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Chapter 22.3

In the end, the 6.2 kilogram piece of hibiscus jadeite was auctioned off for four million, and the amount of starcoins in Bai Jing’s light account changed from one million seven hundred thousand to five million seven hundred thousand. While the onlookers dispersed a little, more people came to pick out rough stones, all wanting to rub off some of the luck.

Bai Jing relinquished his place to the Stone Solver and took the ‘thin layer of green skin’ jadeite to Jin Mao and An Ge’s side.

Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing with stars shining in his eyes: ”D*mn, Jing Ge, you’re simply too good!

Tell me quickly, how were you able to tell that there was jadeite in that scrap?”

Bai Jing said helplessly: “I wasn’t. The scrap was just in my hand and I saw scattered pine flowers at the bottom and thought that it had potential.

Plus the rough stone dealer’s attitude was really over the top, so I thought I’d give it a try. ”

He was telling the truth, but it made sense to conceal the fact that he had used his senses to detect part of the rough stone.

Thinking of the scene just now, Jin Mao also became indignant: “That’s right, not only did that treacherous businessman not keep his word, he was also shady all the time. But-“

He laughed, “What a relief that was!

He wasn’t even willing to part with 60,000 starcoins before, but in the end, he bought it back for 4 million starcoins which is nearly 70 times more. He’s probably regretting it.”

Even An Ge gave a quick smile. It was normal for businessmen to value profit, but hitting someone when he was down after betting on a collapse was too underhanded.

“Let’s go and unravel ours as well.”

As they had just been watching the action for half an hour, the dozen or so rough stones in the two men’s shopping carts had yet to be solved.

There were a lot of people at the Stone Solver’s side, as everyone seemed to be sure that good luck came from that spot, even if there was a long queue.

Jin Mao and An Ge went to the two adjacent self-service stone solving machines and placed their rough stones on the table with the intention of solving the rough stones themselves.

Bai Jing weighed the three pieces of rough stones he had picked out at Wang Ping’s. The total weight was 35.5 kilograms, totaling 8,500 starcoins.

Seeing him, Wang Ping smiled and said, “Young master, it’s all thanks to you today that I was able to make some profit, so how can I take more money from you?

How about this? I’ll take off the change for these pieces of rough stones. The next time you’re here, you should come to my place more often…”

The stall owner, Wang Ping, was a very sophisticated person who had calculated the advantages and disadvantages clearly.

Bai Jing had brought him untold amounts of business, so a proper gesture of goodwill was necessary.

Besides, Young Master Jin and this young master were clearly not people who were short of money, so for the long term, this deal was definitely not a loss.

If he hadn’t considered the other party’s ‘upright’ nature, what would he have done even if he had waived all the thousands of starcoins?

He was afraid the teenager wouldn’t agree.

Bai Jing paid 4,000 starcoins with his light brain and went over to the two.

On this side, little fatty Jin Mao, who had several previous experiences in gambling, soon began to solve his rough stones.

An Ge, on the other hand, fumbled clumsily as he was operating the stone solving machine for the first time. It was only with Bai Jing’s help that he managed to turn the laser blade on and land the first cut.

The first rough cut from both was a white stone, a normal occurrence in such cheap offcuts.

Jin Mao had solved six pieces of rough stones in a row, but not even a single green piece, not to mention jadeite.

An Ge unraveled four pieces, and there was also nothing but a piece of flesh of the jadeite that had been destroyed by ringworm.

Seeing this situation, they couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. At this rate, when exactly would they be able to save up the five points?

”Jing Ge, can you help me solve it?”

Jin Mao didn’t usually believe in luck or anything; it was just that betting on rough stones was extremely mentally taxing, which was what made him come up with this method.

Bai Jing went up beside him and while observing the rough stone, pushed his senses deeper into the remaining four pieces of rough stones.

Three of the pieces had nothing inside, however he sensed a moderately active reaction in one of the rough stones; it should be of the luminous green or fine bean variety.

That piece of rough stone was right at the top, so Bai Jing reassured the little fatty: “Try again, maybe it will produce jadeite. ”

After hearing this, Jin Mao held out the oval-shaped piece of rough stone: “Jing Ge, I’ll do as you say. ”

Despite this statement, he was still in a very frustrated mood and, after some sketchy observations, cut straight down on the third cut down.

“This, this… is a rise!”

At the sight of the deep green color coming through from within, little fatty’s eyes suddenly widened and he almost jumped up in excitement.

A section of the crowd gathered around the master gambler’s side immediately came together to witness the birth of the jadeite.

No matter how many times they had seen it, it was an exciting event to unravel jadeite from a crude raw stone.

Jin Mao’s hands shook a little as he stopped cutting the stone as hard as before and replaced it with a grinding wheel to rub it finely. This was the first time he had ever bet up and the feeling of fullness in his heart almost burst through his chest.

It took almost twenty minutes before a small portion of the rough stone had been rubbed out, causing the people next to him to become a little too impatient to wait.

“At this rate, I don’t think it will be solved in a few hours. ”

“Do as I say, make a cut straight back and see if it shows potential first! ”

“That’s right, otherwise it would be a waste to rub it for so long.”

Jin Mao had been operating the wheel continuously for some time now, and despite the fact that the grinding wheel was very sensitive, he still had to exert force with his arms, particularly after the excitement had subsided and exhaustion had swept over him, leaving him a little tired.

He shook his right hand and replaced it with the laser blade, intending to make the first cut as the others had said.

As the saying went: it wasn’t a great yield when you rubbed it, only when you cut it was it considered a great yield.

The rubbing up might cause thin layers of green skin, locks, ringworms and various other conditions to appear, while the cutting up represented a continuous piece of jadeite, a real increase in bet.

Only, when he was ready to cut, he became a little unsure.

It would be a shame to cut the jadeite inside at the wrong angle and have most of it ruined.

Jin Mao gestured a few times but didn’t dare to do so, so he couldn’t help but fall on Bai Jing for help.

Bai Jing didn’t refuse and after a careful observation, a line was drawn diagonally along the bottom quarter.

He had just used his sense perception ability to sense the extent to which the jadeite inside the rough stone went, but when he drew the line, he deliberately shifted it slightly by half a centimeter at the bottom so as to avoid too much coincidence.

Little fatty Jin Mao turned on the button of his laser blade and the blue beam condensed into a sharp ‘blade’ and cut along the scratch line.

“A gain!”

“It is a luminous jadeite–“

Only the cut surface under the strong light showed a luminous texture, slightly dark in color, containing a few inclusions. It was medium at best, but a big rise.

It had to be known, that the purchase of this piece only cost a total of 2,000 points, so the luminous blue jadeite inside had to be at least ten times more than that.

Seeing that the cut had risen, Jin Mao was instantly refreshed and quickly operated the grinding wheel to polish along the contours of the jadeite, and within ten minutes had unraveled a piece of jadeite of the luminous green variety, not quite uniform in color, with some shades of green.

A rough stone dealer bid: “This piece of luminous jadeite is of average texture and not very large, so I bid 40,000 starcoins. ”

As he had offered a reasonable price, the others didn’t continue to bid. Little fatty Jin Mao took his light brain out happily to complete the transaction.

“Jing Ge, ahhhhh fantastic, I’ve earned 20,000 starcoins today–“

The ten pieces of rough stones cost a total of 20,000 starcoins, half the price of this luminous jadeite. He hadn’t made much money overall, but it felt really good to have bet on a rise!

And to top it all off, he had gained a point and was one step closer to being a Level 1 Stone Gambler!

Intending to solve the remaining three rough stones later, Jin Mao switched places with Bai Jing and went to An Ge’s side.

All five of An Ge’s rough stones had collapsed and he was now solving the last one.

This piece of rough stone didn’t look like it would perform well. With no pine flowers or python bands on the surface and a sparse patch of black ringworms underneath, it really didn’t look like a rough stone that could produce jadeite.

But for some reason, he had found this piece eye-catching from the first moment he saw it so had bought it without hesitation.

The back-to-back rise in bets by his two best friends put pressure on him, even if he didn’t have a competitive personality.

Taking a deep breath, An Ge placed the rough stone on the stone solving machine and fixed it in place, rubbing the crust and making the first cut.

The cut, unsurprisingly revealed a white and flowery surface.

Not losing heart, he drew a second tangent line after careful observation. The blue laser flashed with an eerie cold light and a second cut was made along the rough stone.

Even so, there was still no sign of jadeite.

An Ge settled down and went on with the third cut.

At this point, less than a third of the rough stone was left and there wasn’t even the slightest sign of green.

If it was someone else, they would have given up long ago. The remaining rough stone was no more than the size of a fist, with no green on the cut side, so wasn’t it bound to collapse?

An Ge bit his lip tightly as he put the laser blade away and replaced it with a grinding wheel.

He had an overwhelming feeling regarding this rough stone, which was why he hadn’t given up on it until now.

His instincts told him that there was jadeite in this piece of rough stone!

As a result of the successive gambling rises, the stall was seeing more and more people, and there were several people waiting to solve their rough stones at almost every stone solving machine.

When they saw that the teenager had actually replaced the stone cutter with an abrasive wheel, the crowd expressed their disbelief.

“This cut isn’t even showing green, so how come you’re still continuing?”

“I say, little brother, don’t be stubborn. This piece of rough stone is obviously hopeless, just cut it again and forget it. ”

“That’s right. I’m still waiting for my rough stone to be solved, how long are you going to polish it?”

An Ge, who was introverted and self-conscious, blushed a little for a moment at the sound of their urging, but still didn’t put down the grinding wheel in his hand.

Little fatty Jin Mao was hot-tempered, so he argued directly with the man: “Uncle, don’t you understand the rule of first come, first served? My friend is solving his rough stone, what if he destroys the flesh of the jadeite inside?”

The middle-aged man had a thick look of mockery on his face, “Just this piece of rough stone, how can it possibly–“

Before he could finish his sentence, his eyes widened in a flash of disbelief and he said, Jadeite, it has jadeite in it!”

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