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Chapter 16.1

The next morning, tens of thousands of young men and women gathered in the hall on the ground floor of the Guild’s headquarters, all of them coming from different planets to take the apprenticeship exams.

Fortunately, the Guild’s headquarters covered an extremely large area and the hall was spacious, otherwise there wouldn’t have been room for so many people.

Looking at the crowd of people and the numbers on the detectors, Jin Mao’s face turned white. There were more than a thousand more candidates this time than there had been last year!

And no matter what the number was, the Gambling Guild would only accept the top 100 candidates each year, which meant that the competition this year would be even fiercer than in previous years.

He unconsciously glanced at Bai Jing beside him, whose calm and collected demeanor slowly calmed him down: it didn’t matter, he was much stronger this year than last year, and with Bai Jing’s guidance, he would definitely make it into the top 100!

“Quick, look, the Capital Star’s contestants are here!” Suddenly, there was a commotion from the crowd.

Then they only saw a group of teenagers from aristocratic families who looked to be about fourteen to fifteen years of age approaching from the doorway. They were dressed in uniformed silver attires with silver chains dangling from their chests. The boys were handsome and the girls were beautiful, their faces as proud as they were and their demeanors elegant and radiant.

The crowd moved out of the way spontaneously to allow them to walk ahead.

“Phew, luckily there aren’t many people this time, only thirty.”

“The entire Capital Star has so few participants?”

“Huh, don’t you know?

They are all recommended by the major families of the Capital Star. They are absolutely very lucky and their passing rate for the exams is close to one hundred percent! Not only that, the top five places in the exams are taken by them every year, without exception for the past ten years.”

“!! That’s too strong right?”

“Crap, wouldn’t that leave us with only seventy spots?!”

Among the group, the most conspicuous one was the teenager at the head of the group.

With thick chestnut hair, blue eyes like the most dazzling sapphires, fair skin and a slender body, the teenager looked like a prince who had walked out of an oil painting, with an unparalleled arrogance, and was the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Ah ah ah ah, have you seen him? Standing in the forefront is the young master of the Du family – Du Xingyu.”

“The Du family. Is it that Du family, the second largest rough stones miner in the empire? They are a behemoth next to the Gu family.”

“That’s right. His sister, Du Jingya, is the youngest Level 5 Gambling Master the empire has ever seen.

Du Xingyu was influenced by his sister and has loved gambling on rough stones since he was a child, and with an entire planet’s worth of raw rough stones and professional teaching, he is unquestionably deserving of the top spot.”

“Sigh, this year’s contestants are too strong, let’s hope the heavens bless us to pass the test.”

Bai Jing walked with the crowd to the detector, passed the test and entered exams room 6, where Proxima Star belonged.

The room was very spacious, with a divider for each person and surrounded by an opaque light screen, creating a four or five square meter space.

The exams would last for two days and it was divided into theory and practicals, with one day for each of the two exams. The total number of marks for the exams was 100, with 40 marks for theory and 60 marks for practicals.

The first day was devoted to theory and the exams would last for five hours.

Bai Jing connected the virtual port on the desktop to his light brain and it showed that the authentication was successful.

After clicking on the questions, the light screen flashed instantly and countless questions drifted past Bai Jing’s eyes before finally freezing in a flash.

This was equivalent to a set of questions chosen at random from a pool of thousands, with the set of questions differing for each candidate.

Bai Jing quickly scanned the questions from top to bottom, and discovered that they were very detailed, covering all aspects of knowledge and covering an extremely broad range of topics. The Gambling Guild must have chosen these questions.

This type of theoretical knowledge, however, wasn’t difficult for him.

By now, Bai Jing had read all the content in the chip that had been given to him so had a solid foundation and together with Gao Ling’s expert explanation in the classroom, he now had a good grasp of knowledge about gambling on rough stones.

He only read through the questions once and immediately had the answers in his head.

The electronic pen in his hand was so light and tactile that it left a clear mark without much effort. The black tip of the pen wrote quickly on the light screen with hardly a pause.

Two hours later, Bai Jing stopped answering and the light screen displayed beautiful, neat handwriting. However in an instant, it turned into a universal electronic book.

The teal eyes behind the lenses checked the answers from start to finish, made sure that nothing had been missed, before walking out of the exams room.

Du Xingyu was the only one in the empty hall.

He had obviously just come out as well and was standing on the detector to be tested on his way out.

Seeing Bai Jing, Du Xingyu visibly froze for a moment, a touch of surprise flashing in his azure eyes.

His speed of answering questions had always been unrivaled, and according to his calculations, the second person to come out of the exams room should have been at least an hour later and should have come from Exams Room 1, where Capital Star was located.

‘Who was this person? The speed at which he answered the questions was actually on par with him. But looking at his dress, he was clearly a commoner…..’

Thinking this way, Du Xing Yu couldn’t help but look at Bai Jing a few more times, the expression on his face hard to distinguish.

Suddenly, as if he thought of something, he snorted lightly in disdain and turned to leave.

He had thought wrongly. It wasn’t that this person was overly gifted, but that he couldn’t answer the questions. It was a waste of time for him to stand in the same place as this person for a long time guessing. Qie, how boring—

The next candidate to leave the exams hall was exactly as Du Xingyu had expected. Three hours after the exams had ended, a girl emerged from Exams Hall 1.

The young girl’s identity was equally noble. She came from the Tang family, the number one mech manufacturing family in the empire. Her grandfather was the strongest mech builder in the empire, and she had been educated in an extremely harsh atmosphere since she was a child, except that she didn’t like mechs but preferred gambling on stones.

Bai Jing sat in the waiting area in the lobby and drank two nutrient solutions to replenish his strength before turning on his light brain to watch virtual images of rough stones while waiting for Jin Mao and An Ge.

The theory exams was indeed difficult, but not quite at the ‘perverted’ level little fatty had described.

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  1. Bai Jing saying its not that of a difficult exam is just like a top 1 of your grade saying the same thing lmao

  2. I miss going through high school with that kind of mentality. Back then, almost all of my classes felt like that because I was clever enough that my ADD brain didn’t stop me from absorbing enough information in passing that I could score exceedingly well on almost all of my exams. I’ve found that the biggest flaw in such a broken brain chemistry is precisely what was elucidated earlier during the class study arc: the instant you fall behind in your studies and lose the chain of interconnected logic and study topics then you are absolutely screwed because there’s no such thing as studying on your own. Sometimes it is possible to search for an answer in the textbook while you’re solving homework problems and fill in the gap that way, but if you miss out on something significant then there’s nothing you can do and you’re just dead in the water. This can also happen when your ability to absorb and recall specific information is inadequate to cope with the density of the studies. Physics is a good test to see how broken your ADD or ADHD brain is. Some of the formulas for that subject contain variables which are, themselves, actually derivations or integrations of pretty lengthy expressions. If you can’t remember the short-hand for how to handle them, then you do have the option to fall back on expanding those variables out and solving for them that way, but then your formula takes up three to five lines in the notebook.

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