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Chapter 57.4

Editor: Jodi

When Bai Jing woke up from his bed, he stretched with a big yawn. Ah, sure enough, it was his own bed that was the comfiest.

Then while getting ready, he seemed to have heard some ‘clang clang’ sounds from outside.

Listening to it, it seems….. it was coming from the kitchen?

The room had good soundproofing, so if he could even hear this, then it could be guessed how loud the sound was.

After rinsing off the foam from his mouth, Bai Jing opened the door and walked towards the kitchen, then couldn’t help but freeze when he saw the scene in front of him.

The tall man was wearing a pink apron, busy making breakfast with his back turned to him.

The regular-sized apron was obviously a bit small on the man who was nearly two meters tall, causing the fabric to be stretched tight, showing off his strong muscles in a slightly odd and funny way.

“Gu Yuanzhao?” Bai Jing called out suspiciously.

This man was actually at home today?

The moment Gu Yuanzhao heard the teenager’s crisp voice, his body stiffened, almost dropping the fried egg he had just managed to make onto the floor.

The household robot, Alpha 01, quickly steadied the utensils and run with a ‘da da da’ sound into the living room, placing the breakfast on the table.

“En, I’ll give it a try.”

Gu Yuanzhao untied the apron stuck to him somewhat roughly while shifting the garbage processor to the side discreetly.

As this was his first time cooking, there was some inevitable ingredient wastage, but he could utilize biodegradation technology as natural crop fertilizer.

However with a ‘rip’ sound, the pitiful apron, unable to withstand the strength of the Imperial Major General suddenly tore open with a long gash.


Looking at the man’s stiff and bewildered expression, Bai Jing couldn’t help but laugh out loud, feeling that this version of Gu Yuanzhao was a bit cute.

“Ah Jing, don’t laugh.”

Gu Yuanzhao tore the apron into two halves in ‘indignant embarrassment’, walked over to the teenager whose eyes had turned into crescent shapes from laughing and lowered his head suddenly to kiss him.

Bai Jing’s beautiful teal colored eyes widened slightly as his kiss was forceful yet restrained. It seemed as if with just a gentle push, the teenager could make him stop.

Fair and slender fingers extended from the side, however instead of pushing him away as he had expected, they grabbed his collar and pulled him down forcefully.

Gu Yuanzhao’s body tensed up instantly, then his arms as strong as iron clamps tightened around the teenager’s slender waist then kissed him deeply. ,.

Searing breaths intertwining, as well as their lips and teeth moving together, it seemed that even the air was about to burn.

Alpha 01 that had put the breakfast down run over with ‘da da da’ sound, then immediately covered its electronic eyes with its round mechanical arm.

Woo woo, master, breakfast will become cold!

A moment later, Gu Yuanzhao exerted all his self-control and let go of the teenager in his arms.

The teenager gasped lightly, the petals of his tender lip carrying a faint watery glow, looking especially alluring, causing Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes to darken a few shades.

“Ah Jing, you eat first, I’m going to take a shower.” Gu Yuanzhao said hoarsely.

“….. En, okay.”

Bai Jing’s face reddened slightly. As they had been very close just now, he had naturally sensed his very intense reaction.

Cough cough, really worthy of being a 3S level body; that area was extraordinary as well.

Bai Jing took a bite of the fried egg. The taste was decent, just a bit salty.

It seems Gu Yuanzhao’s cooking skill wasn’t too bad.

If he knew that this was after Young Master Gu had learned it specifically from the head chef of Imperial Rose Restaurant, watching it over a dozen times before getting it, he might have had a different evaluation.

After breakfast, Bai Jing received a message from Yi Lan.

[Yi Lan: Your Mecha ‘Vast Sky’ has been modified; do you have time to pick it up this afternoon?]

Naturally, Bai Jing had time.

So he replied immediately, confirming that he would be there at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

By the time Gu Yuanzhao emerged from the bathroom, Bai Jing had already finished breakfast.

However he didn’t return to his room but waited in his seat, and when he saw Gu Yuanzhao, a bright smile appeared on his lips.

Gu Yuanzhao smiled as well, however as he passed by the teenager, a chilly coldness came from him, almost freezing him in place.

This, was a bit too much right?

Bai Jing’s beautiful teal colored eyes widened as he stared unblinkingly at him, even wondering if his body would freeze stiff from this.


“Ah Jing, don’t look at me like that.”

Gu Yuanzhao finished his breakfast hurriedly, his slightly cool large hand covering those clear, watery eyes….. his voice sexy and hoarse.

If this kept up, he would need to take a cold shower again.

Even though he had a strong physique, constantly doing this would be uncomfortable.


Bai Jing blinked, his long and dense eyelashes brushing against Gu Yuanzhao’s palm like a little fan, causing him to tremble and quickly retract his hand.

He stood up abruptly, “I’m going to the Gu Conglomerate first, I’ll be back earlier in the evening to accompany you to pilot the mecha.”

The crisp and pleasant voice of the teenager sounded from behind, tinged with excitement, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

This time, he didn’t want to pilot Silver Light with Gu Yuanzhao. He wanted to try battling against it instead– with the modified mecha.

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