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Chapter 25.2

Tonight, Bai Jing intended to refine the ‘thin layer of green skin’ from the Gambling Street that had collapsed into an energy fluid, otherwise the jadeite that no one bid on would go to waste.

The ‘thin layer of green skin’ jadeite was only 0.4cm thick, like a thin disc and weighed 0.3kg.

Although small, the seed was actually quite good, measuring up to the glutinous variety.

According to his estimate, he should be able to extract a small amount of grade 3 energy fluid from this piece of jadeite, right?

Actually, according to the grade of the jadeite, the energy fluid that would be produced corresponded to grade 4, but with his level of mental power, he would be satisfied if he was able to extract a grade 3 energy fluid.

The purity of a grade 3 energy fluid was above 30% and sold for 50,000 starcoins.

Even if he extracted a grade 5 energy fluid, he would still earn 10,000 starcoins and would be able to buy quite a few natural ingredients.

Bai Jing, who had experienced the end times, wasn’t going to waste a single resource.

Placing the silver box on top of a table, he focused all his attention on the thin layer of green skin jadeite cut.

A few minutes later, thin threads of white mental power moved from his body while his sense perception ability ran in tandem, then the two collided and intertwined, forming thin threads of white with gold.

The thin golden threads, only the thickness of a hair, split into two, one to channel the energy fluid from the jadeite into the silver box on the table, and the other to separate the grey-green impurities inside, a clear division of labor.

Beads of sweat oozed from Bai Jing’s forehead, and perhaps because the grade of the jadeite this time was much higher than that of yesterday’s dry green jadeite, he had to use more effort, causing his head to throb with pain.

Luckily, the jadeite didn’t contain much energy fluid, hence he was able to extract it all before his mental power reached its limit.

Bai Jing rubbed the side of his forehead gently as a strong wave of exhaustion overcame him, causing him to fall asleep on the sofa, almost toppling over.

Out of the corner of his eye, he seemed to see that the energy fluid was only about a third of the size of the silver box?

Huh, that was a bit of a loss.

With this thought circling in his head, Bai Jing went to sleep.

Perhaps because he had gone to bed early yesterday, Bai Jing woke up before 6am and the first thing he did was to check the energy fluid he had extracted yesterday.

The energy fluid was indeed very small, covering only about a third of the height of the bottom of the box, making it look even more pitiful in the already small box.

The liquid inside, however, had reached a good level of clarity, was crystal clear and had a pleasing shade of sunny green.

Bai Jing logged on to the Starnet Mall, where many items were sold directly on Starnet because of the holographic technology; there were also small online auction houses.

Of course, mechs, weapons and higher jadeite that sold for high prices still had to be traded in reality.

Bai Jing searched down the rankings and found Starnet Auction House which was ranked fourth in the mall.

They were called auction houses, but in actual fact they primarily sold items on consignment from various planets, somewhat similar to X-Power’s online auctions.

The top three auction houses had specific requirements for consignment items, one of which was that each item had to be sold for at least 20,000 starcoins.

Bai Jing wasn’t sure if the energy fluid he had extracted would reach the reserve price, so he chose the fourth ranked one.

Most of the items up for auction here were mech parts, various instruments, low-level energy fluids, different levels of jadeite, ancient Earth objects, and some new products that had been developed but weren’t yet on the market, etc. There was a wide variety of items.

However, this auction house was quite formal in that they didn’t auction off certain messy items.

Each item had to be worth no less than 5000 starcoins, otherwise it would be returned.

The owner’s information was also kept confidential, which was an unspoken rule of online auction houses and part of the shop’s reputation, so Bai Jing didn’t have to worry about his identity being exposed.

Looking at the three thirds energy fluid he had extracted, he hoped that he would succeed in selling it.

He sent an email following the consignment format, stating roughly that the energy fluid had been extracted from a glutinous jadeite, and signed it with [Bai]. Anyway, it was a virtual name.

The silver box containing the energy fluid was then sent out.

Having done this, Bai Jing took a shower, changed into clean clothes and went to the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling house.

Young Master Gu had sent him a message in the morning saying that he had found someone to give him a slight modification to match the age of ‘Gu Yun’ on his profile. Hopefully it wasn’t too strange.

The Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling house.

A sweet looking host appeared in front of the screen: “Hello, I am Tan Shu, the host of today’s second betting war.

Standing on my left hand side is today’s level 1 Stone Gambler Gu Yun, aged 20, welcome!”

The bright beams of light hit Bai Jing and he was a little uncomfortable with the numerous live spheres that floated around in the air for close up shots.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, he stepped onto the high platform.

And there was a stirring below stage when the host made the announcement.

“How can it be a level 1 Stone Gambler?!”

“Why is a level 1 Stone Gambler participating in the betting wars? Isn’t this looking for abuse?”

“Twenty years old and he’s a level 1 Stone Gambler? He’s not very talented.”

“I would never bet on him!”

There was no rate of betting increase requirement to become a level 1 Stone Gambler, hence it was safe to say that if one passed the Gambling Apprentice exams, one would definitely become a level 1 Stone Gambler.

Talented youngsters like Du Xing Yu, who became an Apprentice Gambler at the age of fifteen, would definitely progress to become a level 1 Stone Gambler in the same year.

Compared to people like these, twenty was a very old age indeed, a full five years off.

But the discussion in the hall lost its voice in unison when the camera on the big screen switched to Bai Jing’s enlarged features.

The young man’s delicate and beautiful features were visible in the light, his complexion glowing white and as smooth and delicate as jade, without blemish.

His long, curly eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly’s wings and his most striking feature was his clear, translucent teal eyes, which looked like a spring of water with a slight chill, making people hold their breath when they looked over.

The messy hair in front of his forehead had been tucked back, revealing a polished forehead and the curve of his eyes, tinting his face with a bit of maturity.

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