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Chapter 64.2

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Every year at the jadeite emporium, numerous people would lose their fortunes gambling on rough stones, and only a few with strong will were able to recover. As for the rest, they either barely survived or died.

What’s more Bai Jing’s advice was extremely important.

And the level 5 stone gambler they had just hired had told his father to win this rough stone at all costs

Based on his overall assessment of this rough stone, out of thirty-six kilograms, at least twenty kilograms were jadeite of the glass variety, worth at least 150 million or maybe even more than 200 million!

Thinking this, Jin Mao shivered violently. If his father really spent over a hundred million on it, afraid their Jin family would suffer a huge loss this time!

And not only that, they just had over two hundred million in funds, and the remaining funds weren’t enough to buy a few good rough stones. This jadeite emporium could turn out to be the last straw that would crush the Jin family.

Little fatty thanked Bai Jing sincerely, then asked awkwardly after squirming for a while, “Jing Ge, um…. if there are any rough stones we’re unsure about in the next few days, can we consult you? The Jin family is willing to offer 60% of the profits!”

Jin Mao, having been around business since childhood, had a knack for it, just like his father.

Bai Jing smiled slightly, “There’s no need to be so formal. You can find me after the viewing time ends if you have questions.”

With so many rough stones at the Jadeite Emporium, he couldn’t possibly buy all the good ones, so letting little fatty bid on those he couldn’t attend to wasn’t a bad idea.

Jin Mao was so ecstatic that he wanted to hug Bai Jing and kiss him a few times, but didn’t dare move when he saw the cold light in Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes. He could only say, “Thank you, Jing Ge! Thank you, God Yun!”

Then after saying this he sent a message to his father to tell him the good news while advising him at the same time not to bid on rough stone number 2466 in the afternoon.

Gu Yuanzhao stood with his arms crossed, exuding a heavily strong chilly aura that made all the people around him not dare get close, creating a vacuum of several meters around him.

He watched Jin Mao leave with cold eyes, then asked, his voice deep, “Ah Jing, why are you so nice to this little fatty?”

Bai Jing: ?

Gu Yuanzhao frowned, “You said more to him today than you did to me.”

Bai Jing: “……”

He hadn’t expected that the mighty Imperial Major General would be so childish when he was jealous.

In the afternoon, Gu Yuanzhao went to check the security at the open bid site while Bai Jing continued examining rough stones, starting from rough stone number 2000 and stopping at rough stone number 3000.

It was really too much.

Such frequent and rapid inspection of rough stones, combined with him using his special ability was very draining, causing Bai Jing to feel somewhat dizzy.

Then after resting for a while, he opened his electronic notebook on his light brain where he had already recorded over thirty rough stones, including seven that he was particularly focused on.

Fortunately, he had already noted down the numbers of the rough stone, the quality of the jadeites in them, their marked price, as well as his highest mental bid for each of them.

Otherwise after looking at several thousand rough stones, who would be able to remember the specific characteristics of even one of them?

It was now three in the afternoon, with just one hour left before the bidding started.

Bai Jing planned to use this last hour to check a few more rough stones and then tomorrow, while juggling the observation in the open bid area, go and explore the secret bid area as well.

However after walking for a short while, there was a sudden and obvious fluctuation in his mental power.

And following the direction of the fluctuation, he walked towards rough stone number 3298.

This was a four-hundred-kilogram, approximately 1.2-meter-long, flat lying rough stone, that had been cut evenly into three pieces that were numbered 3298-3300 respectively.

At first glance one could tell that this piece of rough stone was from a new mining pit, with no weathered skin on the surface, bare like a gray stone.

The surface was covered with clusters of black-green pine blossoms, not very bright in color, suggesting a low possibility of it having a high quality jadeite in it, and overall, it seemed only average.

However its large size and the lack of cracks and locks on it indicated that it had to potential of it been a rise in bet.

Perhaps the seller had planned to cut it into semi-clear material for the secret bid area with the thought that because it was such a large stone, even if it had an average quality surface, once it produced green, it could fetch a good price.

Unfortunately, none of the cut surfaces of the three rough stones showed green, hence they were placed in the open bid area.

Bai Jing sent his sense perception ability into each of the three rough stones, and when he felt the active reaction and color in the last piece, his beautiful teal eyes froze abruptly.

Then lowering his eyes to hide his excitement, he quickly noted the number 3300, as well as the base price of 1 million starcoins down.

A price of 1 million was already very high for these pieces that didn’t show green on the cut surface.

It was only in the Jadeite Emporium, with its intense atmosphere and wealthy merchants, that such a price could exist. If it were in any ordinary stone gambling shop outside, it would never fetch this much.

However after sensing the pure bright yellow inside the rough stone, Bai Jing felt it was worth any amount!

However instead of recording the number of the rough stone in his electronic notebook, he kept it in his heart firmly.

Number 3300, he had to get his hands on this rough stone!

To avoid drawing attention, he didn’t linger near the rough stone and walked a few steps forward, starting to check other rough stones by their numbers.

However if one observed closely, they would see that his attention wasn’t really on the rough stones in he was holding.

After a few minutes, Bai Jing’s emotions calmed down slightly.

Rough stone number 3300 would only be bid on tomorrow, and given its appearance, it was most likely that there wouldn’t be many bidders.

At that time, he just needed to keep calm and bid high at the last moment.

With so many rough stones up for auction simultaneously, it was unlikely that anyone would focus on a stone that looked average.

Before long, the sweet voice of the announcer rang out: “Ladies and gentlemen, the auctioning of rough stones numbered 1-3000 in the open bid area will start in twenty minutes, so please, proceed to the auction hall to take your seats.”

The announcement echoed three times, and except for a few people who were focused on the rough stones for the secret bid area, the rest, thousands of people, moved towards the auction hall on the left side of the open bid area, forming a dense crowd.

Gu Yuanzhao appeared at Bai Jing’s side in a timely manner just at that moment, holding his hand and using his tall frame to shield him from the flow of the bustling crowd.

Bai Jing held his hand back, and after they smiled at each other, they followed the crowd into the auction hall.

The layout of the auction hall was similar to that of the Gu Conglomerate’s, however it was much larger.

Circular seating rose row upon row from the front to the back, with five thousand seats ensuring that every guest would be able to see the large screen clearly.

And below on the huge holographic screen, the rough stones numbered 1-300, as well as the corresponding base prices at the bottom, were displayed. And above, the 3D models of the rough stones numbered 1-300 rotated, to help people quickly remember what they had observed.

The auction of the open bid area was divided into groups of 300, with each groups auction lasting for 10 minutes, and following the numerical order, it was a total of ten groups.

If any guest had their eye on a particular rough stone, they could bid directly on the corresponding number with a bidder, something which saved a lot of time without there being the need for individual auctions.

And when the 10-minute countdown ended, the person with the highest bid would be able to acquire his or her rough stone successfully while rough stones with no bids would be considered unsold and then re-auctioned on the last day.

Bai Jing opened the electronic notebook on his light brain which listed the numbers of the rough stones, the quality of the jadeites in them and the prices of the rough stones he had noted, among which were the seven rough stones he had highlighted as the primary focus and the other thirty six he had highlighted as the secondary focus.

It was impossible to acquire all these rough stones, so his focus remained on the first seven.

As 4 o’clock arrived, the auctioneer stood on the raised platform on the right and introduced herself, “I’m Xu Tianning, the auctioneer for the open bid area of this Sotho Planet emporium. The first group of auctions in the open bid numbered 1-300, will last 10 minutes. The auction starts now.”

Bai Jing found rough stone number 157, one of his primary focus on his bidder with a base price of 500,000 starcoins, however there weren’t any bids yet.

Gu Yuanzhao, on the other hand had been tasked by his little boyfriend to make sure to secure rough stones number 106, 184, and 209, emphasizing repeatedly that the highest bid shouldn’t exceed 1 million starcoins.

His long fingers danced on his bidder as he looked at the teenager who was watching the big screen intently, a smile appearing in his eyes: En, he would diligently fulfill the task Ah Jing had assigned to him and would definitely not let him down.

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