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Chapter 61.1

Editor: Jodi

Assassin’s brows furrowed slightly as she hurriedly dodged Bai Jing’s backhanded strike, the power device under her feet giving her high-speed flight capabilities, and with a quick turn of her body, she suddenly released dozens of flying arrows!

The commentator Mu Zi said excitedly, “Avoided!

Assassin, with her ultimate speed, has dodged Alpha’s attack flawlessly, and her miniature launcher has been fired— but it actually…. didn’t hit its target?”

Accompanied by the commentator’s shock, the deep blue mecha executed an S-shaped arc step combined with teleportation to evade a massive barrage of arrows, and in mid-air, it did a 180-degree turn, displaying a level of agility no less than Assassin’s.

Seeing this, Mu Zi’s eyes widened and she shouted, “My goodness, it’s the S-shaped arc step! And teleportation!

These are A-level difficulty maneuvers, yet Alpha has executed them perfectly!”

A blinding laser beam emanated from Bai Jing’s shoulder, momentarily distracting Assassin, the bright light causing her to be momentarily disoriented.

The audience below also covered their eyes with their arms hurriedly.

Hence, none of them knew what was happening on the stage.

When they looked again, Assassin’s left arm had a gaping hole burned by the laser beam, with the pain affected her as well as she was connected to the mecha’s sensors.

Her previously lightning-fast speed had also dropped so much that she was now visible to the audience.

At the same time, the deep blue mecha opposite her also had a dozen more arrows in it.

“What just happened?”

“Goodness, Assassin is actually injured!”

“It has to be said, this Alpha is quite formidable.”

“Where is the commentator?”

Mu Zi quickly regained her focus from the recent battle, sprayed her eyes with eye drops from the side, then replayed the video of what had just happened.

It was only when the playback was slowed down to five times the speed that people could barely see what had occurred.

At that moment when two red laser beams had been fired, Assassin had suddenly snapped back to her senses—

However although she had reacted quickly, side-stepping to avoid the laser beams, one still grazed her chest and pierced through her left shoulder!

However she wasn’t one to back down, and gritting her teeth against the pain, she’d operated the console hurriedly, activating all the launchers on her chest, knees, and arms simultaneously, and hundreds of arrows whizzed out with a ‘whoosh’!

This time, Assassin was clearly serious. After all, these launchers had a limited number of arrows. The dense onslaught of arrows came from all directions, with some having the ability to change course mid-flight.

Bai Jing employed various flips, dodges, and teleportations to skillfully evade most of them. However Assassin’s speed had reached its peak, hence her timing with the launcher was impeccable, so he could only use his mecha’s arms to protect his vital points, unable to prevent the arrows from piercing through.

“F*ck, amazing!”

“Unexpectedly he can actually manage to reach a tie with Assassin!”

“This is already the third round. Ai, my bets are going cold.”

The audience below the stage were completely shocked. They had never expected that a L3 level contestant could be this strong.

Red Wolf and a few of his friends shouted Alpha’s name at the top of their lungs.

And Bai Jing’s fans, who had been silent in the crowd earlier, were now screaming like they had been injected with chicken blood.


“Alpha charge—!”

In the arena, the battle between the two continued.

Beams of laser light accompanied by blinding flashes flickered every second, forming a dense, far-reaching network of red rays in the sky, raining down on Assassin.

However the gray-white mecha regained its lightning-like speed, weaving swiftly through the red rays, leaving only a trail of afterimages.

Assassin’s breathing became heavier. While it was true that her speed was her advantage, this kind of high-intensity battle was consuming her stamina.

Now that most of her escape routes had been blocked, she was forced to dodge frantically, putting her at a distinct disadvantage!

She didn’t expect Alpha to be so powerful.

The audience struggled to keep up, their eyes unable to catch the movements of the two.

It was too fast!

Before the battle began, they’d thought it would be a one-sided outcome, but the two in the arena were evenly matched!

It was incredibly exciting!

In order to maintain a pleasant viewing experience, as soon as the blinding white light was first emitted, the organizers had adjusted the lighting to reduce glares. This was one of the perks of the VIP room.

Mu Zi’s expression turned serious.

She rapidly employed various high-tech methods to analyze the data then came to a frightening conclusion: Assassin was actually at a disadvantage!

In terms of range, mobility, remaining energy, and total damage output, Alpha was leading the way.

This made her commentary much more difficult.

After all, Assassin’s fan base was more than a hundred times larger than her opponent’s, so she had to choose her words more carefully.

Even with her ultra-fast evasions, Assassin was unfortunately still struck in the left shoulder by a laser beam, causing her face to turn white as it pierced through the outer shell of her mecha.

No, it couldn’t go on like this!

The range of her arrows couldn’t compare to that of the laser beams’, so she had to get in close in order for them to be effective.

The powering up device under her feet ignited with a blue flame, making her movements even swifter, like a shimmering light streaking across the sky.

And with agile movements, she sidestepped the fast-approaching laser beams continuously until, after several seconds, she finally closed in on her opponent.

It was now!

The launchers on her knees and arms opened simultaneously, and dozens of arrows shot out, creating a torrential rain of arrows.

It’s now.

Bai Jing’s lips hooked up in a smile as his mecha executed a 360-degree flip-style teleportation, dodging most of the arrows while activating the nano-string launcher on his arm.

Silvery threads shot out silently then wrapped around the gray-white mecha, unnoticed by anyone.

While within the barrage of arrows, a few found their mark near the cockpit of the deep blue mecha.

Assassin felt a surge of excitement, then her particle cannon aimed at Bai Jing, and she detonated the arrows.

As long as she could hit him with all at the same time, she would win!


The expected explosion didn’t happen. Instead, she suddenly felt intense pain all over her body while the deep blue mecha remained unscathed in mid-air.

The thin shell of her mecha was sliced open by the nanostrings as if someone was cutting through tofu, leaving a long gash from top to bottom, exposing even the cockpit.

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