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Chapter 42.3

The training room on the second floor of the Gu Conglomerate.

The Imperial Major General was in the middle of an intensive physical session, sweat dripping down his forehead and the hair at his temples.

He moved through weightlifting exercises, speed drills and shooting sequences, each designed to distract him from the weight of his thoughts.

It wasn’t until morning that the door to the training room opened slowly and Gu Yuanzhao came out, his chiseled body drenched in sweat and radiating strength from every inch of his pore.

After a quick rinse, he transferred the videos from his daily training to a transparent chip and placed it on the table in the living room.

Meanwhile Bai Jing, due to the late night of excitement and over-exertion from piloting a mecha overslept and woke up just around noon.

The good night’s sleep had left his body well-rested but quickly remembering the training video, he rushed through his morning routine to find Gu Yuanzhao.

However after knocking on his door, there was no response.

Bai Jing pushed open the door to his room tentatively and was surprised to find that it opened easily.

Huh, there was no password or iris scan needed?

The room was neat and tidy, with only neatly folded beddings and a few pieces of clothing to be seen.

Bai Jing scanned the room quickly and realising that it was empty, promptly exited and closed the door.

In that moment, Bai Jing couldn’t help but think to himself, did Gu Yuanzhao really trust him that much?

Even his most intimate room had been left unguarded.

Adding/ Plus the gift of the hover car ‘White Eagle’ he had given him and the access to his mecha’s cockpit, Bai Jing felt that he was being treated a little too well?

Bai Jing had read on his light brain that some advanced mechas had a co-pilot seat set up.

For mecha warriors, mechas were their companions in battle and the most important existence, and this position was at the core of the mecha, directly connected to the control panel.

Only the people they valued the most were allowed to sit in that position, but Gu Yuanzhao had allowed him into the cockpit of ‘Silver Light’—

His light brain interrupted his thoughts with a ‘di’ sound and Bai Jing tapped the screen.

[Gu Yuanzhao: The chip I promised you is on the table, remember to take it. Don’t sleep so late from now on otherwise the chip will be confiscated.]

Bai Jing’s beautiful teal colored eyes widened slightly and after a while, he replied expressionlessly, [I understand].

All in all, he felt that after yesterday, their relationship seems to have changed, and that they had become more familiar with each other.

Bai Jing went to the hall and as expected, he saw a white box on the table that held a thumb-sized semi-transparent chip.

He inserted the chip into a slot on his light brain and the screen displayed dozens of videos with corresponding dates and contents below it.

There were videos of Gu Yuanzhao teaching highly difficulty movements in the military department, videos of combat with other senior military officials of the empire, some highly intense daily training sessions, etc.

Bai Jing was enthralled as he watched Gu Yuanzhao’s every move and every battle which was textbook-level perfect and incredibly powerful. He was indeed worthy of being the empire’s youngest Major General.

But at the same time he also understood that the techniques and moves in the videos were too difficult for him now and that he needed to lay a solid foundation as soon as possible.

So after lunch, Bai Jing quickly logged onto the simulation training room on Starnet.

Starnet saved previous login records and to facilitate easier monitoring and analysis of training data, most people chose the same club they joined initially.

Bai Jing was no exception. He entered Ling Yun Club, but this time he was matched to training room 5.

As soon as he entered training room 5, Bai Jing immediately felt that this training room was high-end.

In addition to a more spacious space, there were various monitoring instruments, including ones for physical strength, speed, range, attack power and more. Furthermore, there was an anti-prying mode and a simulated environment system.

If yesterday’s training room 23 was a regular training room, then this was undoubtedly a high-end VIP training room.

However why had he, someone who had just started with mecha, been assigned to this kind of training room?

Bai Jing looked at the fee for training room 5. 1000 starcoins per hour, which was double that of room 23, but for such an environment, it was clearly a steal.

What Bai Jing didn’t know was that after the club owner, Nie Bai, discovered his strong learning ability and talent, he immediately called Yao Tian and the two of them watched his practice records until late into the night.

And from analyzing mecha data to various analyses of piloting data, the two discussed for a long time then came up with a detailed training plan, just waiting for the teenager named [Alpha] to come online.

Unfortunately, the two sleep-deprived middle-aged men waited the whole morning without seeing their target appear. They couldn’t help but feel disheartened and wondered if the teenager had gone to the more prestigious ‘Yun Lu Club’.

He couldn’t be blamed. Who asked their club to currently be without fame?

Nie Bai sighed, “Looks like it’s fate.”

Their Ling Yun Club probably wouldn’t even have enough participants in the selection competition this year; they would eventually be swallowed up.

Just as Yao Tian was about to say something, they heard the system’s prompt sound: “The temporary trainee [Alpha] you are paying attention to is now online and being matched to a training room.”

Nie Bai’s posture changed from his previous lethargic slump as he sprung up as fast as someone who was ten years younger, immediately changing the matched room 23 to the advanced training room, room 5.

At the same time, he changed the hourly fee from 3000 starcoins to 1000 starcoins.

Yao Tian: “Your skills are as good as before.”

Nie Bai held his waist in pain, “Ouch, I twisted my waist. Quick, bring the treatment device over.”

Then he said immediately, “Forget it, hurry up and go over. I won’t die.”

Yao Tin: “…. ok.”

Nie Bai: “Speak softly, don’t scare him away.”

Yao Tian: “Oh.”

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