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Chapter 34.2

After a wealthy businessman shouted out twenty million starcoins, the bidding calls faded gradually.

Twenty million starcoins wasn’t a small sum, what’s more it had to be paid in ‘cash’ immediately, rather than using a fixed asset as payment.

By this time, all the less powerful had long since withdrawn from the fray and then a battle between the prominent families ensued.

The eyes of the crowd focused on the family heads who hadn’t bid since the auction began until now.

Sure enough, the Ning family head began his first call for bids: “Thirty million starcoins!”

[D*mn, thirty million starcoins straight away, a six million raise!]

[As expected of a prominent family from Proxima Star. What a rich tone!]

[I wonder what kind of price this jadeite will fetch, I’m looking forward to it.]

The head of the Min family added in an unresigned manner: “Thirty-five million starcoins!”

The head of the Shen family gave the two a meaningful look then said slowly, “Thirty-eight million starcoins.”

This price was already too high, afraid any of the family heads who wanted to bid would have to consider it if they wanted to go higher.

Unexpectedly Ning Qiuchen didn’t even hesitate as he continued to raise the already high price: “Forty million starcoins!”

Min Qi also continued to bid: “Forty-two million starcoins!”

This was a top-quality imperial green glass. Apart from the jadeite’s intrinsic value, the fame and the traffic, the deterrent effect it had on the other prominent families wasn’t to be underestimated.

The head of the Shen family instantly fell silent then gave up bidding.

This price was already close to the value he had in mind for the jadeite. If he went any higher, there would be little profit to be made.

The current limit of purity for all energy fluids was 80% and even if the finest jadeite was used as raw material, it wouldn’t exceed this level of purity.

Even for master energy masters, the slightest loss in the extraction process would be a huge loss for the finest jadeite and would mean a reduction in profit.

Hence after much thought, he gave up on bidding for the jadeite.

If Gu Yun hadn’t become the exclusive Stone Gambler of the Gu Conglomerate, perhaps he would have given it a go, but as what was done couldn’t be undone, it wasn’t worth the risk.

Seeing that Shen Bo had stopped bidding, Ning Qiuchen pondered for a moment then shouted out a high bid of 43 million starcoins.

This was the limit of the price he had in mind; he couldn’t continue to bid above this price.

Min Qi also fell silent after the head of the Ning family made this bid.

All the family heads were experienced businessmen and had calculated the benefits and losses in their minds ever since the jadeite had first appeared and their valuations of the jadeite were similar.

Ning Qiuchen was relieved to see that both men had stopped bidding.

This meant that the jadeite was finally his. If put into the hands of his wife, it would serve as him having given her an explanation.

Moreover, although Gu Yun had been pre-empted by the Gu Conglomerate, it would be worthwhile to befriend him with this piece of jadeite.

Just when everyone thought that this piece of jadeite would go to the Ning family, Gu Yuanzhao’s thin lips parted and he shouted out a price that shocked everyone.

“Fifty million starcoins.”

[Holy Sh*t, Young Master Gu is mighty!]

[No wonder he’s Young Master Gu.]

[A big boss is always a big boss–]

Seven million starcoins on top of the highest bid, the Gu family was worthy of being the number one plutocratic family. They were rich and imposing!

The heads of the families were also very surprised.

With this price, plus the cost of hiring a master energy master and the unavoidable losses, there was no profit to be made. Young Master Gu wouldn’t make such a losing deal right?

But this question seemed to be answered when they caught a glimpse of his gaze at the teenager.

Ahem, alright. Since it had reached this point, there was no point in them fighting over it.

The heads of the families were still very regretful as they left. How could they have allowed Young Master Gu to snatch such a good talent first?

And from what they were seeing now, it was obvious that there was no hope.

However if they asked Qiao An for Gu Yun’s contact details, it would be given to them due to their prestige, right?!

But then they left in a rage.

Outrageous! He wouldn’t even give them his contact details. Was it necessary to be so strictly guarded?

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