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Chapter 67.3

Editor: Jodi

“God Yun, I’ll give 20 million starcoins!”

“25 million starcoins, sell it to me!”

“Just 25 million starcoins and you want to take it? I’ll give 27 million!”

This 5.5 kg floating flower jadeite of the glass variety was coveted fiercely by the crowd, and the price was driven up to 30 million in just a minute!

And among them, the highest bidder was a senior Energy Master.

Jadeite of the glass variety was rare, however those with good color and high purity were even more rare.

He mostly extracted energy fluids from jadeites of the ice variety, however in order to advance further to become a famous Energy Master in the empire, he needed to extract energy fluid with a purity of over 68%!

So he was determined to get this piece of floating flower jadeite of the glass variety!

Bai Jing looked at the excited crowd around him helplessly. He hadn’t even said he was selling this piece of jadeite, yet these people were already competing for it fiercely.

He was planning to extract the energy fluid from this jadeite of the glass variety.

Gu Yuanzhao, in sync with Bai Jing, said in a timely manner, “Sorry, this piece of jadeite isn’t for sale.”

Then remembering the Gu Conglomerate’s recent aggressive foray into the energy industry, the crowd realized that they were planning to keep it for their own Energy Master and couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment.

The Energy Master also pursed his lips. He could only give up.

However he didn’t move an inch, because he understood that apart from Gu Yun, there was an even less likely chance that he would get jadeite of the glass variety from other Stone Gamblers.

He had to stay here. Even if there was no jadeite of the glass variety, ice variety or high ice variety would do!

With the mining of raw rough stones, high-grade jadeite was becoming increasingly rare. His visit to Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium was precisely to stock up on good jadeite.

Other rough stone dealers clearly had the same idea.

Because even though they were sweating profusely and their feet were swollen from being stepped on, they didn’t leave.

Bai Jing still had other rough stones in his spatial button, hence Gu Yuanzhao put the piece of floating flower jadeite of the glass variety into his own spatial button.

No one dared to have any crooked ideas in front of the Empire’s Major General.

The third rough stone to be unraveled next was rough stone number 106, one of the second focus rough stones that Gu Yuanzhao had bought for 900,000 starcoins with a starting price of 200,000.

It was a red sand skin rough stone, about the size of two basketballs and weighed forty to fifty kilograms.

Its surface was pitted and uneven to the touch, showing that it had an uneven sand distribution.

There were sparsely dotted pine flower patterns and two stripe-like pine flowers on its skin that were greyish green in color, not dense and not forming a continuous layer, showing that the jadeite inside might not be continuous either.

In short, judging by the skin and pine flowers, the performance of this rough stone wasn’t very promising.

Not to mention, there was a ten-centimeter long crack in the middle of the rough stone, and although it wasn’t deep, it made the rough stone have an even less chance of it being a rise in bet.

A lot of people in the crowd were confused when they saw the rough stone– why was it another crack?

They hadn’t heard that God Yun liked to gamble on cracks?

Before this, Bai Jing hadn’t specifically gambled on rough stones with cracks or color, as he mostly judged by the appearance of the rough stone.

However this time, he had specifically looked for rough stones with cracks on the surface, then checked the performance of the skin, then finally used his sense perception ability to judge.

After all, with 3000 rough stones, even at 10 seconds per rough stone, it would take a total of 9 hours!

In such a scenario, selecting raw rough stones aimlessly wasn’t feasible. He needed to first find a characteristic, then examine the rough stone’s other aspects for a comprehensive judgment.

Hence he had started with those with cracks and locks. Cracks and locks were easy to spot, especially the big ones.

Of course, along the way, if he found rough stones with good bases but low starting prices, he would also pay attention to them, which was why most of the rough stones he had bought had this feature.

However what he didn’t expect, was that his action would cause the transaction prices of rough stones with cracks and locks, especially those with good skin performance in the open bid area to increase by a whopping 30% in the following days!

Of course, this was a story for another time.

Seeing the red sand skin rough stone in Bai Jing’s hand, although the crowd felt that it didn’t have a good performance, they kept quiet.

The performance of his first two rough stones hadn’t been that good either, however hadn’t they still produced jadeite worth millions in Gu Yun’s hands?

Even on Starnet, no one dared to pick a fight anymore.

After being slapped in the face twice in quick succession, who was that masochistic to stretch their faces out for another one? Hadn’t they been embarrassed enough?

What’s more, in the game of gambling on rough stones, everyone naturally wanted to see the jadeite unraveled from raw rough stones, otherwise what was the excitement in just looking at a piece of damaged rough stone?

And watching Gu Yun unravel rough stones was really exciting. The adrenaline rush and the excitement that it brought fascinated countless lots of people, and the jadeites he unraveled astonished everyone.

Many of the audience in the live broadcast room followed Gu Yun on Starnet happily, looking forward to receiving the latest news about this genius Stone Gambler.

On the first night at Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium, within just twenty minutes, Gu Yun gained several million fans, and the number kept skyrocketing at an incredible rate!

There was no doubt that he would be the biggest winner at this year’s Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium!

Under the watchful eyes of millions, Bai Jing started unraveling the rough stone.

And instead of rubbing the rough stone along the crack, he used the laser knife to cut through it directly!

And with this decisive cut, it would make it possible to know whether the crack extended into the jadeite.

[F*ck, this is too stimulating!]

[Hiss, my scalp is tingling, I can barely watch.]

[Upstairs+1. Fortunately I don’t gamble on rough stones, my heart can’t take it.]

[God Yun is always so decisive and straightforward!]

[Ah ah ah ah, the knife has fallen—]

As the laser knife came down and the rough stone was split in two under the tense gaze of the crowd, the cut surface revealed that there wasn’t any crack, but just a white stone.

This cut was a bust.

Bai Jing’s expression was still composed. He made two cuts along the skin of the left half of the rough stone- to reveal, there was no jadeite, then a cut in the middle, but it still showed the same white stone, showing that it was a complete collapse.

[The cut is a bust.]

[Cough, I’m not saying that God Yun will have a collapse in bet, he will definitely have a rise in bet!]

[Sister, you’re so cute, hahaha—]

[I’m a guy……]

[Wow, God Yun even has male fans?]

[Of course, and plenty of them. My friends are all fans!]

[I’m suddenly sweating for Young Master Gu.]

Gu Yun’s fans were now close to forty million, and if statistics were taken, it would show that more than half were male fans!

This was rare among other male public figures, showcasing the extent of his immense charm.

With half of the rough stone being a collapse, many people thought to themselves that this time, Gu Yun would have a collapse in bet. After all, nobody could have complete rise in bets all the time.

And even putting the ‘complete’ aside – even the legendary Stone Gambler with the rumored rate of betting increase of over 80% had never really existed. It was just a myth.

Bai Jing put the half of the rough stone that was a bust down, then with Gu Yuanzhao’s help, fixed the other half onto the stone-cutting machine, gripping the handle of the laser knife once more.

The ethereal blue light flickered, then according to the direction of the pine blossom flower pattern, he sliced about two centimeters deep into the skin.

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