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Chapter 56.3

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Lu Yuan held this rare, top-tier jadeite carefully in his hands, and after a long time, introduced with excitement, “Violet jadeite, compared to green jadeite, has a lower production rate and is considered a rare color. In the industry, there’s a saying: ‘Among red, green and violet jadeites, violet jadeite is revered,’ indicating its preciousness.

However, most violet jadeites are of the glutinous variety, which tends to be dry, hence the saying ‘most violet jadeites have poor performance. The richer the color, the worse the seed water, and the better the seed water, the poorer the color.’ Violet of the water variety is already considered rare in violet jadeites, let alone the violet jadeite of the glass variety. Extremely rare!”

Lu Yuan, suppressing his inner excitement, continued, “The color of this jadeite belongs to the red-violet range of violets, but not the common red-violet. It’s the top-tier peach blossom spring in violets!”

Peach Blossom Spring jadeite, as the name suggested, was as vibrant as peach blossoms.

Because it was only when the spring color was full, the hue was even, the quality of the old rough stone was high, and the jadeite was flawless and lustrous, that it could be called the Peach Blossom Spring jadeite!

Lu Yuan, Yan Ji, and the Vice President of the Gambling Guild, Xi Bin, discussed for a while before they made a decision: “The three of us have made a rough estimate for this top-grade jadeite, but it can only serve as a reference.

After all, the empire hadn’t seen a Peach Blossom Spring jadeite of the glass variety in nearly a hundred years, so its significance was extraordinary

This top-grade jadeite weighed 5.8 kilograms, and its size, texture, and color were extremely rare among top-grade jadeites. The final valuation the three senior Stone Gamblers gave was 170 million starcoins!!

[Heavens, fck fck f*ck!]

[170 million top-grade jadeite, holy sh*t!]

[Is this really cut out from the offcuts??]

[A miracle, this is a miracle!!]

[Ah ah ah, God Yun is explosively powerful!]

After this piece of jadeite was solved, everyone on Starnet went crazy.

Countless people were fascinated by this jadeite, which was more precious than imperial green glass jadeite, so much so that even the Stone Gambling Points Battle was forgotten.

What was there to compare? Was there any comparability?

Heh heh, which jadeite could compare to the top-tier Peach Blossom Spring jadeite?

Gu Yun unraveled top-tier glass variety Peach Blossom Spring, valued at 170 million!

Top-tier Peach Blossom Spring jadeite, a sight rare in a century

The two hashtags quickly climbed to the top two spots on Starnet, and for a while, everywhere on Starnet was flooded with pictures and introductions of this top-tier jadeite.

The live stream’s popularity skyrocketed, and it was all because of this top-tier jadeite!

[It’s too beautiful.]

[So this is the Peach Blossom Spring Jadeite, really as radiant as peach blossoms.]

[Woo woo, it’s so beautiful.]

[Once in a hundred years, its beauty is really indescribable.]

Not everyone in the empire loved stone gambling, but their love for jadeite and the pursuit of beauty was unanimous.

Such a transparent, peach-blossom colored, elegant, and enchanting top-tier jadeite won everyone’s admiration, and they also remembered the name of the Stone Gambler who had unraveled this jadeite—Gu Yun!

Liang Heng logged onto his Star Realm account then watched with wide eyes as Gu Yun’s fans increased at rocket speed: 23 million, 24 million, 25 million… all the way to 32 million!

This number wasn’t inferior to that of top-tier Stone Gamblers at all!

And Gu Yun was fully qualified to rival top-tier Stone Gamblers!

No matter how bustling Starnet was, their competition continued.

Unfortunately, the jadeite that Ying Wenfeng finally unraveled was only a thin layer of the hibiscus variety, which was slightly better than the thin layer of green skin.

The previously exposed thumb-sized section was just the bottom part of the jadeite, akin to being horizontally placed inside the rough stone, so there was still a large section of white on top.

However, even if he unraveled a 10 kilogram jadeite of the hibiscus variety, it still wouldn’t be able to compare to the Peach Blossom Spring jadeite of the glass variety!

Yan Ji gave an estimate of ten thousand starcoins.

Ying Wenfeng’s face turned pale as he took out his last dark ebony skin rough stone.

This rough stone was of palm size, pitch black like ink, with a waxy outer layer indicating its age.

This kind of dark ebony skin rough stone had a tiny chance of producing imperial green glass jadeite. Yet, evidently, there was a 99.99% chance it wouldn’t, including this one.

Ying Wenfeng didn’t hold out much hope. He set aside the abrasive grinding wheel and directly cut it with a laser knife, revealing an unsurprisingly white stone.

Although he knew the odds, the moment he saw the result, he felt uncontrollable despair.

He had lost, he had lost completely!

His reputation, his future, all were gone! The patriarch probably wouldn’t spare him.

Ying Wenfeng shivered, his head hung low in defeat, his expression obscured.

Bai Jing also took out his last red rough stone.

With decisive strokes, the cut surface revealed the same white stone.

Both of their last pieces of rough stone were collapse in bets.

The entire Stone Gambling Points Battle came to an end at this point.

Level 2 Stone Gambler Gu Yun had three rise in bets, which were full green jadeite of the coarse bean variety, white based green jadeite of the glutinous variety, and Peach Blossom Spring jadeite of the glass variety, with a total price of 174,650,000 starcoins.

Level 6 Stone Gambler Ying Wenfeng also had three rise in bets, specifically high quality ice variety with scallion green heart, light green jadeite of the bean variety, and yellowish-green jadeite of the hibiscus variety, totaling 3,110,000 starcoins.

If one only looked at Ying Wenfeng’s rate of betting increase and the quality of the jadeite, it was quite good.

From a pile of offcuts, his rate of betting increase reached 60%, and he unraveled the high-grade high quality ice variety with scallion green heart jadeite, fully demonstrating the prowess of a high-level Stone Gambler.

Unfortunately, he met Gu Yun.

It was the genius Stone Gambler Gu Yun who had repeatedly high rise in bets top quality jadeites!

Lu Yuan and Yan Ji exchanged glances and both sighed softly: Even if it were them, they would have lost to Gu Yun!

Ying Wenfeng perhaps truly hadn’t expected that, being a Level 6 Stone Gambler, he would lose to a Level 2 Stone Gambler!

Unfortunately, everything was a result of his own doing.

Vice President Xi Bin announced the final results: “In the Stone Gambling Points Battle between Level 6 Stone Gambler Ying Wenfeng and Level 2 Stone Gambler Gu Yun, the final winner is—Gu Yun!

According to the rules, Ying Wenfeng is stripped of his Level 6 Stone Gambler badge, will have his points reset to zero, and is permanently banished him from the Gambling World.”

And in the midst of [God Yun the Strongest] pop ups on the screen, Xi Bin took off the silver badge from Ying Wenfeng’s chest that represented the Level 6 Stone Gambler.

At the same time, he notified the president, applied to cancel all of Ying Wenfeng’s privileges, and transferred all his accumulated points along with the 50 points rewarded by the Gambling Guild to Gu Yun.

Just then, something unexpected happened. Ying Wenfeng suddenly pushed Xi Bin away, pulled out an alloy dagger from his waist, and charged at Gu Yun who was standing by the side!

Bai Jing was just about to dodge and restrain him, but before he could, he heard a ‘pfft’ sound, the muffled noise of a blade piercing flesh. Ying Wenfeng had actually turned the dagger on himself, stabbing his own throat!

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The audience on Starnet saw the gushing blood and were stunned, screaming in shock.

Bai Jing also froze. Both Ying Wenfeng’s expression and his actions clearly showed that he had wanted to stab him to death!

So why had he stabbed himself instead—

“Ah Jing, are you okay?”

Gu Yuanzhao had been quite a distance away, so even though he had rushed to Bai Jing’s side hurriedly, his mind and gaze had been entirely on the teenager, so he hadn’t had time to handle Ying Wenfeng, which led to his successful sucde.

Yan Ji came closer to check the breath and shook his head at everyone.

The knife had been thrust deeply, hence there was no breath left.

The Stone Gambling Points Battle ended in a tragic state. However, because Ying Wenfeng had tried to k*ll Bai Jing, no one sympathized with him.

As for his dying act, it was speculated that he couldn’t bear the realization of his destroyed future, leading to his mental breakdown.

Perhaps because of the terrible impact, news about him disappeared quickly.

People continued to revel in the joy of Gu Yun unraveling the precious Peach Blossom Spring jadeite, praising that Gu Yun deserved the title ‘God Yun’.

In the records concerning the ‘God-level Stone Gambler’ of later generations, it wrote:

That day was a day worth remembering.

In a fully transparent live broadcast environment, the Empire’s only God-level Stone Gambler showcased his strength to everyone.

At that time, Bai Jing, who was still a level two Stone Gambler, defeated Ying Wenfeng, a level six Stone Gambler, with an absolute advantage. This established the crucial foundation for him to become the God-level Stone Gambler.

Later generations recorded the date of Star Calendar 835, August 19th, as the ‘Day of Miracles’.

It was also the day the God-level Stone Gambler was officially born!

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