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Chapter 32.1

Seeing the results marked by the location system, Liang Heng laughed dryly, “Hahaha, is this system, buggy?”

Even he didn’t believe what came out of his mouth.

This was the latest cosmic micro particle locating system. Not to mention people, if there was enough information, even an object that had disappeared could be located.

The interstellar police used it all the time to solve burglaries, and it never failed.

Then, it was that the data that had been parsed earlier was wrong?

But the probability of this was also negligible, not even one in a billion.

Unable to help wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Liang Heng thought twice then asked the technicians to re-screen the data.

Heavens, this was too terrible. How could the location stop at Young Master Gu’s house?!

And it was Young Master Gu’s favorite place in Proxima Star, which was said to have been changed just recently.

On top of that, the building belonged to Young Master Gu and was located in the most secure area of Proxima Star, a place which was so heavily guarded that no one else could enter!

The moment he saw the result, Liang Heng’s head swelled.

He couldn’t figure out why the location was shown to be Young Master Gu’s house. Even if the red dot had stopped in a black hole, it would have been better than stopping at Young Master Gu’s house!

Gu Yuanzhao hadn’t told anyone, including Qiao An, about Bai Jing’s arrival.

On the day Bai Jing moved in, he had personally gone to pick him up and entered his information into the security system himself, without any interference from anyone else.

As he had stated, the address was perfectly safe and could well protect Bai Jing from being discovered by anyone.

Time passed, and two hours later, the technician found the minister and reported the same data.

Simply frantic, Liang Heng told the technician to stand aside and then took on the job himself.

He measured each and every data himself and worked with great patience for about twelve minutes, however….


The location was still showing as Young Master Gu’s residence! Ah ah ah–

Liang Heng felt like he was going crazy. Grabbing his hair in pain, he pulled a handful of his hair which was already not so thick.

The entire Information Department fell silent, no one daring to come into contact with the Minister’s bad luck.

Cough, they could sort of feel that the Minister was in pain, should they call the paramedics over?

A message from Gu Yuanzhao popped up on Liang Heng’s light brain with a ‘di’ sound.

[Young Master Gu: Have you found the master? Come here for a second.]

The moment he saw the message, Liang Heng’s face was like a fallen leaf that was being blown by the cold wind, incomparably depressed.

He replied with a [Yes] with shaking hands then left with Qiao An as if he were rushing to the execution ground.

Inside the private room, Gu Yuanzhao was sitting languidly on the leather sofa, but the aura he unwittingly exuded was frightening.

The moment those expressionless black eyes swept over Liang Heng, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his body shaking involuntarily as his shirt drenched in cold sweat.

Gu Yuanzhao looked at Liang Heng, his tone very serious: “How is it, have you found him yet?”

Liang Heng felt that he had completely lost control of the management of his expression as he replied dryly, “Young Master Gu, this, this…… that, the positioning seems to be a bit inaccurate –“

He he, he really didn’t know what to say. Should he say that the master was in his currently empty home? Even a ghost wouldn’t believe it.

Lifting an eyebrow, Gu Yuanzhao’s voice took on an unpleasant tone: “Where exactly is it?”

Under pressure, Liang Heng had no choice but to grit his teeth, close his eyes and say, “In your ‘Galaxy’ building.”

A flash of shock darted across Gu Yuanzhao’s dark eyes, followed by silence.

Was it…. Bai Jing??

Could it be that the master they were struggling to find was Bai Jing?!

If it really was him, then that teenager was undoubtedly a genius!

Liang Heng looked at Young Master Gu’s silent expression with apprehension in his heart.

He had never found a moment so difficult to live through as he was facing now. Time seemed to slow down and every second felt suffocating.

The air around him seemed to have frozen, and he stood there in a cold sweat, so stressed that he wanted to kneel down to Young Master Gu.

Whether he was to be killed or left alive, please make it quick for me!

Gu Yuanzhao was silent for a long time before saying: “I understand. Remember, don’t tell anyone about the location.”


By the time Liang Heng walked out of the room in a muddleheaded manner, he still looked a bit dazed.

After giving such an outrageous answer, Young Master Gu didn’t say anything nor did he blame him?

It wasn’t until he returned to the Information Department that it dawned on him that Young Master Gu knew the Master, what’s more, he was even– living in Young Master Gu’s house!

Holy Sh*t!

Thinking of the master’s code name [Bai], Liang Heng suddenly felt that he had discovered a shocking secret.

He could definitely not tell anyone!

Bai Jing received a message from Gu Yuanzhao towards the evening.

[Gu Yuanzhao: I’m going back later, are you home?]

Bai Jing replied with a [Yes], then looked at the time. It was already six pm.

Um, how about he prepare dinner for the two of them? It could also serve as a courtesy in return for Young Master Gu’s kindness.

There were many ingredients in the pantry, and they were all very fresh.

He planned to make spicy chicken and a beef brisket with tomatoes, plus a plate of shredded potatoes, scrambled eggs with cucumber and a pot of winter melon and pork ribs soup. That should be enough for two people, right?

With a full set of kitchen utensils and automated operation, the two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes and the soup were ready in about half an hour.

The air was filled with the rich tantalizing aroma of food, which filled Gu Yuanzhao’s nose as soon as he entered.

Bai Jing was still wearing his apron with the cartoon design on it, which made the teenager’s delicate eyebrows look a little cute.

When Bai Jing came out of the kitchen, Gu Yuanzhao froze in his tracks.

He had never seen the teenager like this before, who, after losing his usual coolness, seemed to blend in with the house, so warm and soft that he couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

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