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Chapter 45.1

Sitting in the pilot’s seat, Bai Jing rested for a moment then came out, his beautiful eyes half closed, his breathing rapid and the expression on his face tired.

If it could be said that he was still full of energy after the first obstacle test, then the various weapon and shooting tests that followed had completely depleted his mental power.

Especially when more than twenty discs had been thrown simultaneously from different angles, pushing his mental power to the limit, causing the taut string in his mind to relax only at this moment.

Then, an overwhelming wave of exhaustion swept through his entire body, almost crushing him.

Perhaps he still needed to work out more.

Seeing the teenager emerge from the cockpit, Yao Tian’s eyes lit up, “Alpha, you’ve exceeded my expectations. The evaluation result of this test is— exceptional!”

This was the highest grade among all evaluations, no one had ever reached it before!

Bai Jing gasped, “Thank you….. Coach, are there any improvements needed for the weapons?”

Yao Tian’s tone became more serious, “Actually, before seeing your performance, I didn’t approve of you using laser beams as a long-range weapon, because compared to other weapons like particle cannons, the former clearly has higher requirements.

However, you’ve really given me a big surprise. Now, I don’t think you need to change your weapon.”

Bai Jing steadied his breathing, “Could you give me a detailed explanation of the characteristics of laser beams?”

Yao Tian nodded, “Of course.

First of all, laser beams have very strong penetration power, capable of concentrating all energy at one point and directly penetrating the protective shield of the cockpit and the mecha’s outer shell, causing damage to the pilot and energy system!

At the same time, it has a very long range and makes no sound when fired. In some cases, it can be used as a long-range sniper weapon. If classified by military type, it’s equivalent to the role of a sniper.”

Seeming to have recalled something, longing filled Yao Tian’s eyes:

“Five years ago, in the Cyber Championship, the captain of the winning team used the advantage given by the terrain to hide in a corner and killed three opponents with laser beams silently!

Not only that, he also used dense laser beams to block the paths of the other two players, working with his teammates to annihilate all opponents with zero casualties, a record that remains unbroken to this day!”

“Moreover, laser beams can have additional attributes such as high temperature, strobes and sudden brightening that can interfere with a pilot’s vision.

Under equal conditions, laser beams consume less energy and if equipped with a level six energy box, can be fired almost indefinitely.”

Bai Jing pondered, “It sounds like laser beams are indeed very powerful long-range weapons, so why did you consider having me change weapons before?”

Yao Tian: “It’s because of the difficulty in operating them.

Laser beams can only be fired in a straight line and can’t curve.

Apart from being able to continuously shoot through enemies at the same angle, it can only hit one person at a time, unlike a particle cannon that can change its firing path and have twenty-four consecutive shots.”

Seeing the thoughtful expression on the teenager’s face, he added, “If you want to switch to a particle cannon, you can. After all, it is currently the most commonly used long-range weapon.”

Bai Jing shook his head, “There’s no need. I prefer laser beams.”

The thrill of shooting was just like using his energy gun.

Yao Tian’s smile returned, “Excellent, a mecha fighter must face challenges head-on!

I believe you can push this weapon to its limit and create a miracle!”

He glanced at the test analysis data, “As for weapon modifications, the basic characteristics are good, but the range needs to be improved.

The current range is too short; it needs to be increased by at least three times.”

Yao Tian continued, “I suggest you replace your engine with a more advanced one first.

An engine is the core of a mecha. A good engine can enhance all aspects of a mecha’s attributes, including range, speed, lethality, etc. Compared to the engine, other modifications are just icing on the cake.”

Bai Jing: “An advanced engine?”

Yao Tian: “That’s right. Advanced mechas aren’t sold on Proxima Star, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to snag an advanced engine.”

While his coach was explaining, Bai Jing had already turned his light brain on and was searching for the price of advanced engines.

However when he saw the past auction prices, he fell silent.

A single level seven engine alone cost 50 million starcoins, and this was the cheapest among the advanced engines.

He currently had over 60 million starcoins in his account and had thought he was wealthy enough, but it wasn’t even enough to buy a high-performance advanced engine!

Mecha was simply a bottomless pit that burned money.

The most frightening thing was that the earliest auction announcement for a level seven engine was at least six months away. By that time, many people would be competing for it, so whether he would be able to get it was an uncertainty.

Seeing the teenager frown, Yao Tian laughed inside.

Aside from those truly well-connected young masters from prominent families, everyone new to mecha had the same expression when they saw the price, all shocked by the cost.

However this had inadvertently helped him and Nie Bai.

He tried to keep his tone calm, “Cough. Actually, apart from purchasing mecha engines at auctions, there is another method—

That is to participate in online virtual battles and exchange points for various resources.”

Turning his light brain off, Bai Jing looked up at him, “What do you mean by online virtual battles?”

Yao Tian: “Put simply, it’s engaging in 1v1 mecha battles on Starnet. It’s divided into L1-L9 levels based on the number of victories.

L1 is the initial level and L9 is the highest level.

And after winning each match, you can earn corresponding points. The higher the level, the more points you earn and the harder it is to advance.

And after reaching Level 5 or higher, each victory can earn hundreds of thousands of points.”

“1 point can be exchanged for 1 starcoin, and points can also be used in exchange for various mecha resources, such as mecha parts, defense shields, weapons, engines and so on.”

Thinking about it, Bai Jing realized that after nearly a month of training, he had already acquired a solid foundation in mecha piloting. What he lacked was actual combat experience.

And this online virtual battle would not only allow him accumulate experience, it would also allow him to earn points, so why not participate?

A glint of excitement appeared in Bai Jing’s eyes: “Coach, what are the requirements for registration?”

There was a bit of excitement in Yao Tian’s voice: “There aren’t many requirements. As long as you pay a registration fee of 1,000 starcoins and have your own mecha, I can use the club’s recommendation quota to help you sign up directly.”

Bai Jing: “Alright, thank you, coach.”

Seeing the teenager’s indifferent expression, Yao Tian couldn’t help but add: “However, if I do that, the name ‘Ling Yun Club’ will appear every time you fight. Are you sure?”

After all, Ling Yun Club’s reputation was no longer what it used to be.

Bai Jing: “I’m sure.”

Through their interactions over this period, Yao Tian had proven himself to be a very responsible coach, so Bai Jing didn’t see any downsides to being a member of the club.

A surge of passion filled Yao Tian’s heart: “Great!

Alpha, after logging in tomorrow, go to the reception desk in the virtual lobby to report and by the way, familiarize yourself with the specific rules. The system will quickly match you with an opponent. I believe you can win!”

Bai Jing smiled: “Thank you, coach. I believe so too.”

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