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Chapter 47.3

After a night of training, Bai Jing had gained firsthand experience in using close combat weapons and had gradually adapted to the pain.

Yao Tian’s black mecha demonstrated some more moves before the two began their mecha sparring session.

As expected of a senior mecha instructor with over a decade of teaching experience, Yao Tian was not only extremely fast, he also had an extensive combat experience and a plethora of skills.

In the session, Bai Jing couldn’t inflict even a bit of damage on Yao Tian, as his opponent could always see through his moves and react in advance!

The light blue mecha was knocked down repeatedly and within just an hour, Bai Jing in the cockpit had experienced various ways to die.

His body was numb with pain, but in the midst of the repeated suffering, he had improved his pain threshold, his reaction time becoming shorter and shorter that he could now even attack his opponent while his arm was being chopped off!

Watching the light blue mecha turn into an arc of light rushing towards him, Yao Tian saw it flash and perform a 180-degree flip in mid-air, with its titanium alloy longsword falling from above, aiming for his nape with the added weight of gravity!

Yao Tian turned around, blocking the sharp blade with his dual swords hastily, his body retreating a step due to the immense force.

His expression grew more and more shocked, because the teenager’s growth rate was simply too fast!

How long had it been since he had gone from being completely unskilled to occasionally gaining the upper hand?!

Just a moment’s distraction was enough for Bai Jing’s keen senses to catch, as laser beams spun in the air and shot out, piercing right through the black mecha’s cockpit.

A wave of Intense pain emanated from his chest and Yao Tian’s vision went dark in agony: …..Damn, I really shouldn’t underestimate this kid.

Finally managing to defeat the battle-hardened coach by a stroke of luck, Bai Jing flicked the beads of sweat from his messy hair and left the training room with satisfaction.

After reviewing a series of data and the teenager’s progress, Yao Tian smiled broadly, preparing to log out as well.

However just as he exited Starnet, his friend Nie Bai’s video call came through.

When he answered, his friend’s voice was so excited it was nearly cracking: “Bro, I’m so happy!

Our club has gained ten new students overnight, all of whom applied voluntarily! It’s been three years since we’ve had this many applicants at once.”

Yao Tian was shocked, then laughed along with him: “Congratulations, Ling Yun Club is bound to get better and better.”

Nie Bai tried to contain his excitement: “I know, these students must have applied because of Alpha.

What do you think of him after this period of training?”

Yao Tian only said one sentence: “Boundless potential.”

Nie Bai looked at him in surprise, as this was the first time Yao Tian had given such high praise in his decade long career.

Perhaps they could really look forward to the mecha competition in two months, it was just—

He sighed, “Sigh, other clubs will definitely try to poach him.”

Yao Tian spoke with conviction, “He won’t leave.”

At the same time Guo Ding of Yun Lu Club, who was looking at the battle data sent to him suddenly jumped from his seat.

50 consecutive wins!

How could such a talented individual remain in Ling Yun Club?

Thinking of Nie Bai’s upright face and old-fashioned ideas, a hint of sarcasm flashed in his eyes.

Times had changed, who still believed in word of mouth?

Without starcoins and resources, everything else was irrelevant!

Otherwise, how else could he have poached all those people from Ling Yun Club?

Nie Bai, that old boss, treated them quite well, tsk.

Especially the highly valued senior coaches who, in order to earn a little commission, almost hollowed out their students, completely disregarding the well being of their old boss.

Hahaha, it did save him quite a bit of trouble.

Even Yao Tian, who he considered his brother, wouldn’t he be coming over soon!

‘By that time, Ling Yun Club should go bankrupt right?’

Guo Ding thought to himself, stroking his chin.

Did they think recruiting a genius student would turn things around?

Heh, dream on!

Soon, this promising seedling would be his.

Feeling quite pleased, Guo Ding called his subordinate: “Go, send a message to that young man called [Alpha]. Waive all training fees and other expenses and get him to join us as soon as possible.”

As his subordinate accepted the order and was about to leave, he added, “Right, if other clubs try to poach him, find out the terms they offer and raise the stakes.”

Subordinate: “Yes!”

After all, as long as they could win the Cyber Mecha Tournament in two months, everything would be earned back.

As soon as Bai Jing exited the training room, he received a series of private messages sent to his ‘Alpha’ account.

He opened the top one.

[From Yun Lu Club:

Alpha, we have seen your battle videos and are very impressed with your potential. We sincerely invite you to join us! The club will provide the best senior mecha instructors for guidance and waive all training fees. We look forward to your joining.]

[Message from Meteor Club, please check.]

[Message from Cloud Shadow Club, please check.]

Bai Jing glanced at them then closed the interface.

He wasn’t interested.

He placed the transparent chip into his light brain carefully then tapped Gu Yuanzhao’s training video, watching it intently.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! lol, he’s so not interested in those types of people

  2. He’s not interested at all in those other clubs. He chose the one he went to because it was convenient for him, reasonably priced, and after he got a coach, he determined that their capabilities were enough to train him to the point that he could actually learn from GYZ. Which of the other clubs is brave enough to claim that they can train him better than GYZ?

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