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Chapter 14.2

As soon as Gao Ling entered the classroom, he felt a different atmosphere from before. He found that the students from aristocratic families had restrained their usual cynical expressions and were all sitting upright, taking a few notes in their notebooks from time to time, with extremely serious attitudes.

Gao Ling’s lectures today were filled with an extraordinary atmosphere as he witnessed the transformation of the students. The morning’s lesson went off without a hitch, like a breath of fresh air, causing a small smile to unconsciously appear on his normally serious face.

The teenagers from the aristocratic families usually used light brains to automatic make notes and they rarely wrote personally, which made things a lot easier as they didn’t need to write.

But once they became familiar with it, they discovered that writing by hand really helped them remember the key points more clearly, and that it was easy to translate them into languages they understood when they took down notes themselves, thus reinforcing the crucial concepts in their memories.

Certain studies had shown that handwriting facilitated the activation of larger areas of the brain, including those responsible for language, thinking and memory, [Note 2]

Not only that, in order to record the key points in their entirety, the teenagers straightened their backs, refusing to be distracted with greater seriousness and more effort than before, resulting in positive feedback and achieving twice the result with half the effort.

By the end of the day, the aristocratic teenagers shook off their numb hands and looking at the dense writing in their notebooks, froze: Heavens, did they really write this out themselves?

A sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that they had never experienced before poured out of their chests and engulfed them, a feeling that even made some of them fall in love with studying.

Hmph, what was wrong with studying? There was a thrill in learning, learning could be addictive!

Time flew by and the course was already halfway over.

As the lesson progressed, everyone felt the strain and had to increase their study time. Little fatty Jin Mao even yawned several times in class, which drew a stern look from Gao Ling.

‘Umph,’ Jin Mao hurriedly covered his mouth that had opened mid yawn, raised his hand to wipe the teardrops from the corner of his eyes and tried to concentrate.

He really couldn’t be blamed for this. The content he had studied yesterday was too complicated, he had read his notes until midnight and only slept for four or five hours, so naturally he was in a bad state.

Not only him, there were many people in the classroom who were listless, even Ning Yuxuan had a sleepy expression on her face from time to time. There were also students whose eyes were fixed on the images of the rough stones when their minds had long since wandered off to who knows where.

A part of the students were listless not because they weren’t serious, but because they didn’t understand.

They could only find time to make up for the previous knowledge points because they were so far behind; nevertheless, as time was already short, it caused the process of them making up for the previous information to fall behind as well, progressively establishing a vicious circle.

It was only then that they began to regret. The previous lessons weren’t difficult at all; they were just basic concepts, so why hadn’t they paid attention at that time?

On the contrary, Bai Jing, who had clearly had a poor foundation, was now making rapid progress and was many times better than them!

At this moment, in the whole training room, only Bai Jing was still radiant and clear-eyed, not affected at all by the people around him.

The black nib of his pen moved rapidly across the white paper, leaving a line of beautiful line script that was neat, natural, and pleasing to the eye.

And his fingers that were holding the pen were long and white, with lightly colored tips, which was even more beautiful than the script.

Jin Mao looked sideways at Bai Jing, his eyes filled with longing and admiration as he saw him learning and taking notes with such skill and ease. His idol was definitely a genius!

But what he didn’t know was that Bai Jing spent all of his time studying during this time, with the exception of three hours of sleep every day, which made his hard work unparalleled.

Bai Jing knew that his foundation was weak, so he was never distracted in class and always maintained a high level of concentration as his brain raced wildly, desperately absorbing the contents of each lecture content as he tried to master all the knowledge points on the spot.

This way, when he went home, he could simply review and consolidate again without spending too much time.

With his exceptional learning and memory abilities, he had already learned two-fifths of what was on the chip in a short period of time.

It was no exaggeration to say that he had mastered the basics better than the others.

As Gao Ling looked at the sleepy people below the platform, he knew they wouldn’t be able to absorb the lecture any longer, so he simply gave them a day off, allowing them to go back and rest.

After the students left with cheers, a video call suddenly popped up on Gao Ling’s his light brain. When he saw who it was, his face became solemn as he immediately accepted the call: “President Zhuo.”

The pop-up light screen displayed an image of a middle-aged man.

The man was probably in his thirties, with a reserved demeanor, dressed similarly to Gao Ling, and a silver badge on his chest with the word ‘Lu,’ indicating that he was a respected Level 6 Stone Gambler.

He was also the President of the Gambling Guild Branch in Proxima Star.

President Zhuo smiled, “Long time no see, Gao Ling. Did I interrupt your class?”

Gao Ling: “Not at all, I just gave them a break.”

President Zhuo: “How is it, are there any good students in this year’s class?”

Normally, when the level of difficulty increased halfway through the course, there would be a noticeable difference in the students’ performance, which was why he had asked this question.

Gao Ling pondered for a moment: “President, this year’s students are really working hard, so it’s hard to tell until the last minute. However there are two students who are doing very well, I believe they will pass the exams.”

President Zhuo was a bit surprised: “Oh? Who are these two people that you hold in such high esteem?”

Gao Ling was a serious person who rarely said such affirmative words, which meant he was extremely optimistic about the two.

Gao Ling: “One is the youngest daughter of the Ning family, Ning Yuxuan, and the other is a young man named Bai Jing.”

“The youngest daughter of the Ning family? Mmm, it’s not surprising, given that the Ning family is the second largest rough stone miner in the planet.”

Chairman Zhuo mused: “What is the identity of that young man named Bai Jing? I don’t seem to have heard of a family named Bai.”

A smile appeared on Gao Ling’s serious face: “President, he is a commoner.”

Chairman Zhuo was a little surprised at his words: “A commoner? Then he is really a good seed.”

Commoners weren’t like the children from the aristocratic families. The educational resources they were given could only be described as average, so to receive such high praise from Gao Ling showed his talent and hard work.

He looked at Gao Ling, his tone carrying unprecedented seriousness: “Make sure to train these two well, so they are able to at least get a good ranking in the final exams, so we don’t lose face like last year!”

Just last year, the Proxima Star branch, as the third largest branch of the Gambling Guild, has none of the top ten come from them after the final exams, and in the entire planet only a few people passed the exams, causing President Zhuo to lose face.

If this was still the case, then he was afraid that even the title of the third largest branch would be given away, so how could Chairman Zhuo not be anxious?

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  1. Oh, hey, I just commented in the last chapter about the benefits of writing out your notes on your ability to interpret and remember them. Glad to see the author going into even more depth than I did. Even if I’m a learning scum that lacks the ability to study, I still managed quite well just by taking down the notes properly in class.

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