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Chapter 3.1

On the holographic screen, the host was auctioning off a 5.8kg luminous green jadeite offered by Shang Yun, with bids rising and falling below.

“I’ll give you 200,000 star coins!”

“250,000 star coins!”

“260,000 star coins!”

“280,000 star coins!”


Host Tan Shu: “The highest bid is currently 300,000 star coins, are there any more bids? ”

After glancing around the room and seeing that no one continued to bid, Tan Shu smiled and said, “Three hundred thousand once, three hundred thousand twice, three hundred thousand – Sold! Congratulations to the gentleman who has won this luminous green jadeite for 300,000 star coins!”

Bai Jing glanced up at the screen then stepped out of the magnificent spherical building.

He used his light brain to book a room in advance, left the bustling crowd, walked through the towering buildings lining the road and then into an isolated lane.

The location wasn’t good, but it was cheap, at only 300 star coins a night.

Pushing the door open, he saw that the room was very modern, with a simple black and white and grey colour scheme and an intelligent robot that automatically adjusted the lights and music and even put hot water in the bath when he entered the room.

The housekeeping robot left brand new slippers at the door and Bai Jing changed into them and immediately went to the bathroom to take a hot bath.

As the warm water penetrated every pore of his body, Bai Jing let out a comfortable moan, submerging his entire body in the tub.

He hadn’t bathed for a week, and water was so precious in the post-apocalyptic world that even when splashed by the fishy liquid of the zombies, he could only scrub it off briefly.

He soaked for a full hour until his skin was completely moisturized before he got up and changed into the grey bathrobe he had prepared. The dirty clothes were taken to be cleaned by the housekeeping robot, and he wiped his brown-black hair casually as he flopped down on the bed and began fiddling with his light-brain.

As soon as the light brain was switched on, a newbie guide popped up on the interface.

Because he had been in a hurry before, Bai Jing hadn’t had the time to check it out, but now that he had plenty of time, it was the perfect time to get a systematic understanding.

An hour later, Bai Jing already had a basic understanding of the operation of the light brain and of course the information about this era. He was a little surprised that this era was related to the previous post-apocalyptic era he had lived in.

In 2050, after centuries of struggle, the human race finally destroyed the zombies and won the ultimate victory, but they also suffered huge losses. The earth was even more contaminated with viruses and full of destruction.

And in order to survive, humanity focused all its efforts on developing technology and finally found a habitable planet in the galaxy. Using wormholes and space-jumping technology, all the 100,000 people left on Earth immigrated to the capital star and gradually colonized hundreds of surrounding planets from there.

Unfortunately, after immigration, it was discovered that these planets had all the materials needed for life, except for energy.

After difficult exploration, Imperial researchers discovered that the capital star and surrounding planets contained a large amount of raw rocks that had been irradiated by cosmic rays and contained ‘jadeite’ that could be used to provide energy.

Robots, mechs, flying machines, hover vehicles …… Almost all of the planet’s energy, even the advanced genetic fluid used to resist cosmic radiation, had to be extracted from high quality jadeites, hence gambling had become another important area besides mechs.

The current era was the year 835 of the astrological calendar, and after centuries of development, gambling had developed into a more complete system and scale, giving rise to the profession of gambling.

Due to cosmic radiation, all parts of the original stones near the crust were covered with ‘a foggy film’, which couldn’t be seen through by any high-tech means.

The probability of an original stone containing jadeite inside was extremely low, and only a higher-ranked gambler with extensive experience and mental power could increase the probability of gambling up by several times and successfully open a high-quality jadeite.

For this reason, a Master Gambler was particularly respected in the Empire and the requirements to becoming a Master Gambler was extremely demanding.

‘My abilities might be suitable for gambling on stones.’

Because it suddenly occurred to Bai Jing that he had used his perception to detect the activity inside the material, and that having activity meant that there was jadeite. What’s more, the final result showed that he was correct.

‘I didn’t think that such an ability that was frowned upon in the end times could come in handy.’ He smiled to himself, then felt a familiar hunger coming from his stomach.

Probably because of genetic differences, Bai Jing could only become five percent full even after drinking two doses of primary nutrient solution, so to have a full stomach, he would need at least 1000 star coins per day.

Looking at the 4700 star coins in his account, he frowned slightly. These star coins could only last for four or five days if he bought nutrient solutions.

He tapped on his light brain and went into Starnet’s mall to see if there was any other food.

Natural radiation-free potatoes for 200 star coins, beef for 300 star coins a catty, rice for 500 star coins a bag ……

Bai Jing read softly, his pretty eyes staring unblinkingly at the fatty and lean beef, unable to resist touching it across the screen through his gloves. It was very flexible.

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