it completely, it’s really a shame.”

Seeing the glass variety that was revealed, the crowd was shocked.

Glass variety was the top-grade jadeite texture, one that was rarely seen.

And currently, there was only one piece of glass variety that had been unraveled, and that was the bidding king from just now.

However the auction price for that bidding king had reached 132 million! This rough stone was only valued at 3 million, yet it was also showing to be of the glass variety!

However something that made them feel that it was a pity was that it was clear from the rubbing that the small locks had damaged the flesh of the jadeite completely.

With so many locks, even if it had the best water seed it was useless. It was just a piece of waste.

[Jadeite of the glass variety has been destroyed just like that?]

[Woo woo woo, my heart is bleeding.]

[Tsk, your God Yun has had a collapse in bet, yeah—]

[Organizers, switch the camera!]

[Begging you, focus the spheres on Qian Yan, the level 6 Stone Gambler!]

The audience in the live broadcast room started clamoring again for other Stone Gamblers to replace Gu Yun, however if they could see the backend data, they would realize that the viewership hadn’t dropped at all!

Sure enough, it was the silent ones that were the majority.

Gu Yun’s speed of unraveling rough stones was very fast, causing everyone to watch his unraveling very seriously, making it so that none of them were paying attention to the pop ups.

And Qian Yan who was next to him was also unraveling his last rough stone. This rough stone was very average in appearance and a sizable piece that weighed around seventy to eighty kilograms, bought by the Yu family for 2 million.

This was only the first day of the open bid area, and the Yu family had already spent nearly 150 million starcoins. Afraid their funds for the upcoming secret bid area would be tight, after all, that was the main event.

And for this reason, Qian Yan would also be much more cautious in choosing rough stones in the future.

This rough stone had a rusty iron skin, with patches of rust color on the surface, making the likelihood of it being a high quality jadeite slim.

After he rubbed a fist-sized area of the rough stone’s surface, he found that it was of the oil green variety, then he sighed in relief.

Fortunately it wasn’t greyish green, so the water type would be of the medium-grade.

What’s more after shining a strong light on it, the green had penetrated well, showing that the jadeite inside wasn’t small. It could even be a rise in bet

After Qian Yan finished rubbing the rough stone completely, many rough stone dealers and energy masters gravitated towards him.

Oil green variety, belonging to the third grade in the grade of jadeites, was very popular among energy masters. After all, advanced energy masters were rare, and grade 3 energy fluids was in the highest demand in the market.

Bai Jing, completely oblivious to the stir on the live streaming platform, kept rotating the abrasive grinding wheel, rubbing the skin of the rough stone, and soon, a third of it was rubbed away, revealing a window that kept getting bigger and bigger.

“Ey? How come it feels like there are a lot less locks now?”

“It must be an illusion….”

“No, I’ve also noticed it. There are hardly any locks now—”

“Then doesn’t that mean, f*ck, could it be that it’s an intact jadeite of the glass variety?”

Then they only saw that as more and more of the jadeite beneath the skin was revealed, the spider-web-like locks became less and less and were now almost invisible, and it was most likely that they would disappear completely after just one centimeter in.

The breathing of the crowd around became heavier as they looked unblinkingly at Bai Jing as he unraveled the rough stone.

And then finally, as the abrasive grinding wheel moved downward, they saw the jadeite inside.

It was a perfect jadeite of the glass variety, one that didn’t have locks!!

“Glass variety, great gain, great gain—”

It wasn’t known who yelled excitedly, as in an instant, everyone swarmed around.

Several people who had just run to Qian Yan’s side run back over the moment they heard this news, and although it was just a few steps away, they couldn’t squeeze through the crowd at the perimeter.

Gu Yuanzhao moved to stand in front of Bai Jing, his eyebrows and eyes exuding a cold arrogance that caused the necks of the people around him to shrink back inside, not daring to take another step forward.

And five minutes later, the piece of jadeite was finally unraveled. Apart from the outer skin, it was filled with jadeite!

Bai Jing used a laser knife to cut the damaged jadeite at the front off, his angle extremely precise.

Then the remaining two-thirds, without a single lock or crack, was jadeite of the purest, top-quality glass variety.

“Heavens, it’s the rare floating green flower jadeite of the glass variety!”

“It’s so beautiful!”

The people at the very front saw tiny dots, clusters, and strands of green on the pure base, like twinkling stars and also like clouds floating in the sky, with an ethereal, smoky texture, and paired with the fresh and lustrous texture of the glass variety, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Ice variety floating flower jadeite was already uncommon, not to mention floating flower jadeite of the glass variety!

It was more expensive and much more pure than the sunny green jadeite of the glass variety!

[Ah ah ah, I love it!]

[I wish I could own it!]

[The one who said they’d call God Yun ‘Dad’ if he had a rise in bet, don’t play dead.]

[Hehe, give your idol a sphere? Only if he also unravels jadeite of the glass variety!]

[God Yun is the strongest!]

[God Yun is the strongest!]

The entire live stream was flooded with ‘God Yun is the strongest’, and none of the fans of the other Stone Gamblers dared to speak up.

And the person who had been provocative just a while ago had the decency to call out ‘Dad’ before going offline, and from then on, this ID never appeared on Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium again.

He didn’t have the face to go online again. It was embarrassing.

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