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Chapter 38.3

Others even had conspiracy theories: Was this person a trustee of Shop No. 1? Was he here to ruin Shop No. 3’s business?

After all, for the past month, Shop No. 3 had been doing very good business and had been overtaking Shop No. 1, so if this continued, afraid it won’t be possible to retain its position as the No. 1 shop in the Gambling Street.

Bai Jing looked coldly at shopkeeper Wu Xing, a man with an air of righteousness. He was really something else.

First, he stood on the moral high ground of condemnation and inciting public opinion, then he used provocative tactics, plus sowing discord to play a good game.

If it were an ordinary young master from an aristocratic family, even for the sake of fighting to release his anger, he would have purchased more than 100,000 starcoins worth of rough stones in order to mock him back.

Unfortunately, these people had met him.

Bai Jing looked calmly at the shopkeeper: “Since you think I’m denigrating the quality of your shop’s rough stones, why don’t we make a bet— just bet that I think my instincts are right.

There’s no need to bet on a rise. As long as the rough stones from these two pear skin crusts can be solved for a total of more than 5,000 starcoins worth of jadeite, I will admit defeat and pay more than ten times the marked price of starcoins.”

“If you can’t solve it, you’ll apologize to me and I’ll pick two rough stones from your shop to take away for free.

How’s that for a bet?”

“Bet, of course you have to bet.”

“10 times, wouldn’t that be millions of starcoins?!”

“This little young master is really rich. As long as it’s not a thin layer of green skin, then isn’t it the shopkeeper’s sure win?”

“Yes, these two rough stones have such good performance so a little jadeite would be more than 5,000 starcoins!”

Before the shopkeeper could say anything, the others murmured, eager to agree immediately in his place.

It would be foolish not to agree to such an offer!

Shopkeeper Wu Xing’s face suddenly sank, wishing that he could cover everyone’s mouths. He didn’t want to agree!

Who would buy their shop’s rough stones once these two pieces thin layer of green skin rough stones were unravelled!

He winked covertly at ‘Boss Huang’ who immediately said angrily to Bai Jing, “I don’t agree! First come, first served, this piece of pear skin crust rough stone is what I want to buy—”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a man from the side.

“Isn’t it that you haven’t paid for it yet?”

“Strange, don’t people buy rough stones just to unravel them? Isn’t the difference just unraveling it now and unraveling it later!”

“If it is a rise in bet, 10 times starcoins awaits you; if it is a collapse in bet, you save the starcoins you spent on the rough stone, so it’s not a loss at all!”

“Yeah this boss, are you out of your mind?”

‘Boss Huang’ was rendered speechless by the attacks that even his face turned pale. He could only shut up as he was probably going to be suspected if he explained any further.

After silencing ‘Boss Huang’, the crowd’s eyes looked at the shopkeeper with an invisible urging in their eyes.

With dozens of pairs of eyes on him, shopkeeper Wu Xing’s face reddened furiously, his expression ugly as h*ll. He had finally tasted what it was like to be forced by public opinion as well, and it was bitter to say the least.

As the matter had come to a head, he had no other choice but to say yes.

After all, judging by the content of the bet, it was clearly in his favor so he had no reason to refuse.

It was better to unravel the collapse in bet than to be suspected of forgery.

It was just that in that case, his shop’s business would definitely go down the drain….

The look Wu Xing gave Bai Jing was almost murderous, interspersed with endless remorse.

Why did he have to provoke him, provoke that Young Master Jin? Couldn’t he have chosen another person to deceive?

Unfortunately, it was all too late now.

He took a deep breath, sounding dejected, “Okay, I promise. Unravel it.”

The crowd looked at him in disbelief; it was clearly a good thing to take advantage of, so why did the shopkeeper give them the impression that— ahem, it was as if a loved one had just passed away?

…… It must be their illusion.

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