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Chapter 65.3

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Qian Yan shone a strong light on the rough stone to examine it then moved to another part to continue rubbing.

His assessment of this white salt skin rough stone was that aside from the crust, the rest was all jadeite, thus there was no need to cut it. It just needed to be rubbed.

Fortunately, the crust of the rough stone was thin and so didn’t require too much effort, as continuous rubbing would be exhausting.

And after about twenty minutes later, two-thirds of the white salt skin rough stone had been unraveled, making it almost equivalent to a brilliant rough stone.

What’s more the jadeite that had been rubbed out was still full green jadeite of the glass variety, weighing at least twenty-five to twenty-six kilograms. Just this part alone could be worth nearly two hundred million starcoins!

However just when everyone was certain that the bidding king would be a great gain, Qian Yan suddenly stopped, feeling that the touch under the abrasive grinding wheel wasn’t right.

And sure enough, as he continued rubbing along the final third of the crust, the rear part turned out to be just rough stone.

However the crowd wasn’t disappointed, as the probability of an entire rough stone being all jadeite was very slim.

Because if the entire thirty kilograms was full green jadeite of the glass variety, then its value would exceed 250 million starcoins!

Qian Yan replaced the grinding wheel with a laser knife, looked at the distribution of the python belt and pine flower patterns carefully, then drew two cutting lines along the edge where the green had been revealed.

However as soon as the first cut was made, his brows furrowed fiercely.

The laser knife sliced the rough stone into two halves cleanly, however the cut surfaces on both sides were all white stone, with just a tiny bit of green the size of a fingernail cap visible at the very top.

If it was all flesh of the jadeite, then the cut surface with jadeite should have shown much more green.

“Heavens, why is it like this?”

“It doesn’t look good.”

“Maybe the angle of the cut is wrong.”

Qian Yan took a strong light and shone it along the cut surface, however he didn’t find any green shining through where the light hit, showing that there was no jadeite for at least another two or three centimeters further in!

And here, the thrill of gambling on rough stones was evident, because just this one cut had reduced the value to 30 million starcoins!

Qian Yan took a deep breath. Now, he no longer hoped for a great gain, he just hoped that it wouldn’t be a complete collapse in bet.

He continued to cut another slice along the cut line, it was just, after this cut, the expression on his face became completely ugly.

One could only see that the new cut surface was identical to the previous one, with only a small green spot at the bottom corner, and the rest was white stone.

The term ‘thin layer of green skin’ appeared in his mind.

“Sigh, it’s a complete loss.”

“Who would have thought it would be a thin layer of green skin?”

“I wonder how much jadeite will be left in the end.”

The face of the head of the Yu family was equally unsightly.

Just two minutes ago, this rough stone had still been worth 200 million starcoins, but now, in the blink of an eye, its value had plummeted – the feeling of ‘heaven with one cut, hell with another’ was really too indescribable.

But the rough stone had already been purchased, so what else could be done?

They could only continue the unraveling.

Qian Yan moved about three centimeters inside from the cut surface and made another cut, only for it to still show a thin layer of green skin.

He didn’t stop however, and it wasn’t until after two consecutive cuts, when it was left with only a third of the rough stone that the cut surface finally showed green.

And after cleaning the surrounding debris with the grinding wheel, amidst sighs from the crowd, Qian Yan placed the jadeite on the scale next to the stone-cutting machine: it weighed 9.4 kilograms.

It didn’t even reach half of what had been expected.

The highly anticipated, exorbitantly priced bidding king, had ended up being a collapse in bet.

“I bid 60 million starcoins for this piece of full green jadeite of the glass variety.”

“70 million starcoins!”

“72 million starcoins.”

The head of the Yu family, his face pale, barely maintained his composure as he sold the jadeite for 72 million starcoins.

The bidding king of the open bid area, having been sold at 132 million, ultimately yielded just over 70 million starcoins in jadeite, a loss of 60 million starcoins!

That was 60 million!

For many wealthy businessmen present, it would take scraping together all their available assets in order to muster up that much. And just like that, it had all been lost on just one single rough stone!

The Yu family’s aspiration to make a name for themselves with this bidding king was clearly unattainable now. 

Jia Kai looked at the result in disbelief, his face a bright red as if he had been slapped several times in a row.

It was actually a thin layer of green skin!

And not only had he failed to see it, even the experienced level six stone gambler hadn’t seen it.

However Gu Yun had.

Did this mean Gu Yun was even stronger than a level six stone gambler?

Thinking about how he had sworn up and down, telling Father Jin to buy this rough stone at all costs, he wished he could simply just vanish on the spot.

Really too embarrassing!

Meanwhile there was an immensely relieved expression on Father Jin’s face, his eyes filled with gratitude as he looked at Bai Jing.

Fortunately his son knew this genius of the stone gambling world, otherwise he would have been the one who lost 60 million starcoins!

At the same time, news about the ‘Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium’s High-Priced Bidding King Turning Out to Be a Collapse in Bet’ spread on Starnet, causing people’s expectation of Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium to drop by quite a bit.

And experiencing such a debacle on the first day of the Emporium caused a rapid decline in popularity in various live streaming rooms, making the organizers and streaming platforms anxious.

Under these circumstances, only an absolute great gain could stimulate viewership and recover the lost popularity.

Meanwhile Bai Jing, having waited for a while at a less crowded stone-cutting machine, finally got his turn.

Two live broadcast spheres captured the teenager’s delicate features as well as the rough stone beside him, causing the popularity of the live-streaming platform to pick up slightly.

[Wow, it’s God Yun!!]

[Ah ah ah, still so handsome, so beautiful!]

[Licking the screen, licking the screen–]

[I love watching God Yun unravel rough stones the most.]

The event organizer’s leader instructed his subordinates immediately: “Quick, allocate more live broadcast spheres to Gu Yun!”

And inside he was praying non-stop: Gu Yun definitely has to have a great gain.

Hopefully with the abilities of this new star of the stone gambling world who had continuously unraveled top-quality jadeites, they could save the faltering viewership of the live-streaming platform.

Otherwise, he really wouldn’t know how to explain the situation to his superiors!

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