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Chapter 19.1

First place: Du Xingyu, exams score: 96 points, from Capital Star Planet Headquarters.

Second place: Bai Jing, exams score: 96, from Proxima Star branch.

Third place: Tang Ling, exams score: 91, from Capital Star Planet Headquarters.

Fourth place: Luo Minghan, exams score: 90.5 points, from Capital Star Planet Headquarters.


[Crap, am I seeing things? Who is this Bai Jing, he actually tied in with Du Xingyu for first place!]

This was the common thought in everyone’s mind when they saw the rankings.

Who was Du Xingyu?

He was the young master of the Du family, the second largest rough stone miner in the empire, the favorite son of Master Du Feng, a level 7 Stone Gambler and the younger brother of the genius Stone Gambler Du Jingya.

Brought up to be the favorite of many, he had the highest level of education, owned an entire planet of raw rough stones and was known as the Little Prince of Capital Star Planet.

Since taking part in the Stone Gambler apprenticeship exams, Du Xingyu had been the undisputed number one in the eyes of the citizens of the Empire.

But no one would have imagined that this Bai Jing would get the same score as Du Xingyu!

Not only that, he was a full five points ahead of the one who had come in third!

It had to be known that Tang Ling, the person who had come in third also came from a very impressive background.

She came from the Tang Group, the number one mech building family in the Empire. Her grandfather was the most powerful mech builder in the Empire and she was the jewel of the Tang family.

Because Tang Ling had been crazy about stone gambling since she was a child, Master Tang hired a Level 7 Stone Gambler, Master Yung Xuan, to teach his granddaughter. Although she wasn’t an official disciple, she had received absolute professional instruction.

But she actually came in third this time, a full five points behind Bai Jing who had come in second!

In previous years, Capital Star Planet’s candidates had always finished in the top five, and that hadn’t changed for many years, but this time, Bai Jing had come out of nowhere and shattered the legend that had persisted for decades. It was simply a miracle.

The crowd had just watched the Gambling Guild’s live broadcast two days ago and knew that the questions were perverted to the extreme this time, so for this person to still get the maximum of 96 points with such difficulty was truly terrifying –

If it weren’t for the fact that candidates with the same score would be ranked in order of the strength of their guilds, and Capital Star Planet headquarters was ranked before Proxima Star guild, he would have been number one.

Heavens, this Bai Jing was a dark horse among dark horses!

People searched for Bai Jing online but found no information about him, let alone any information about a Bai family on any planet and couldn’t help but wonder –

Could this man’s name be a pseudonym for a young master from a prominent family on Capital Star Planet?

Who was he?

And so,

#Who is Bai Jing

#Du Xingyu and Bai Jing tied for first place

#The biggest dark horse of this year’s apprentice exams

These three phrases soared to the top of Starnet’s top three buzzwords.

Du Xingyu was equally surprised the moment he saw the rankings. Who was Bai Jing? He had never –

No, that’s not right!

As if he had been struck by a flash of lightning, he thought of the commoner who had walked out of the exams hall almost at the same time as he did after both exams were over.

That person’s exams room happened to be Room 6, where the Proxima Star candidates were.

Du Xingyu was almost certain that it was him, that he was Bai Jing!

The most ridiculous thing was that he thought he had left the exams room early because he couldn’t answer the questions.

Thinking of this, Du Xingyu’s face burned a little and a slightly lost look appeared in his azure blue eyes. He had even looked askance at Bai Jing with a mocking gaze……

Ahhhhh, so humiliating, what would Bai Jing think of him –

The usually unbeatable young prince flung himself onto the bed and covered his red face with the blanket, not even going down when the butler came to call him for dinner.

Heh heh, he should have been the one to be mocked!

What face did he have to eat!

Ning Yuxuan looked at her ranking: twelfth place, exams score: 85 points.

Then her eyes moved up and stared at the second place position for a long time. Finally, she sighed softly and for the first time, she was convinced that she had lost.

Bai Jing read the list of those who had passed the exam from beginning to end, a distinct smile on his lips.

It wasn’t only because he had finished in the top ten as he had hoped, but also because his two friends had passed the exams.

He had just exited from the website when his light brain rang.

Bai Jing picked it and little fatty Jin Mao’s excited, near hoarse yell came out of the light brain, interspersed with obvious tears, “Brother Jing, brother Jing, I passed, I finally passed this time! I was in the ninety-ninth place-!!!”

Bai Jing waited for him to calm down a little before he said with a smile, “Congratulations.”

Jin Mao sniffled, “Brother Jing, it’s really thanks to you. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have probably had to take the exams next year.”

Bai Jing had answered his questions with immense patience every time and distilled the key points for him and An Ge at the end. If it wasn’t for him, he would have been lost doing such a difficult exam and would have had to take it again next year.

Bai Jing didn’t take credit: “It’s all because of your own efforts, even without me, you would have still passed.”

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  1. Bai Jing is too nice, propping up their flagging mental states by saying that they could have passed on their own. Very kind of him to be considerate of their feelings.

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