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Chapter 49.1

Bai Jing, who still didn’t have a Star Realm account up to now, naturally didn’t know the uproar his actions had caused.

The only hover car that Gu Yuanzhao had left for him at home, was the ‘White Eagle’.

And he had been unaware of the type of hover car it was until Jin Mao had blurted it out on the Gambling Street.

Since then, he had considered replacing it with a more common model.

However driving an S-class hover car was simply too delightful. The extreme speed and sharp responsiveness were addictive, and besides, he had managed to shake off his pursuers with the ‘White Eagle’ more than half a month ago. If he had switched to a different hover car then, he might not have been as successful.

So after much thought, he decided to stick with the ‘White Eagle’.

After entering the hover zone, the white hover car braked abruptly, stopping about thirty centimeters above the ground, however despite the intense inertia, the car didn’t sway an inch.

Then a slender teenager jumped down agilely from the driver’s seat and entered the house.

‘Alpha 01’ run over to him with a ‘da da da’ sound, handing over his master’s slippers to him thoughtfully.

The first thing Bai Jing did when he returned to his bedroom was to take out the white box containing the nano strings from the spatial button and open it.

In the center of the box was a black metal rod about one centimeter in diameter, around which was wound several loops of semi-transparent silver threads. There were incredibly thin, so thin that it was almost as if a thin film had been applied over the metal rod.

The silver threads emitted a chilling light and just looking at them gave one an extremely cold feeling.

Fortunately, Bai Jing thought to himself without surprise, the nano strings had been around this conspicuous black rod.

If they had been placed alone in the box, it would have been difficult to notice such thin silver threads unless one had excellent vision.

Who would have thought that these threads, thinner than hair strands, were sharper than the fastest of sharpest blades!

Once wrapped around the opponent’s mecha, they could slice through the thick shell of the mecha in an instant. They could even severe off an entire mecha arm!

After looking it over, the slender, fair-skinned fingers closed the box.

Now that he had the weapon, the next step was to find a mecha builder to fit it on the mecha.

Bai Jing thought for a moment, then decided it would be best to ask the mecha builder who had crafted the mecha personally, as they would be more familiar with it.

Huang Jiu, the person in charge of Star Ocean Club, should have their contact information.

He logged onto the online shop and as soon as he was online, he received a message from Huang Jiu.

[Head of Star Ocean: Master, you’re finally online!! Crying cat emoji.jpg]

Although energy boxes were sent every three days, the Master had been absent for a long time, making Huang Jiu really worry that someone from another Auction House would poach him, causing him to feel very uneasy.

[Bai: …..Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy lately. Do you have the contact details of the builder of the level three mecha who put it on sale the last time?]

[Head of Star Ocean: I do. I’ll give you her contact details right away. Do you want to repair the mecha?]

[Bai: No, I plan on modifying it.]

[Head of Star Ocean: I’d suggest you find an intermediate mecha builder for the modifications. What if the original mecha builder doesn’t meet your expectations…]

[Bai: It’s okay, I believe she’s the one who knows this mecha best.]

[Head of Star Ocean: Alright, I’ve sent you the contact details.]

[Bai: Thank you.]

[Head of Star Ocean: You’re too polite.]

[Head of Star Ocean: Hehe, Master, the energy boxes have been selling exceptionally well lately. Can you supply more next month? It would be even better if there are grade 4 ones!]

The energy boxes that the Master had consigned had already made a name for themselves. Each sale saw the price go up by more than twice the base price, and they were always snatched up within two minutes of going online, causing the other Auction Houses to be green with envy.

And riding on the fame of the energy boxes, he had recently partnered up with two mecha builders, and he believed that with one or two mechas sold every month, becoming the top online Auction House was just around the corner!

And all this was thanks to the Master!

[Bai: I’ll try.]

[Head of Star Ocean: Master, I’ll be counting on you then! On my knees for you.jpg]

[Bai: …….]

Through Huang Jiu, Bai Jing was able to add the contact details of the mecha builder successfully, with the whole process taking less than 10 seconds.

[Yi Lan: Hello, are you looking to buy a mecha?]

[Bai: I’m the person who purchased the mecha ‘Vast Sky’. I’d like to install a mini weapon on the mecha.]

[Yi Lan: Sure! I have a lot of time on my hands recently. What kind of weapon is it?]

[Bai Jing: It’s a type of stealth material called ‘nano strings’, made from the most precise of nanomaterials. It’s quite sharp.]

She probably went to look up the information, as it took a while before she responded.

[Yi Lan: I’m sorry, this material seems quite rare.

If it’s convenient for you, can you come to my workshop this afternoon? I need to understand the properties of the material on site.]

[Bai Jing: Alright.]

Soon after, he received the location. It appeared to be near a slum, with the destination appearing to be an abandoned factory.

Putting on his black rimmed glasses, Bai Jing thoughtfully took a normal hover train instead of the hover car then walked along the ruins for a while before arriving.

When he arrived, Yi Lan was already waiting near the factory.

She was a young lady around twenty, with her hair in a ponytail, looking delicate and pretty in plain clothes, with a hint of unease and shyness on her face.

Seeing him arrive alone, without any strong bodyguards or an expensive hover car, the young lady let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he wasn’t one of those young masters from aristocratic families who looked down on everyone, otherwise her job would have been much more difficult.

Despite knowing that she and this teenager, who could spend twenty million starcoins to buy a mecha definitely didn’t belong to the same world, Yi Lan still had a good impression of Bai Jing.

She put on a polite smile: “Hello, you’re the one who purchased ‘Vast Sky’, right? This way, please.”

Standing at the door of the abandoned factory, she lowered her head slightly as she whispered: “This is my workspace. It may look a bit shabby from the outside, but— it’s very clean inside!”

After saying this, she stood in place in embarrassment.

Many of her clients would take one look at her humble workspace, snort, then leave, as if afraid it would tarnish their noble status.

Some even complained that she had wasted their time.

She wondered what this teenager would think?

Would he also turn around and leave?

By the time she came back to her senses, Bai Jing had already stepped into the factory.

Just like she had said, it was very clean inside.

The hundreds of square meters room was divided into several areas: one for storing parts, one with workbenches for processing materials, precision instruments for testing part utilization, a high platform for assembling parts, and a large open space in the center for placing mechas. All in all it was clean and tidy, with everything in its place.

Especially the storage cabinet for parts, with each level of parts properly sorted and labeled.

His teal eyes behind his glasses scanning the surroundings, Bai Jing was very satisfied: “Your have a nice workspace, it’s not cluttered at all.”

This kind of environment made him very comfortable.

Her heart leaping with joy, Yi Lan’s tone was cheerful: “Really? You really think so?”

Bai Jing responded softly: “En.”

Wow, this teenager was the best client she’d ever had. She would definitely modify his weapon to the best of her ability!

Walking up to one of the workbenches, she gestured for Bai Jing to put the material on the table and for him to release the mecha.

Slender fingers pressing the spatial button, a light blue mecha immediately appeared in the centre of the open space, its surface shimmering with tiny flowing lights, like flowing seawater.

This was Bai Jing’s first time seeing the mecha in real life, and it looked even more realistic and elegant than it did when he was fighting virtually.

At the same time, he handed a white box to the young lady.

Yi Lan opened the box and the moment she saw the ‘nano strings’, her eyes lit up abruptly.

She had never come across such a weapon before!

Most mecha builders dealt with very conventional modifications, such as adding shields and barriers, upgrading close range weapons to higher levels, increasing the range and power of long range weapons, etc.

And although she was a low level mecha builder, she could handle all these conventional modifications, something which wasn’t difficult at all for a professional mecha builder to do.

However fitting this stealth weapon would be a real challenge!

She put on a pair of white gloves quickly.

These were ‘heavenly silk gloves’ developed by mecha builders to prevent cuts from the edges of sharp blades during the making of weapons. A pair cost several million starcoins, which she had saved up for a long time before being able to buy.

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