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Chapter 25.3

The black trench coat wrapped around a slender and trim figure, with a point of coldness, beauty with a handsome spontaneity, extraordinarily fascinating.

“F*ck, this face, I will bet on him!”

“Simply beautiful and handsome, ah ah ah ah, I’m dying–“

Meanwhile, people attending the betting wars online through Starnet at the same time began to stir.

Although the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House wasn’t small by any means, most people didn’t have time to go live all day, opting instead for the more convenient online betting, so there were dozens of times as many people on Starnet as there were on site.

The live spheres projected Bai Jing’s delicate features onto the virtual screen, and even when magnified several times, there wasn’t a single flaw on that jade-like skin, not even a pore was to be seen.

The beauty of the youth wasn’t delicate, but rather harsh and cold, like a rose with thorns. It was obviously beautiful but not to be played with.

Within seconds, Bai Jing’s high-resolution picture was posted on ‘Star Realm’, attracting many passers-by to lick their screens.

[He’s too beautiful, woo woo woo–]

[It turns out there’s really such a beautiful face in this world!]

[In one minute, I want the whole profile of this little brother!]

Many people on ‘Star Realm’ who didn’t normally attend the betting on rough stones flocked to the live stream of the Gu Conglomerate’s Starnet section because they wanted to see the divine face, making it so that for a while, the number of people online exceeded several times the previous numbers.

The host Tan Shu continued with her introductions, “Standing on my right hand side is the person who will be playing against Gu Yun– Jiang Ke, eighteen years old, a level 2 Stone Gambler, with a 10.35% rate of betting increase. Let’s give a round of applause! “

Stepping out onto the high stage was a sweet-smiling teenager with a clean-cut look, dressed like a secondary school student in a pink shirt and bow tie.

The teenager seemed a little excited and ran up happily, giving his fans a flying kiss with a pout as soon as he came up. “Xiao Ke thanks you all for your support, love you all~”

“Go treasure Ke!”

“Treasure Ke is the best–“

“Treasure Ke is going to win!”

The fans in the hall immediately shouted his name with excitement.

With his cute appearance and good marketing skills, Jiang Ke had a lot of fans on ‘Star Realm’.

However, as many of the fans shouted his name, their eyes drifted towards the screen where Bai Jing was.

Wow, this young man was too handsome right!

Jiang Ke darted a quick glance at Bai Jing at the side, a flash of jealousy in his eyes.

Who was this person who had overwhelmed him!

Normally, when Jiang Ke fired up his clean and cute persona, every betting war venue would become a stage for him to perform, and with a strong sense before the cameras, he would attract the attention of many fans.

Actually, Jiang Ke’s talent wasn’t bad, otherwise he wouldn’t have become a level 2 Stone Gambler at such a young age.

However it was so hard to move up the ranks, not only for the points, but also for the rate of betting increase, so it was all about accumulation.

Moreover, in all the time he had been gambling on rough stones, he had never opened a high-quality jadeite, so he didn’t earn many starcoins at all.

Then he realized that every betting war was a great opportunity for exposure, so why shouldn’t he make the most of it?

Hence after participating in more than ten betting wars, Jiang Ke had gained a following and had managed to secure two high-profile endorsements, earning him more starcoins than he ever had for gambling on rough stones.

After that, he put all his efforts into building up his fan base and gradually slackened off on his betting on rough stones.

However now his exposure had diminished and so, after a long absence from the game, he could now only continue to participate in the betting wars.

Looking at Bai Jing who was standing opposite him, Jiang Ke had to admit that his opponent was better looking than him, but so what?

Gu Yun was only a level 1 Stone Gambler. He would definitely win this time around.

[He’s here, he’s here, he’s here with the most innocent look on his face.]

[Ew, Jiang Ke is 19 years old, does he really think he hasn’t grown up?]

[What’s wrong with my Treasure Ke? It’s not wrong to be cute.]

[That’s right, treasure Ke is so pretty, you these sunspots are just jealous, right?]

(Heh, fans up there, go get your eyes fixed! It’s okay to say this in normal days, but now after looking at the handsome guy next to Jiang Ke, don’t you feel embarrassed saying that?]

The fan who just spoke was immediately left speechless.

To be fair, Jiang Ke was really good looking and well groomed, otherwise he wouldn’t have so many fans.

But today, against the backdrop of that level 1 Stone Gambler standing opposite him, the fans were shocked to find that their Treasure Ke seemed to be outclassed?

How come his face that used to look cute now looked a little unnatural?

The always-emphasized blown-out skin, when magnified, revealed large pores and traces of make-up which was disastrous compared to the other’s flawless face.

The pink outfit, which was originally very youthful, had a more contrived feel to it than the other’s handsome trench coat.

Not to mention the kiss, which somehow felt a bit greasy?

The fans shook their heads hurriedly to get those horrible thoughts out of their minds.

No, no, they were Jiang Ke’s fans, not his sunspots, so how could they think like that? En, it didn’t matter if they couldn’t beat the other side in terms of face value, but Jiang Ke was a Level 2 Stone Gambler and the other was only a level 1 Stone Gambler. Their treasure Ke could definitely beat him!

The fans who were just bragging about his face immediately changed their tune and became Jiang Ke’s career fans.

[Face value doesn’t matter. This is a betting war, it’s all about strength.]

[Yes, that Gu Yun only has his face going for him, unlike our treasure Ke who is a level 2 Stone Gambler!]

[You’ll see, our Treasure Ke will win for sure.]

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