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Chapter 10.1

“Young Master Gu, a glass jadeite has been solved in ‘Zone D’ of the Gu Group’s No.5 Rough Stones area.” The expression on Qiao An’s face was grave, “This kind of rough stone shouldn’t have been allocated to ‘Zone D’.”

“It seems that Rong Xuan’s ability is no more than that, he learned to become a level 7 Stone Gambler for nothing.” Gu Yuanzhao sneered, his handsome face appearing mocking if nothing else, “Go and replace him.”

If it weren’t for the fact that his uncle, who was an eighth-ranked gambler, was still lying in the medical bay for treatment, how would he have gotten his turn?

“But…. the only other level 7 Stone Gambler besides him is Du Feng of the Du family. The Du family has its own mines, and with your marriage contract–” Qiao An hesitated.

“No need to contact Du Feng. We’ll find a few more level 6 Stone Gamblers and they’ll do the zoning together. Also–“

Gu Yuanzhao’s voice had a hint of coolness to it: “I have never acknowledged this marriage contract, so don’t mention it again in the future.”

“Yes!” Qiao An replied in a low voice then wiped the cold sweat off his forehead secretly. He had accidentally touched Young Master Gu’s reverse scale.

Young Master Gu hated being set up by others and had argued with the family about the marriage so many times that he had almost fallen out with the family head.

“Right, who was the person who solved the glass jade?” Gu Yuanzhao asked in a deep voice as he crossed his long and straight legs.

Ever since his uncle Gu Liubai had been attacked by the beast’s psychic power two years ago, he had been lying in the medical bay for treatment. He was afraid he wouldn’t be waking up for the next few years.

If this man had some talent for gambling, the Gu Group could make a great effort to train him.

“Oh, it’s one Bai Jing. He is 18 years old and from the slums.

Speaking of this, it’s a coincidence. The Young Master of the Min family insisted on betting against him, one up and one down, but the result was that he lost 5 million starcoins and his reputation was ruined.”

“Heh, the Min family isn’t anything clean.” Gu Yuanzhao snorted, “And that Min Qing is even more foolish.”

The Min family had made their fortune in gambling, but they had a bad reputation on the planet for persecuting and oppressing those who had no background in gambling.

Qiao An: “……” Ahem, not Min Qing, but Min Qing Shi.

His boss was good at everything, but he was too lazy to remember people’s names. But it didn’t matter, they weren’t worth his boss’s trouble anyway.

Qiao An quickly pulled up the image of the glass jadeite being solved and displayed it on the holographic screen.

When he saw the familiar figure in the crowd, he couldn’t help but freeze.

”Ah? Isn’t that the newcomer from last time? This is too much of a coincidence right?” What had happened to Jiao Gui the last time had left a deep impression on Qiao An, so he recognized Bai Jing instantly.

“It turns out it’s him.”

Gu Yuanzhao ran the name ‘Bai Jing’ on his tongue and his eyes flashed: “Bring him here immediately.”

“Yes, Young Master Gu.”

Qiao An bowed and retreated, instructing his men to locate Bai Jing through the back office of his light brain, and soon found him.

When he arrived in front of Bai Jing with two men in black uniforms, the latter was on the verge of collapse, but his strong willpower allowed him to maintain his apparent calmness.

Qiao An had a hunch that something was wrong with him, but the latter had such an aloof and indifferent attitude that he could only do what was needed: “Bai Jing, Young Master Gu is waiting for you on the first floor.”

Seeing that he remained indifferent, he winked at the two men beside him.

The two tall men understood immediately and one grabbed Bai Jing’s arm as he prepared to take him to the first floor by force.

Although his body was on the verge of collapse, Bai Jing ducked reflexively to the side and then grabbed the man’s wrist and wrenched it back!

Luckily, he had no strength now, otherwise the man’s arm would have been ruined!

A look of surprise slipped through Qiao An’s eyes. He hadn’t expected this scrawny-looking teenager to be so strong and so quick to react.

“We mean no harm, but if you don’t cooperate, we’ll only have to apologize.”

Qiao An stepped forward and with a lightning-fast move, grabbed Bai Jing’s left shoulder, locked his left arm backwards and then grabbed his right shoulder and did the same thing.

Bai Jing’s hands were held behind his back and the person holding him was so strong that he was unable to break free in his current state of weakness, so he could only allow them to take him up to the private room on the first floor.

“Young Master, Bai Jing has been brought in.” Qiao An said respectfully, then released his grip on Bai Jing and pushed him forward in one smooth motion.

Bai Jing had only managed to hold on with unimaginable willpower, however he was actually in a semi-conscious state, so when Qiao An released him, he finally fell forward.

“What are you doing?”

The expression on Qiao An’s face changed. He hadn’t expected this skinny teenager to be like those butterflies Young Master Gu hated most who tried to throw themselves at him as soon as they saw him.

But what was even more shocking was that instead of kicking him away as he usually did, Young Master Gu caught him carefully and allowed him to… lie in his arms?

The teenager in Gu Yuanzhao’s arms had his eyes closed tightly, cold sweat wetting his lenses and the black hair on his forehead, high fever emanating from his body.

Frowning, Gu Yuanzhao took off his glasses but then froze for a moment at the sight of his beautiful and delicate eyebrows. However he soon returned to normal in a flash.

“He’s very sick, I’ll take him to Fu Yan’s place.”

After Gu Yuanzhao finished his sentence, he picked Bai Jing up gently, kicked open the back door of the private room and disappeared in the hover car.

‘Something is going on.’

Qiao An stroked his chin, musing: this was the first time his boss had ever initiated contact with someone else, what’s more–

Even though the teenager was sick, his boss had never been very sympathetic, so he wouldn’t have bothered if it had been anyone else.

Tsk, if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would have never imagined that Young Master Gu, who usually meant whatever he said and didn’t like to be touched would hold someone so carefully in his arms!

Could it be that after 26 years of being single, his boss was finally enlightened?

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