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Chapter 42.4

Bai Jing summoned his light blue mecha and was just about to enter the cockpit when a straight-faced middle-aged man appeared in the training room, exuding a fierce aura that only came from experience on the battlefield.

This feeling wasn’t unfamiliar to Bai Jing who had come from the post-apocalyptic world.

His teal eyes narrowed and he immediately reached for the energy gun at his waist, his body also readying itself for attack, like a beast coiled and ready to strike, his aura not weaker than the other man’s.

Yao Tian was a bit surprised as he observed his reaction carefully. He hadn’t expected this B-ranked genetic student to have such a standard reaction and strong aura, completely exceeding his expectations.

Perhaps others couldn’t see it, but Yao Tian could sense every inch of the teenager’s muscles and movements, all maintaining a ready to fight stance. He could say confidently that if he were to attack, the teenager would instantly unleash unmatched power!

Yao Tian dissipated the aura he was emitting intentionally, the look in his eyes kind: “Alpha, right? I’m Yao Tian, a senior mecha coach from the Ling Yun Club. From now on, I’ll be responsible for your mecha training.”

If he had still been considering testing him earlier, then now he definitely had to accept this student.

Noticing that he wasn’t going to attack, Bai Jing relaxed slightly but still watched him cautiously: “But I haven’t hired any coach.”

Yao Tian’s expression didn’t change: “As a beginner, what you ultimately need is a solid foundation. You should know that all the skills and highly difficult moves for piloting a mecha are combinations and evolutions of basic moves. If your foundation isn’t good, it will take many times longer to correct them later.

At the same time, as a qualified mecha warrior, genetic rank is only the most basic requirement. To achieve all these, you also need to be physically fit, have a rapid hand speed, reaction time and shooting accuracy.

After saying all this, do you still feel you don’t need a coach?” Yao Tian asked.

Bai Jing: “I need one.”

He indeed needed a coach like this, as he couldn’t use the training materials Gu Yuanzhao had given him now, especially when it came to consolidating the basic moves.

Yao Tian cleared his throat, “Alright, as for the fee, my coaching fee is 2000 starcoins per hour and since you look like you’re in good condition, I’ll give you a 20% discount.”

He hadn’t had a decent student at Ling Yun Club for two months and although it was one thing to help a friend, he still needed to eat.

Bai Jing’s eyes carried a hint of caution, “….. okay, but I want to try it out for half a day first.”

Just when he felt that he was a little reliable, why did he now give him the feeling that he was a scammer?

Yao Tian felt helpless, “No problem.”

To think that he, a senior mecha coach, who was fought over by various clubs had fallen to this level.

However this teenager was becoming more and more interesting to him. He hoped he would bring him some surprises.

Yao Tian pressed the spatial button on his chest and instantly, a black mecha sixteen meters tall appeared in front of Bai Jing, silent and introverted.

From its weapons, one could tell that it was a heavy mecha with its focus on attack, but it didn’t have the clumsiness of a heavy mecha. The weapons at its waist were twin swords that one could use to attack with both left and right hands simultaneously.

“This mecha is called ‘Double General’ and is a level 5 heavy mecha. I’ll be using it to fight against you in a month. Alright, I’ll teach you the basic movements now.”

Yao Tian put the black mecha away then began explaining the basic movements of a mecha.

Bai Jing put in earplugs and entered the cockpit.

Although he had already seen the beginner tutorial once, he still listened very carefully and practiced each movement according to the coach’s instructions.

About an hour later, Yao Tian sent him the sequence of buttons to press, the most commonly used being move forward, lift leg-step forward-land, switch legs, gradually increase speed, then turn around and continue the movement.

Yao Tian: “Don’t rush, first practice the movements then increase speed when you’re proficient and most importantly, don’t make mistakes.”

Bai Jing: “Okay.”

His slender white fingers moved on the control panel and his light blue mecha stepped forward, gradually increasing its speed and then began to run.

Twenty minutes later, the mecha had run hundreds of times back and forth and Bai Jing’s forehead was covered with fine sweat. His hand speed had also slowed down slightly and seeing this, the thin white thread of mental power immediately stretched out from his body and connected with his sensory helmet.

In an instant, his fatigue disappeared and Bai Jing’s hands on the control panel kept jumping, moving so fast that his movements became almost invisible, with the speed of his mecha getting faster and faster.

Yao Tian’s voice came from the earplugs, unrestrained excitement in it: “Fast, faster! Use your fastest hand speed, don’t stop, only stop when I tell you to.”

Without any time to think, Bai Jing followed the command subconsciously, doing everything as if it was a conditioned reflex, his hand speed having reached its peak with Yao Tian’s urging, leaving only afterimages behind.

The white thread of mental power spread rapidly to the inside of the sensory helmet, branching out into countless white branches that covered the entire mecha.

Suddenly, Bai Jing had the feeling that the mecha was a part of his body and he could manipulate it freely.

He could also move even faster!

Yao Tian watched in shock as the light blue mecha moved faster and faster, approaching the highest speed that a low level mecha could go. However in an instant, the light blue mecha’s figure disappeared and when he looked again, it had already reached the finish line.

No, that’s not right, it didn’t disappear!

It had teleported!!

Yao Tian’s mouth opened so wide that he couldn’t close it for a long time.

A beginner practicing basic running moves had actually completed the highly difficult move of teleportation! This couldn’t be described as a genius anymore. This was like a person who was running but who suddenly started flying. It was…..

Yao Tian didn’t know how to describe him. If he really had to describe him in one word, it would be ‘unbelievable’.

In short, in his over a decade long career, he had never seen a student with such outstanding gift!

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