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Chapter 39.1

Two pieces of pear skin crust rough stone, one to be solved by Bai Jing and the other to be solved by the level 2 Stone Gambler Liao Guang.

Sensing his boss’s warning gaze, Liao Guang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead for the third time, understanding that it had to be done quickly to try to not affect the shop’s business.

And the unraveled crust had to be disposed of immediately. Absolutely no one else must be able to see the end!

Although the probability of being discovered was extremely small— he looked at Bai Jing who had been all the way through calm beside him and suddenly felt some fear. What if–

‘Please, please let there be no accidents.’ Liao Guang prayed secretly in his heart.

And that ‘Boss Huang’ went to the rough stone next to him and pretended to pick it up under the gesture of shopkeeper Wu Xing.

After the collapse in bet after the unraveling this time, they had to get a big rise immediately, otherwise the business of shop No. 3 would be finished!

D*mn, it was all this young master’s fault, making them lose three pieces of rough stone for nothing in addition to having to lose their reputation.

The rough stone with the pear skin crust in Liao Guang’s hand was very thin. After he polished it gently a few times with the abrasive grinding wheel, jadeite was soon revealed underneath the crust, which was about two fingers wide.

“It’s green!”

“It’s a nice seed, it’s of the egg white variety!”

“This is great. As long as the jadeite solved from it is egg sized, the shopkeeper will win for sure.”

“As expected of a young master from an aristocratic family. He just had to insist on making this bet. Isn’t he just giving money away?”

Several people looked at Bai Jing and shook their heads, sighing.

Preferring to lose millions of starcoins just to prove a purely imaginary intuition. This was just how foolish spenders were.

Tsk, they really didn’t understand the world of the rich.

Liao Guang’s face was completely devoid of the joy of having a bet up, his expression tight, an ugly expression of ‘a loved one had passed away’ on his face, the same expression as that on shopkeeper Wu Xing’s face.

How was this mocking the little young master, they were clearly mocking him!

The higher the expectations these people had for this piece of rough stone, the greater their disappointment would be after it was solved a little later.

When the time came, afraid they would run away faster than anyone else-

Especially when he sensed his boss’s warning gaze. He wanted desperately to cry but had no tears.

Liao Guang also wanted to be faster, hating that he couldn’t just use his laser knife to just cut the D*mn piece of rough stone in half.

However it was against common sense to cut a polished piece directly. Since green was showing, it was only natural to polish the rough stone carefully so as not to destroy the jadeite inside.

Therefore, he could only hold the abrasive grinding wheel and slowly remove the damaged jadeite from the edges.

As for Bai Jing’s side, naturally, he had polished until green was showing.

Again, the seed and water was good. It was of the glutinous variety.

The people around were already looking at Bai Jing with eyes that said, ‘foolish son of the landlord’s family’. This was the first time they had witnessed such a rush to give away money.

Jin Mao also regretted it slightly. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Bai Jing, but that watching these two pieces of jadeite with good seeds and water being unraveled bit by bit in front of him was a little uncomfortable.

After all, if he had bought them, all these big rises, points, and rate of betting increase would have been his.

As Liao Guang’s abrasive grinding wheel made ‘zi zi’ sounds, Bai Jing didn’t waste time like he was doing. Instead, he turned on the switch of the laser knife directly.

The blue laser beam flashed with a cold light and dropped straight down, slicing down on the back half of the rough stone!

“Goodness, it cut straight through!”

“D*mn, what if it destroys it?”

“Heh heh, it seems this little young master trusts his intuition extraordinarily—”

However to their dumbfounded surprise, both halves of the cut were white stones, with not a single sign of green showing.

Bai Jing had measured the cut. Instead of just cutting through the middle which would be too unconventional, he dropped the knife from the position of the last third part.

“Ahem, that’s normal. After all, it’s not possible to have jadeite in all parts of a rough stone.”

The person who had just mocked Bai Jing for ‘trusting his intuition’ added a sentence hurriedly, feeling ashamed when he saw the result.

However as soon as these words left his mouth, Bai Jing made another slice.

This cut was from the center of the remaining two thirds of the rough stone, only three or four centimeters from the green part, almost a sure determining factor that could determine ‘success or failure’ in one cut.

Predictably, this time the cut was still a white stone.


Having just finished speaking but having been proven wrong, the man’s face turned red as if he had been slapped several times in quick succession. Lowering his head, he dared not utter another word.

The others were similarly silent. A piece of rough stone that was performing so well had unexpectedly collapsed!

Looking at the cut surface, it didn’t look like the green would come out even if it went a couple of centimeters deeper??

As the laser knife made its final cut, everyone fell silent.

Surprisingly, it was really a thin layer of green skin and the layer was so thin that it was too much of a waste of energy to even polish the stone. Not to mention 5,000 starcoins, it was practically worthless!

Could it be that this little young master’s intuition was really that accurate?

So the half-believing, half-doubting people set their eyes on the other piece of rough stone.

Liao Guang polished it for ten minutes under the enormous pressure and burning eyes of the crowd until the polishing of the stone of the egg white variety cut was complete.

By the time his actions stopped, his entire back was soaked through.

“It’s a rise in bet!”

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